1.6 Secondary Sources

• What is the difference between a
primary and secondary source?
• What are the primary ones – below?
Mark’s Secondary Sources
To know what secondary
sources Mark used
To evaluate secondary sources
To contrast the reliability of
secondary and primary sources
What is a primary source?
How much of what you learn about
in school eg in science, geography, is
from a primary source?
If not from primary sources, where
do you get your information? Do you
trust this information?
1. Using P.16 AQA book, write out the headings and
answer the questions :
Collections of teachings:
what was in the collection?
The Passion narrative:
what is it?
why is this important and reliable source?
Ur Markus: what is it?
Oral Tradition: why is it considered a
secondary source?
Which secondary source is least reliable?
Do you think Marks’ written secondary
sources are generally reliable?
**Would you personally put more faith in the
primary or the secondary sources that Mark used?
Which ones?
• Name 2 primary
• Name 2 secondary
• Which is more
reliable? Primary or
secondary? Why?
Complete the reasons why some sources are
** Why might some of these sources not be
100% reliable? 2 reasons.
Eyewitness information from Peter is reliable
Mark’s personal experience is reliable because..
Mark was directly inspired by God so he is
reliable because...
Oral tradition is reliable because...
Written accounts of stories about Jesus’ miracles
etc are reliable because...
Earlier documents eg collections of Jesus’
sayings/ UR Markus in Aramaic are reliable
People in those days had very good
memories and remembered
accurately. St Paul even quotes oral
tradition when explaining how
Communion should be celebrated
20 years after Jesus.
Mark heard Peter himself,
many times, telling what he
had seen and heard, and he
was closest to Jesus
They were
written down
very soon after
Jesus, while
the stories
were told by
The stories are written in
Aramaic, which is how they
were first told, and Mark
was using this Aramaic
version & translating it.
Mark could tell for
himself that facts
like the Last Supper
and the arrest were
true, as he may
have been there.
The Holy Spirit
would have helped
Mark explain
truthfully &
correctly who
Jesus was
Overall, how reliable were Mark’s
sources? Score 1-5
Oral tradition
Personal experience
Written documents eg UR markus
Divine inspiration?

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