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D.A.S.A. & Bullying
Dignity For All Students Act
Tracy Manor and Wanda McQueen
November 2012
Why DASA ?
What will YOU do…?
New York State
Dignity for all Students Act
New legislation to ensure New York State students a
learning experience that is free of discrimination or
Went into effect July 1, 2012
Applies to public schools, charter schools, and BOCES
Applies to incidents on school property ( in school
building, athletic field, playground, parking lot, bus)
Applies to school sponsored functions,
New York State:
Dignity for All Students Act - DASA
The goal of the Dignity
Act is to promote a
safe and supportive
learning environment in
all public schools, free
from harassment and
Who is Protected Under
the Dignity Act?
The Dignity Act protects all public school students in
NYS from harassment or discrimination by other
students or adults.
The Dignity Act does not protect adults.
However, school districts are encouraged to include
adults in their anti harassment and anti
discrimination policies.
Federal Laws
Title VI - Civil Rights Act
discrimination based on race, color, or nationality
Title IX - Education Amendments
discrimination based on a person’s sex
Section 504 - Rehabilitation Act and
Title II - Americans with Disabilities Act
discrimination on the basis of disability.
The Dignity Act prohibits harassment and discrimination of
individuals on school property or at a school function based upon a
person’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin,
ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual
orientation, gender or sex.
Expands protected classes above to include:
religious practice
ethnic group
sexual orientation.
Dignity Act Coordinator
The Coordinator must receive training in the
provisions of the Dignity Act and be thoroughly
trained in methods to respond to handle human
relations in the protected areas.
Approved by the Board of Education.
Dignity Act Coordinator name and contact
information must be made available to all school
personnel, students and persons in parental
Staff Training Components
To promote a positive school environment free from
discrimination and harassment.
To raise awareness and sensitivity to potential acts of
discrimination and/or harassment and understanding of
the C of C.
To enable employees to prevent and respond to
Guidelines relating to development of nondiscriminatory
instructional and counseling methods – (cultural
School Districts
need to…
Revise Code of Conduct AND adopt policies to create safe
Adopt guidelines to be used in training programs that raise
awareness and enable them to respond appropriately.
Designate one staff in each building to be trained in handling
human relations.
Promote a positive school climate AND instruction on civility.
Report material incidents to NYSDOE annually.
Bullying/Cyber Bullying?
Harassment is the creation of a hostile environment
that has or would have the effect of unreasonably
and substantially interfering with a students'
educational performance, opportunities or benefits,
or mental, emotional or physical well-being.
Bullying is an intentional form of harassment that
creates an imbalance of power and is repeated.
Cyberbullying is simply using technology as the mode
of harassment.
From Tolerance to ACCEPTANCE
Every School Can…
Every Teacher Can…
Every Student Can…
Every Parent Should…
APPR & Dignity For All
Employing multi-tiered strategies in a school
community will assist in creating a dynamic
learning environment that supports
achievement & growth.
NYSUT’s Teacher Practice Rubric
Standard IV: Learning Environment
Mental Health Clinics
Wraparound support
Renew Mapping
Student Leadership
Healthy Relationships
Banana Splits
Adventure Based Learning (ABL)
Check in/Check out
Families and Schools Together (FAST)
Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)
Invisible Mentoring
Bullying Surveys
Developmental Asset Builders
Anonymous Tip Line
Challenge Day
Rachel’s Challenge
“Stop Walk Talk”
Class Meetings
“See It Say It Stop It”
School-Wide Initiatives: PBIS, Olweus, etc
Contests, ISAB Awards
Civility Instruction
Assess the School Climate.
Set aside 20-30 minutes a week for class
Increase supervision in “hot spots”
Involve students in prevention plans!
Encourage parent involvement.
Training for ALL.
Integrate anti-bullying themes in curriculum.
Investigate and resolve quickly.
Create a school-wide climate of caring connections.
In a Truly Safe School
Every Student Feels Like…
They Belong.
They are Valued.
They Feel Physically and
Emotionally Safe.

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