UWE Bristol Pound - UWE Students` Union

Bristol Pound CIC
Bristol Credit Union (BCU)
Not-for-profit partnership
Key characteristics
Local/Complementary currency for Bristol &
surrounding region
Printed & digital: back £1-1 held at BCU
Local, independent businesses
Live locally or employed locally
Farm-Link Initiative
Primary producers from the region.
50 mile radius - develop local/regional production.
FarmLink service – B2B connections.
Good money, good economy
£B300,350 created in first 12 months
680 business use £Bs. 420 TXT2PAY
1100 TXT2PAY. 1000s people spending £Bs.
£200K+ Credit Union reserves & membership
Increasing B2B trade
First Bus – primary transport provider
Positive Impact
Positive Impact
New Developments
Council Tax, Energy bills
Bristol Green Capital 2015
Real Economy Project
The Town Pound
Student guide for using the Bristol Pound.
UWE SU shop & cash point from June.
Bristol Hub operates a £B cash point.
1/3 of all retail spending is from students.
Good for students
Real connections to Bristol’s local businesses.
Greater market choice.
Easier budgeting, lending & no credit cards.
Sense of empowerment.
Better access to local food.
UWE & the Bristol Pound
Aims of the Project
• Students at UWE signed up to using the Bristol Pound
• Data on the economic impact of students upon Bristol
Objectives – How will it be done
• Launch a marketing campaign
 Poster Campaign
 Bristol Pound Society
 Launch Events
 Freshers fair
• Get primary data
• Compile an economic assessment report
Get involved!
Start spending £Bs! Paper or digital.
Every UWE student spending £Bs.
www.bristolpound.org / @BristolPound

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