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Are you a Non-Traditional Student?
Non-traditional Paths to Medical School
2009 Presenters:
Lauren Mathews, MS2
Michael Rey, MS2
Chrystal Webb, MS2
2010 Presenters:
Atu Agawu, MS1
Victor Alcalde, MS2
Lauren Mathews,MS3
Michael Rey, MS3
Facts about the NonTraditional Student
 Definition: any student who does not go straight to
medical school after graduating from college
o Usually takes at least two years off
 Growing percentage of students entering medical
school have taken one or more years off before
 The 2010 University of Pennsylvania School of
Medicine entering first year class:
 68% are non-traditional students
 Average age at matriculation is 23 (Range: 20-33)
Why take time off?
Pursue a passion
Improve credentials for application
Change career to medicine
Mature and grow as a person
What can I do before applying to
medical school?
A few examples:
 Research
 Travel/ Global Experiences
o Unite for Sight
 Community Service Work in the US
o Teach for America http:///
 Other Types of Employment
 Academic Enhancement
o Post baccalaureate program
o Another degree
What should I keep in mind while
taking time off before medical
 Get letters of recommendation:
 Stay in touch with professors to ensure they have submitted (or are
in the process of submitting) their letters for you
 Get recommendations from Post Baccalaureate program, graduate
degree professors/administrators, supervisor/research advisor after
 Describe worthwhile experiences after graduation in
your application
 Be aware of deadlines:
 Take MCAT on time
 Apply early in the application season
Are there programs which can help me
become a competitive medical school
 Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs assist
students prepare for medical school after having
received their bachelor’s degrees
o Types of Post-Bac programs:
1. Changing career to medicine
2. Completing science requirements
3. Enhancing academic record
o Post Baccalaureate Web Site:
In addition to the Post Bac programs
are there others?
 Graduate degree programs might be another
o Make sure the degree program has biomedical science
courses, because admissions committees want to see if
you can handle a lot of these types of subjects
o MPH might also be a path, but first discuss this type of
degree with your pre-health advisor and/or medical
school admissions directors, because it’s important that
you can demonstrate your facility with biomedical
o Attempt to earn as many A’s and B’s as possible!
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 Atu Agawu, MS1: [email protected]
 Victor Alcalde, MS2: [email protected]
 Lauren Mathews, MS3: [email protected]
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 Chrystal Webb, MS3: [email protected]

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