"Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy"- said
Mahatma Gandhi six decades ago. Even today, the situation is still
the same, with almost the entire economy being sustained by
agriculture, which is the mainstay of the villages. Not only the
economy, but also every one of us looks up to agriculture for our
sustenance too.
Indian farmers are second to none in production and
productivity inspite of the fact that millions are marginal and small
farmers. The farmers took up the challenge to make India self
sufficient in food grains and agriculture products. They adopted
improved agriculture technology as efficiently as farmers in
developed countries without much financial subsidies unlike their
counterparts in developed nations.
General Insurance Companies empanelled
under Crop Insurance Schemes
Nationalised Banks / Public-sector
banks/Private-sector banks
The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) headed by
the Agricultural Marketing Advisor, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC) implements agricultural marketing policies and
programmes of the Government of India. It undertakes:
Market Research and Surveys
Market Development
Training of personnel in agricultural marketing in the country
Promotion of Cold Storages
Marketing extension, consumer education etc.
Agricultural Marketing Reforms
DMI Statistics 2008-2009
DMI Statistics 2009-2010
DMI Statistics 2010-2011
DMI Statistics 2011-2012
• Confidential Reports
Agroecommerce Network Pvt Ltd. (ANPL) is
established to promote "Total Quality Agriculture" in the
farming sector and to convert farmer as an industrialist, a
right with which he has been denied with due to traditional
thinking in the sector. Also it has been established with the
other objective of meeting the requirements of distribution
of agricultural products by providing right realization to the
producers/sellers of agroproducts and making the same
available to consumers/buyers at the right price. To
achieve this, ANPL creates the physical network of
farmers through setting up of Krishi Pragati Kendra's at 5
village level and also backward, forward and services
integration with the Kendra's.
MissionPromote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural
prosperity through effective credit support, related services, institution
development and other innovative initiatives.
In pursuing this mission, NABARD focuses its activities on :
Credit functions, involving preparation of potential-linked credit plans
annually for all districts of the country for identification of credit potential,
monitoring the flow of ground level rural credit, issuing policy and
operational guidelines to rural financing institutions and providing credit
facilities to eligible institutions under various programmes.
Development functions, concerning reinforcement of the credit functions
and making credit more productive.
Supervisory functions, ensuring the proper functioning of cooperative
banks and regional rural banks.
Government sponsored schemes
The RKMP has several global firsts in terms of
comprehensiveness and utility. Built on web 2.0 standards, this portal
caters to location specific information needs of many stakeholders
through IP based customization on 24X7 bases. Another striking
feature of this portal is providing content in local language.
The Extension and Farmers domains provide production know how,
package of practices, FAQs etc., in English and local languages. In
research domain, various services are provided such as AICRIP
Intranet, archives of AICRIP data (27000 datasets!), communities of
practice (CoP), bio-informatics suite, approach papers, India Rice
Research Repository (i3R), status papers on rice for different states
agropedia is a vision which seeks to address lacunae in Indian agriculture
knowledge and application, specifically the lack of content, organized
information, and extension services which are serious challenges. It has
developed delivery mechanisms such as vKVK and KVK-Net, which are a
means to connect extension scientists and farmers, based on its web
platform which hosts information on agriculture and rural livelihood. The
web platform,agropedia, is unique in the agricultural domain as it is
semantically organized and enabled so as to assist one in getting exactly
what information or service she or he is looking for. Along with content in
the library section, certified by the Indian Council of Agricultural
Research (gyan dhara), it also allows space for interaction, knowledge cocreation (jana gyan) and social networking (chat, blog, forum) making the
site dynamic and learning participative.
agropedia has developed in two phases- Phase I concentrating on content
development and development of the web platform and Phase II on the
delivery platform for extension services.
To take meteorological observations and to provide current and
forecast meteorological information for optimum operation of weathersensitive activities like agriculture, irrigation, shipping, aviation,
offshore oil explorations, etc.
To warn against severe weather phenomena like tropical cyclones,
norwesters, duststorms, heavy rains and snow, cold and heat waves,
etc., which cause destruction of life and property.
To provide meteorological statistics required for agriculture, water
resource management, industries, oil exploration and other nationbuilding activities.
To conduct and promote research in meteorology and allied
To detect and locate earthquakes and to evaluate seismicity in
different parts of the country for development projects.
• We live in fast-paced 21st century with all comforts and
conveniences; there is an increasing concern about health, peace
and environment. There is a longing for a sense of community,
connecting with nature and experiencing traditional village
• Community Supported Organic farming (CSF) model is gaining
popularity world over where members own a portion of land and
enjoy healthy organic food, a sense of belonging and a connection
with ecofriendly nature. We at Village Organics adapted principles of
CSA and added other aspects. The sandalwood cultivation for long
term financial benefit, eco-village, health & yoga center and a sense
of community.
• Village Organics is a group composed of passionate people with
diverse, world class education & expertise in Sustainable Organic
Agriculture, Sandalwood cultivation, Traditional Knowledge systems,
health and eco-village design, etc. We can join together to create a
better world today and for the future generations.
• Ikisan is an agricultural portal, a one-stop information
resource for Indian farmer. Ikisan provides online,
detailed content on crops, crop management techniques,
fertilisers & pesticides and a host of other agriculture
related material. Latest updates on related markets,
products and weather forecasts are also available.
• Generic information enriches you with common topics on
agriculture like Soils, Seeds, Nutrients, Rural Credit,
Insurance, Sprayers, Machinery etc.
• Crop Specific Information deals with localised cropwise
About Agriwatch
• is brought to you by Indian Agribusiness Systems
Pvt. Ltd. (IASL), a company started by a group of young technocrats
and trade professionals who have had a long association
(cumulatively more than 150 years) with the Indian Agribusiness
• The agribusiness sector is characterized by multi layered channels
on the Agricultural Input and Output side, poor quality of information
and analysis about Demand, Supply, Prices, Market Trends for
various agri-commodities. The promoters of this organization,
coming from an Agricultural background felt the need to address
these anomalies in this sector and therefore have come together to
create a professional team and an organization to deliver value to
the participants at all the levels in this sector.
“”, India's most authentic information and
research base on commodities. Foretell, incorporated in 1996, is a
Bangalore-based agri-business and commodity research firm. Foretell
stands for authenticity, independent and unbiased research and is
committed to making client's business more profitable through its relevant
products and services.Foretell serves its clients through information and
data services, trade / procurement advisory and specific consulting. Foretell
also organizes several path-breaking seminars and conferences for the
benefit of commodity participants.Professionally competent and committed
human resources from diverse background such as Agricultural Economics,
Finance, Marketing and Business Management enable us to serve our
clients in an exemplary manner.
Agriculture Today is India's premier
agriculture magazine which provides the
updates of news and analysis on topical issues
of national and international importance in
agriculture. The magazine also analyses
sectoral issues involving biotechnology, farm
mechanization, crop protection, horticulture,
agribusiness, research and extention, high-tech
agriculture etc. Agriculture Today is content rich
and information driven magazine with its unique
style of presentation.
Department of Fertilizers comes under the ambit of
Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers which is headed by a
Cabinet Minister who is assisted by one Minister of
State. The main objective of Department of Fertilizers is
to ensure adequate and timely availability of fertilizers at
affordable prices for maximizing agricultural production
in the country. The main activities of this Department in
relation to the fertilizer industry are overall sectoral
planning and development and regulation of the industry,
as well as monitoring of production pricing and
distribution of the output. This Department also
administers 9 Public Sector Undertaking and one MultiState Co-operative Society. For details of the PSUs, see
fertilizers PSUs.

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