Technological Advances

Regina A. Tabor, RPh.
October 3, 2014
Ms. Tabor ,Dr. Farrell and Dr. Copeland do
not have a vested interest or affiliation with
any corporate organization offering financial
support or grant monies for this continuing
education program, or any affiliation with an
organization whose philosophy could
potentially bias the presentation.
At the completion of this program, the
participant will be able to:
1. Identify key steps in completing online
2. Access and navigate through an online
evaluation process.
3. List examples of current technological
teaching and assessment tools that may be
used to enrich the experiential experience.
The pharmacy students midpoint and final
evaluation are used as a guide to the
preceptor and student for the successful
completion of the rotation.
The Texas State Board of Pharmacy has
required competencies objectives for the
pharmacy internship.
In measuring the pharmacy intern’s skills for
the rotation in the student evaluation ,
guidance will be provided to the preceptor for
the training and development needs of the
student for a successful completion of the
rotation and objectives.
Easier to keep track of evaluation forms
Allows utilization of information for pharmacy
school evaluation of curriculum and students
implementation of didactic learning into
clinical practice.
Ease of access for the user at work and home.
Multiple users can access the information in
the Rxpreceptor system
◦ Preceptors
◦ Students
◦ Faculty
There are two ways to access the evaluation
◦ Email link (this will automatically be sent to each
preceptor )for the Midpoint and Final student
◦ Logging into RxPreceptor™
To complete the Student Evaluation of your
student you may access the electronic form
1. Clicking “Evaluation of Student” on the left hand
side of your RxPreceptor screen.
It will be under the Evaluations>Evaluation of Student
2. You will select your Student’s Name for the
Rotation Dates completed and the Rotation Type
(ie, APPE-Amb Care).
3. Click on the Evaluation section for that student
and the evaluation form will appear.
4. There are 2 evaluations that will need to be
completed at the appropriate timeMidpoint (Complete after 3 weeks of start of
Final (Complete after 6 weeks of start of rotation)
Both evaluations are required to be completed for each
5.How to apply scoringThe student will be scored on a scale of 1-5 or
N/A for each competency question.
The student must achieve a score of 3 or above
on each competency to pass the rotation.
If the required competency question does not
apply to the rotation rate it as N/A=Not
Applicable-Task does not apply to this particular
Every question (1-22) must be scored or have
N/A in order to be complete for the student
Each question has a Comment Box attachedyou may enter examples of how the student
achieved the score and give examples of work
student completed on the rotation, projects,
demonstrated their competency.
At the end of the Evaluation form you will
have 3 buttons.
1. Save Changes-this will allow you to save what
you have done before the evaluation is
2. Submit Midpoint Score-once this is submitted it
will be final. If further changes need to be made
you will contact Regina Tabor, R.Ph-APPE
Coordinator to make any further changes.
3. Submit Final Score-once this is
submitted it will be final.
If further changes need to be made you
will need to contact-Regina Tabor, R.Ph.APPE Coordinator to make any further
Preceptors will receive email alerts for
Evaluation due dates for the APPE
You may view evaluations completed by your
students for the rotation by clicking on the
Student Self Evaluation section shown on the
left hand side of this screen.
How to apply scoring
2= Knows (Passes Competency)- Student has
knowledge/skills of how to perform task. Needs
extensive intervention; sometimes instructor
must complete task.
1= Does Not Know (Fails Competency)- Student
does not have knowledge of how to perform
N/A= Not Applicable- Task does not apple to
this particular rotation.
You may complete the grading rubric of your
students by going to your home page in
RxPreceptor™ and viewing your student in the
pull down list (Select a Student to View
Evaluations>Evaluation of Students
◦ Select the student name and rotation dates for the
rotation type and look under evaluation ( blue print)
for the Intern Grading Rubric.
Email link will automatically be sent to you
when the grading rubric is due.
Each question on the Grading Rubric will be
scored from 10-1 or N/A for the rotation
At the end of the Grading Rubric the total will
be scored and based on that score the
student will be assigned a letter grade.
A= 9-10
B =8-8.9
C =7-7.9
Failing = 6 or less
After you have graded each of the sections of
the grading rubric you will then click on the
Submit Final Score located on the bottom
right hand side of the form.
The student’s Score Summary will
automatically calculate the student’s final
grade once the submit final score had been
The Intern Grading Rubric will be completed and
submitted on the last day of the rotation on
Once the Intern Grading Rubric has been
submitted on RxPreceptor™ no further changes
can be made. You will need to contact-Regina
Tabor, R.Ph-APPE Coordinator to make any
further changes.
Preceptors will receive email alerts for due dates
for Intern Grading Rubric for the APPE rotation.
The completed student evaluations will
appear on the preceptor’s screen as:
APPE Acute Care-General Medicine Intern
Grading Rubric F
APPE Acute Care-General Medicine M F
◦ M=Midpoint Complete
◦ F=Final Complete
Please contact:
Regina Tabor, R.Ph.
APPE Coordinator
Feik School of Pharmacy at UIW
[email protected]
210 883-1073
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