Lena Nyberg Marketing Communication Operator Effectiveness for System 800xA
EOW-x improves efficiency in 24-7 operations
Alert and focused operators make fast and
correct decisions
Integrated operations for increased operator
 The Extended Operator Workplace has true advantages:
Empowering operator alertness
Improve correct & fast decision-making
Reduce unnecessary downtime
Attract the new generation of operators
Increase each operators efficiency
Increase the possibility to share information
Create attractive 24-7 environments and
prevent operators boredom and fatigue
Best utilization of space
At least 30% space reduction
compare to traditional solutions
Superior intelligent ergonometric
Maximum attention to the operator and the operation
Solutions with 800xA and EOW-x for integrated operations
 Enables the operator to take on a more strategic role and truly become the pilot of
the plant
 Support process industry visions about plant wide collaboration and optimization
 The result is improved productivity and energy effectiveness
Early and extended involvement
 By involving ABB at an early stage customers can receive layout proposals and
pre-study services for the control room and adjacent areas for new or remodeled
control rooms which will result in the latest and most advanced environments and
 ABBs involvement with Human Factors and Ergonomic research will ensure the
customer the best possible and efficient control room environment.
 The high level of integration in the EOW-x concept create a small footprint and
save costs.
Improve operator effectiveness and safety with the EOW-x concept
 Analyses and evaluations of operators environment and technology solutions are
resulting in expected findings of 5-10 % increased operator effectiveness
The following slides show some planning examples with the space efficient EOW-solution
Early planning interaction is cost & time effective and creates the best long term solution
CapEx show significant cost reduce by using the EOW-x
concept compare to many traditional screen setups
Less active operators is needed in a modern CCR but they are higher educated with good competence
Example of CGM involvement with ABB in a green field project
Next slide shows a result after CGM has received more information about the actual project
The previous layout and this new layout contains much improvements for the whole control room building
We provide our customers with a cost efficient planning solution early in projects with
the latest Human Factors, instead of just responding to a RFQ.
Download the ABB demo 3D SketchUp model from this link
Uncompress the zip file on your hard disc and open it with Google
SketchUp that can be downloaded from this link
The EOW-x concept improves effectiveness and is the foundation for Power of Integration
Improved situation awareness
State of the art ergonometrics
Integrated lighting & sound systems
Support for CCTV & Telecom integration
Small footprint for cost effective planning
Motivating and stimulating for operators
Latest information regarding the EOW concept is always available on CGM:s web page by using this
Example on how simplified situation awareness could appear in abnormal situations
Completely controlled by 800xA
By using this link you
can explore our Future Operation Centre (FOC) we built up with ABB
The EOW-x concept with 800xA offers the best collaborative layout including complete
control room solutions from the process plant floor up to the boarder room
This link provides 150 layouts
which can be useful to contribute ideas for early control room planning.
CGM offers, in addition to the ABB unique EOW-x concept, three different series of operator desk
systems and other furniture's for adjacent areas outside the control room.
CGM Class I SUPER-PREMIUM™ 24/7 operator desk system
CGM Class II SUPERIOR™ 24/7 operator desk system
CGM Class III UNIVERSAL™ operator desk system
Designed to keep operators alert during monotony and calm in
emergencies. Our operator desks and auxiliary products are biomechanically optimized, aesthetically pleasing and built to last.
Download the CGM-brochure to read more detailed about CGM
and the wide range of operator desk systems and other loose
interior products for 24/7 environments.

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