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Firearm Policy Proposals
in Maryland, 2013
Jon S. Vernick, JD, MPH
Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research
Distribution of Firearm-related Deaths in the
United States, 2010
Unintentional: 606
Homicide: 11,078
Legal Int.
Total Firearm Deaths = 31,672
Firearm Injuries
• About 2.3 non-fatal firearm injuries for
every fatality
• An estimated 73,505 in 2010 (requiring
at least ED treatment)
Firearm Homicides by Type of Gun, 2010
Shotgun: 5%
Rifle: 5%
Handgun: 88%
Other guns: 2%
Other Gun
Total Firearm Homicides for which Type of Gun is Known = 6,836
Maryland Gun Deaths
• 538 deaths by gunshot in 2010 (NCHS)
• 312 homicides and 222 suicides
• Age-adjusted death rate (9.26/100,000)
is 17th lowest among 50 states in 2010
Banning Assault
• An assault weapon is a civilian version
of a military-style weapon
• Maryland currently bans assault
“pistols” but not other types of assault
weapons: i.e., rifles and shotguns
• Federal assault weapons ban allowed to
expire in 2004.
Evaluation of 1994
Federal AWB
• AW rarely used in crime prior to ban (1-8% of
all crime guns)
• Decrease in use of AW in crime post-ban
• Non-significant 6.7% reduction in homicides
associated with the law
• Copy-cat weapons readily available
(Koper and Roth, NIJ Research-in-Brief 1999)
Banning Large Capacity
Ammunition Magazines
• Federal law outlawing future purchase
or possession of LCMs >10 rounds
allowed to expire in 2004.
• Current law in Maryland bans >20 round
• Proposal would reduce limit to > 10
• LCMs applicable to many more types of
shootings than assault weapons.
Licensing of Gun Owners
• States with both licensing and registration
have a smaller proportion of crime guns
coming from in-state
(Webster & Vernick, Injury Prevention 2001)
• States with licensing laws have much less
gun trafficking both within-state and to other
• Maryland does not currently license owners
• Governor’s proposal would add licensing
Child Access
Prevention Laws
• Maryland has a CAP Law.
• Penalty is currently a misdemeanor
(max $1,000 fine).
• Bill would enhance penalty to a felony
(max 3 years or $5,000 fine)
• Good research evidence that CAP laws
reduce unintentional deaths among
children and teen suicides.
• Evidence that stricter penalties help.
Mental Health and Guns
• Federal law prohibits those “adjudicated
as a mental defective” or committed to a
mental institution from owning guns.
• Information often missing from
background check databases.
• Most persons with mental illness are not
Mental Health and Guns,
• MD law currently: 30 consecutive days in
a medical institution for mental disorder
• Governor’s bill would add additional
categories, including: not criminally
responsible; incompetent to stand trial;
involuntary admissions; guardianships
• A controversial area: need to balance
public safety with desire to minimize
stigma and not discourage care seeking
Reporting Lost and
Stolen Guns
• Theory is that requiring gun owners to
report lost/stolen guns enhances
• Maryland currently has no such law.
• Bill would mandate reporting within 72
hours of discovery.
• States with theft/loss reporting have
30% lower rates of gun trafficking.
• Many evidence-based policies proposed
• Center for Gun Policy and Research
providing data, testimony, interviews.
• Also working at the federal level:
universal background checks, etc.

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