New Admissions Process to enter the BS Public Health Degree

New Admissions Process to enter the
BS Public Health Degree Program
Fall 2014
Leanne H. Field, Ph.D., Program Director
Why was a new admissions policy needed?
We have more students interested in public health than we can serve in
the BS Public Health degree program.
In the past, we have admitted students into the major who realized after
taking PBH 317 that public health was not the major they wanted to
pursue. They dropped out!
The new process provides more students with the opportunity to take the
introductory course and allows everyone in the course to “check out”
public health before becoming public health majors.
This will help us completely fill up the major to its current capacity of
100 -110 qualified students/year who want to pursue public health
Are there other examples in the College of Natural Sciences
(CNS) in which not everyone who wants to enter a major can
be admitted?
◦ Yes! The demand for entry into the computer science major
and the environmental science major exceeds capacity in
these majors
◦ Not everyone who is interested in the fields of computer
science or environmental science can choose these majors.
◦ The CNS lacks the resources to accommodate the demand!
What is the new admissions process to
become a public health major?
1) Apply for the program using online application;
2) The program admits up to 100 students into PBH 317 who have completed BIO 311C, BIO
311D, CH 301, CH 302 + M408C (or M 408N) with a 2.75 GPA or better;
3) Student complete PBH 317 with a grade of B- or better;
4) While taking PBH 317, students may choose to submit supplemental online information for
5) Both the initial application and the supplementary information are reviewed by the Public
Health Admissions Committee;
6) Students are notified about admission into the PBH major after grades are in; each
student’s major code is changed after admission;
7) Admitted students’ registration is facilitated into the next two public health courses:
PBH 354 and a designated section of SDS 328M.
What are the criteria for selection?
•Overall academic record (GPA)
•Rigor in coursework to date
•Performance in PBH 317
•Number of hours
• First priority given to those seeking public health as their first major
•Interest in and prior experiences in public health
•Commitment to seek a public health-related career
How many students currently taking PBH 317
will be admitted ?
•Fall 2014:
• 12 current PBH majors who were previously admitted based on the old
admissions process will move forward
• 38-43 other students in this class will be admitted into the PBH major
•Spring 2015 and going forward:
• After completing PBH 317, 50-55 students will be admitted
each long semester
When will I know if I am selected?
•You will be notified by Dr. Field via e-mail whether or not you are
•selected after finals are over and all grades are in for the Fall 2014
What happens if I’m not selected?
•You should meet with your advisor and seek his/her advice about
choosing another major
• BS Biology, Human Biology Option
• Nutritional Science - Public Health Track
• Bridging Disciplines Program - Social Inequality, Health and Policy
(Public Health Pathway)
• BSA Degree
•There is no appeal process if you are not selected
Why can’t I apply a second time after
completing PBH 317?
•It is a priority for the university and the CNS that students complete a
degree and graduate in four years!
•Since there is no guarantee that you would be chosen the second time you
applied, this could impede your progress towards graduation by up to one
• With that extra time, you could have completed a bachelor’s degree at
UT Austin and gained admission into a graduate school of public health
• You could be halfway finished with a MPH degree!
• Students are admitted into MPH programs from diverse
backgrounds – you do not need a BS in Public Health Degree to get
into graduate school!
I love public health! What else can I do?
• Get actively involved in public health on campus and in our
• Keep building your credentials for admission to graduate schools
of public health!
• Four public health-related Student Organizations:
• Texas Public Health
• Global Public Health Brigades at The University of Texas at
• End 7 at The University of Texas at Austin
• Partners in Health – Engage – Texas Chapter
What are the next steps if I am selected to
become a public health major?
• When registration opens up in January, your enrollment in the first two PBH core
courses in the major will be facilitated:
• PBH 354 Epidemiology (55410) – TTH 11 am – facilitated by Marjorie Hartwell, Public
Health Program Coordinator
• SDS 328M– MWF 9 am – 10 am (lecture); (57335 – lab M- 10 am; or 57340- M 4 pm;
facilitated by Sasha Schellenberg, Administrative Manager, SDS.
(If you choose to take another section, you are on your own for registration!)
You will be contacted by both Ms. Hartwell and Ms. Schellenberg via e-mail
What are the next steps if I am selected to
become a public health major (cont.)?
•Your major code will be changed;
•You will be advised by advisors in the BSAC going forward;
•You must complete the remaining four core courses in public health in this order:
• PBH 358D (Nauert) and PBH 368D (Taylor)
• PBH 334 (Taylor) and PBH 338 (Moore)
• Please note:
• Your registration will be facilitated for the core courses only. We do not provide any registration
assistance for any other courses in the major (e.g. foundational courses and concentration
◦ You may not jump ahead and take the core courses out of order
◦ SOC versions of PBH 358D and PBH 368D will not count by petition!
Thank you!

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