F- Cats-Part I

Cats- Part I Breeds
Most breed pictures from
Cat breeds
• Differ in color and color patterns,
length of hair, shape of ears, shape
and color of eyes, head shape,
body conformation, size, and
Shorthair breeds
* Three recognized breed colorsruddy (orange-brown), red and
blue, all ticked with darker colors
at tips of each hair
* Medium sized muscular cat with
almond shaped eyes
* Cat is very active, fond of water,
and can be taught to retrieve
(Domestic Shorthair)
Came to U.S. with
English settlers
34 recognized color
patterns with tabby
the most common
Medium to large sized
cat that is affectionate
and makes a great lap
Relatively new breeding
resulting from a cross
between Burmese and
American Shorthair
Medium sized cat is a jet
black color with copper or
gold colored eyes
Are graceful, charming, gets
along well with others, even
• Oldest natural English
• Larger and taller than
American Shorthair with
large rounded head and
big, round copper or
gold eyes
• Quiet, easy going, docile
nature that likes to sleep
a lot
Originated in the U.S.- 1930’s
by crossing a Siamese and
Medium-sized cat that is
sable-brown in color with gold
Have a sweet disposition and
enjoy being held, but may
become bossy, stubborn, and
• Small to medium
sized cat with oval
eyes and curves or
rippling hair coat
• Must be kept indoors
because it lacks
guard hairs to protect
it from the elements
Resulted from feral
(wild) domestic cat
crossed with cared-for
Medium sized cat with
wavy hair coat
Large, wide based ears
are set low and
distinctive to this breed
Known for calico (tortoiseshell
or 3 colors). Calico is some
shade of black, orange (red), and
Cat has a distinctive “short”
(bob) tail is kinked to form a
“pom” or “bunny tail”
The tail is sensitive and care
must be taken to prevent injury
and pain when handling the cat
Protective of family members
and reserved with strangers.
Medium-sized cat with silver
blue fur tipped with silver that
produces a halo effect
Among earliest European
Breeds and is a result of a
genetic mutation
Medium-sized affectionate but
tends to be better in one-onone relationships
The BEST show Manx cats do
not have a tail (rumpy),
others have a short tail
(stumpy), and others have a
long tail (longy)
Eye color is always deep blue and head forms
an equilateral tirangle from the nose to the
tips of the ears
Very little pigmentation in color pattern, but
pigmentation is darker at the points and color
is restricted to the points: mask, ear, foot and
tip of tail
Medium sized cat that is very long and
Are very unpredictable; however, they are
described as talkative, loyal, fearless cats of
extraordinary intelligence
Particularly sensitive to vaccinations and
Small breed known for its quiet,
shy disposition
Males weigh at most 6 pounds
Females usually weigh less than 4
• Medium to large size cat similar to
American Shorthair named because of
its white feet
• Bright blue eyes are large, oval; ears
are large and broad at the base;
modified wedge shaped head
• The mask, tail, ears and legs are
usually defined seal or blue with the
masking colors covering the entire
face, except for inverted white V
shaped pattern over mouth and nose
• White tipped front paws and white
hind legs up to the hock with a white
chest, chin and muzzle
Cat of Canadian origination in the
late 1960’s. Known for its tough,
wrinkled hairless skin
Indoor cat that cannot survive
outdoors and depends on people for
Constantly purrs and adores body
contact and is very affectionate
Body temperature is 4 degrees F
higher than most other breeds
Unable to store body fat and must eat
more frequently to maintain its body
Longhair breeds
• Body style of Siamese
except long hair
• Warm, vocal, and
• Eyes are deep vivid
Sturdy cat of medium to large size
with long, silky coat that does not
mat and requires little care
Very sociable cat that needs
company of others
White paws are characteristic
Eyes are round, ears are medium
with rounded tips
• Alert and sweet
natured cat that is
excellent with other
pets and children
• Large cat that is
• Siamese x Persian x
• Medium to large size
Persian type cat
• Long, flowing hair
coat with Siamese
• Oldest natural breed in North
America, Native American
• Large sized cats that reaches
12-18 pounds
• Brown tabby is the best
known color
• Lovable and friendly with a
tiny voice that squeaks and
One of the oldest and most popular breeds
Medium to large size with a short, compact body, large
head, and small, rounded ears
Well-mannered, easygoing, quiet cats that make good
apartment cats and excellent companions
Require daily grooming to avoid tangles and knots in
their fur and regular bathing to remove excess oil from
the coat
Originated in U.S. in 1960’s
Exceptionally large and heavy
breed with blue eyes
Are docile, quiet, and
Get their name because they
show little signs of fear or pain
and take a floppy posture when
• Himalayan x Burmese
• Medium size oriental
style that is essentially
a long-haired Burmese
• Follows owner like a
• Few exist in the
United States
Small to medium sized cat
Polite, intelligent, very
responsive, and easily trained
to perform tricks
Prefers a clean, almost spotless

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