2013 9th 10th Parent Night

9th & 10th Grade
Parent Night
Chattahoochee High School
August 27, 2013
A Tradition of Excellence…
Graduation Rate in 2013: 94%
Ranked #136 in Newsweek Magazine’s Top 500 High
Schools in USA (Ranked #1 High School in North Fulton
24 AP courses offered
Over 90 clubs & sports
Check out our website! www.chattcougar.com
(Email Addresses; Edmodo; Upcoming Events;
Home Access Center)
Meet the CHS Admin Team!
Mr. Tim Duncan
Assistant Principals are assigned to students based on the
first letter of their last name. Counselors and Assistant
Principals serve the same caseload of students and
should be paired with your student for the duration of
their high school career. Please take a moment to
identify your Assistant Principal.
A - Fe
Fi - Ko
Kr - Rh
Ri - Z
Mrs. Debra Bryant
Dr. Gladys Peoples
Mrs. Camille Christopher
Mr. Tim Corrigan
Meet the Counseling Office Staff!!
A - Fe
Ms. Lauren Corbett
 Fi - Ko
Ms. Julie Gracey
 Kr - Rh
Ms. Deborah Blount
 Ri - Z
Ms. Ebony Payno
Support Staff
Graduation Coach
Records Coordinator
Professional Assistant
School Social Worker
Bilingual Parent Liaison
Cluster Nurse
Ms. Rebbie Lichliter
Ms. Jan Turner
Ms. Rita Jensen
Ms. Alicia McClung
Ms. Christina Kim
Ms. Rose Moro
What happens in the Counseling office?
Individual Student Planning
 Academic Planning; College/Career Planning; Problem Solving; Goal
Setting; Recommendation Letters; Transcript Requests; Graduation Status
Tracking; Transition Planning; College Visits
Classroom Guidance
● What you need to know as a freshman; Study Skills & Test Taking Tips;
Signs of Suicide; Career Awareness; Postsecondary Planning; College
Application Timeline; Financial Aid Planning; Scholarship Searching
Responsive Services
 Individual & Small Group Counseling; Peer Mediation; Crisis Intervention;
Consultation/Collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators;
Referrals to outside agencies
System Support
 New student enrollments; Withdrawals; Academic Placement &
Scheduling; Standardized Test Coordination & Interpretation; Special
Programs (GHP, Honors Night, National Merit, Parent Nights, Nominated
Scholarships, Freshman Advisory, Graduation)
Freshman Advisory Program
Freshman Advisory program involves all
freshmen students at CHS
•Facilitates a sense of community and assists in
building cohesiveness as all three middle schools
merge into our Hooch Family!
•Weekly Lessons / Team Building Activities
delivered by Chattahoochee’s Junior Advisors
Freshman Advisory Program
Junior Advisor was recommended as a
Sophomore by Chattahoochee staff members
•Each Freshman homeroom is paired with 3 - 4 Junior
Advisors (Monday - Thursday)
•Junior Advisors deliver lessons and team-building
activities, provide tutoring, and serve as mentors
•Lessons address a multitude of academic and social
issues which many students have questions about
during the sometimes difficult transition to high school
Freshman Advisory Program
Sample Lesson Topics
Who’s who at Chattahoochee
Getting involved
Effective organization
Learning styles
Time management
Test-taking tips
Tardy – being late in the real world!
Managing homework
Goal -setting
Working with your teachers
Stress management
Peer pressure
Understanding progress reports
Home Access Center is a web-based home-to-school
collaboration resource that allows parents/guardians to
examine up-to-date information on their child’s grades,
attendance, discipline, unofficial transcripts, and more
through a secure online link to school records.
You will use the same login and password for the Home
Access Center each year as long as your have at least
one child active in Fulton County Schools
Parents/Guardians can pick up log-in and password
information by a showing photo ID in the main office. Home
Access Center can be found at www.fultonschools.org ->
Parents -> Home Access Center
Students obtain student code from their teacher
Parents obtain parent code from their student’s
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notifications via text with Remind101.
What is Remind101 & Why is it Safe?
• Remind101 is a one-way text messaging and email system.
• With Remind101, all personal information remains completely
confidential. Teachers/Staff will never see your phone number, nor
will you ever see theirs.
• Visit www.remind101.com to learn more
• To receive Chattahoochee messages via text, text “@chattah” to
(678) 293-7443. You can opt-out of messages at anytime
by replying, “unsubscribe @chattah”.
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[email protected] To unsubscribe, reply with
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Class of 2016 & Class of 2017
Social Studies
Health/Personal Fitness
World Language/Fine Arts/Career Tech
4 credits
4 credits
4 credits
3 credits
0.5 credit ea.
3 credits
4 credits
Semester-long class= 0.5 credits; Year-long class= 1.0 credit
**23 total credits required to graduate**
Track your student’s graduation status!
Typical 9th Grade Schedule
9th Literature or 9th Literature H (1.0)
 CCGPS Coordinate Algebra or
CCGPS Accelerated Coordinate Algebra H (1.0)
 Biology or Biology H (1.0)
 American Government (one semester) (0.5) *
 General Health (one semester) (0.5)
 World Language (1.0)
 Elective (1.0)
*designates AP Gov’t (1.0) as an alternative
Typical 10th Grade Schedule
10th Literature or 10th Literature H (1.0)
 CCGPS Analytic Geom or
CCGPS Accelerated Analytic Geom H (1.0)
 Chemistry / Chemistry H / Physical Science (1.0)
 World History or AP World History (1.0)
 World Language (1.0)
 Elective (1.0)
Typical 11th Grade Schedule
11th Literature / 11th Literature H / AP Language (1.0)
 CCGPS Advanced Algebra or
CCGPS Accelerated Pre-Calc H (1.0)
 3rd Science option (examples are Environmental
Science, Physics, AP Chemistry) (1.0)
 US History or AP US History (1.0)
 World Language (1.0)
 Elective (1.0)
Typical 12th Grade Schedule
World Lit & Multicultural Lit (0.5 credit each, 1.0 total) /
AP Literature (1.0) / College English (2.0)
Advanced Math Decision Making / CCGPS Pre-calculus /
AP Statistics / AP Calculus AB / AP Calculus BC (all 1.0
each) or
GA Tech Distance Calculus (by application and GA Tech
admission only) (2.0 total)
4th Science option (examples are AP Science, Astronomy,
Human Anatomy H, Earth Systems) (1.0)
Economics (0.5)
Personal Fitness (0.5)
World Language or Elective (1.0)
Elective (1.0)
What if a class is failed?
Retention Policy
5 credits to be
promoted to the 10th
11 credits to be
promoted to the 11th
17 credits to be
promoted to the 12th
Making Up Failed
In schedule
Georgia Virtual School
Fulton Virtual School
Summer School
No Pass, No Play
To participate in sports, students
must have passed FIVE classes
the previous semester
Must be on track to graduate
(Not retained in a lower grade)
Summer School does combine
with Spring semester for Fall
sports eligibility
How do Honors Points work?
9th Lit/Comp H
CCGPS Algebra
Biology H
American Gov’t
Intro to Art
Spanish 1
Grade Average
Base Grade
Grade on
*Must earn a 70 or above in an Honors or AP course
to receive the 7 Honors points!
Career Technology Elective
Healthcare Science
Financial Management/Accounting
Graphic Communications
Transportation (Automotive)
End of Course Tests (EOCT)
 As of December 2003, the Georgia Department of Education
requires students to take an End of Course Test (EOCT) in certain
9th grade courses with EOCT’s
9th Grade Lit/Comp
CCGPS Coordinate Algebra
10th grade courses with EOCT’s
CCGPS Analytic Geometry
Physical Science
Other courses with EOCT’s: 11th Am Lit/Comp, US History, Economics
 Counts 20% of final course grade
 Students who take the courses listed above in Summer School or
online must take the End of Course Test as well.
Georgia High School Writing Test
 Every student must take and pass the Georgia High School Writing
Test (GHSWT) in order to graduate from high school.
 The test helps to ensure students are prepared to meet the
challenges of further education or successful transition into their
working career.
 Results are part of students’ permanent records but do not appear
on their transcripts.
 First administration of GHSWT is in September of 11th grade.
 Repeat administrations are in February of 11th grade, Summer
between 11th and 12th grades, and September and February of 12th
When to take the SAT/ACT…
We typically recommend that students take
the SAT and/or ACT for the first time in the
Spring of the 11th grade (after they have
reviewed their 11th grade PSAT results)
9th, 10th, and 11th grade students take the PSAT
each October (this year: October 16th)
For now, sign up for the “SAT Question of the
Day” at www.collegeboard.com
An overview of…
the SAT:
the ACT:
Structure of Test
•Critical Reading section
• Math section: Algebra,
Geometry, and Advanced
• Writing section
Structure of Test
Math section: through
Advanced Algebra and
English section
Reading section
Science section
Writing section
Penalty for Wrong Answers?
Penalty for Wrong Answers?
Score Range
Score Range
Preparation & Registration for the SAT
Preparation & Registration for the ACT
HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships
Eligible students receive financial
assistance covering tuition and
HOPE-approved mandatory fees.
Be a U.S. citizen and legal
resident of Georgia
Be a graduate of an eligible
high school
HOPE/Zell Miller Rigor Requirements
for the Classes of 2016 and 2017
Students in the graduating class of 2016 (current
Sophomores) must pass at least 3 courses from the
following list:
Advanced Math (ex. Advanced Algebra or higher)
Advanced Science (ex. Chemistry, Physics, or higher)
Advanced Foreign Language (ex. level 2 and above)
Advanced Placement (AP) in core subjects
Core subjects taken at a University System of Georgia
(USG) Institution
Students in the graduating class of 2017 (current
Freshmen) must pass at least 4 courses from the list.
HOPE and Zell Miller
are calculated by the GA Student Finance Commission
•Final calculations are done after the student graduates from
high school
•ALL academic classes (English, math, science, social studies, and
world language) are used for the calculation
Remove all honors points
Convert to 4.0 scale
• 90 – 100 = 4.0
• 80 – 89 = 3.0
• 70 – 79 = 2.0
• 0 – 69 = 0.0 (failing grades are included in calculation)
Add 0.5 to only AP courses (up to 4.0)
Divide by the total number of grades
HOPE Scholarship
Must earn a 3.0 cumulative academic GPA (2.9999
does not round up!)
 Beginning Fall 2011, the HOPE award will pay a
percentage amount of the standard tuition charges
from the previous year. Recently, it has been about
 Mandatory fees are covered, but institutional fees
must be paid by the student/parent.
*HOPE Scholarship recipients must maintain a
3.0 GPA throughout college
Zell Miller Scholarship
(1) Graduate as the Valedictorian or Salutatorian
(2) Earn a 3.7 GPA in high school, AND either
Earn a 1200 combined score of Reading and Math on a
single administration of the SAT, or
Earn a composite score of 26 on a single administration of
the ACT by your graduation date.
*Zell Miller Scholarship recipients must maintain
a 3.3 GPA throughout college.
*If a student’s GPA falls below a 3.3, they remain
eligible for the HOPE Scholarship if their GPA is
above a 3.0.
Dual Enrollment
Admission Requirements:
A rising Junior or Senior
Minimum GPA of 3.0 in core classes on a 4.0 scale
Minimum SAT I score of 970 total (Critical Reading
480 and Math 440) OR Minimum ACT score of 20
Composite (English 20 and Math 18)
Most students take College English 1101 and
1102 at Chattahoochee taught by a GA
Perimeter College professor; however,
accepted students are also eligible to take
college classes on the college campus.
GA Tech Distance Calculus
Complete GA Tech Calculus II & III for high school
and college credit
Minimum Admission Requirements:
A rising Junior or Senior
Score of 4 or 5 on AP Calculus AB exam OR score of
3, 4 or 5 on AP Calculus BC exam
Overall GPA of 3.5 and Math GPA of 3.5 on Georgia
Tech's recalculated scale
Competitive Ranges (based on 2012-2013
admitted students):
Mid 50% SAT: 2000-2250
Mid 50% ACT: 30-33
Mid 50% GPA: 3.9-4.2
Early College Planning:
What are colleges looking for?
Academic GPA
Rigor of courses taken (difficulty level)
Test Scores (SAT and/or ACT)
Class Rank
Extracurricular Activities
College Application Essays
Letters of Recommendation
College Planning Checklist
Freshman/Sophomore Year
challenging courses
•Attend the PROBE college fair (September/October)
•Join clubs and volunteer for activities related to your interests
•Visit college websites; talk to classmates, parents, teachers, and recent
graduates to learn about colleges
•Take the PSAT in October to practice for the SAT
•Keep your grades up
•Talk with your parents about colleges that interest you
•Start/update your resume highlighting your academic achievements, awards,
volunteer work, extracurricular activities, special skills, and talents
•Review PSAT score results to target areas for improvement.
•Explore summer activities related to your career goals
What Resources Are Available
in the College & Career Center?
Information regarding careers,
options for after high school,
scholarships, and summer
The virtual Georgia Career
Information System (GCIS) is
available for research in the above
SAT/ACT information and study
Georgia Career Information System
User name: chattahoocheehs
Password: gcis458
Tips for Parents
Improving Your Child’s Study Habits
Provide a proper study setting (free from distractions)
Plan a regular time for studying each day (1 ½ hrs/day)
Ask to see your child’s homework and/or agenda frequently
Check Home Access Center and/or contact teachers if needed
(email addresses available on www.chattcougar.com)
Help your child with organizational skills
Encourage your child to talk with you about school
Proper sleep, diet, and exercise with help with alertness
Be sensitive to your child’s frustrations about schoolwork
Important Facts about
School Attendance
Georgia’s Compulsory Attendance law states that
children between the ages of 6-16 years old must
attend school on a regular basis
5 unexcused absences within a school year is
considered a violation of the law
Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act
A note from home or the doctor must be received in
the attendance office within 3 days of the absence
"I know the price of success:
dedication, hard work, and an
unremitting devotion to the things
you want to see happen.”
Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect
Thank you for coming!!!

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