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Consultancy Services for
International Businesses
Innoversant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Trusted advisors & consultants to companies, governments, and institutions around the world
Innoversant Solutions Pvt Ltd (ISPL) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm focused on
assisting international and domestic organizations in strategic business areas.
We combine deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in providing Consulting
services to Businesses, Organisations, Institutes, Governments and Economic
Development Agencies.
The firm provides strategic and operative support in marketing and business development
to Companies and Investment Promotion institutions.
Our services cover the following focus areas:
Consultancy Services
We provide specialized consulting services and business solutions to
global companies and small & mid-size businesses.
Our combination of research and consulting services provide our
clients with a unique support for their strategic and operative decisions
in existing and new markets.
• Market Entry Strategies
• Investment Advisory, M&A and JVs
• Market Research & Feasibility Studies
• Set up & Management of Liaison/Branch office
• Business Development & Marketing
• Partners and Vendor Search
• Marketing Representation
• Company formation and Regulatory affairs
• Events and Business Networking
•Location Advisory & Site identification
• PR and Brand Consultancy
• Staffing and Infrastructure set up
• Sourcing & Procurement
• Alliances & Channels Development
• Web development and Online marketing
• Tenders & Liaison support
Investment Attraction
Your partners in promotion and economic development of your region
We leverage our strong experience of serving International and Indian
clients across diverse Industry verticals to provide result-oriented
investment promotion solutions.
Investment Promotion Agencies can benefit from our comprehensive
resources which they can selectively utilize based on their specific
demand and the collaborative strategy developed.
• Custom strategies to attract and retain foreign
investments in increasingly global and competitive
economic environment
• Integrated marketing, ranging in intensity from
mass measures to in-depth, individual keyaccount-approaches
• Support Delegations and Missions: inward and
• Liaison with stakeholders: Government and
• In-person meetings with decision makers and
• Lead generation
• Facilitating Executive visits
• Business Networking with various intermediaries
• Events and programs: trade fairs, conferences,
exhibitions, seminars, others
• Information dissemination through traditional
and new-age media
• PR and Brand building
Trade Promotion
Innoversant offers you a combination of expertise in management
consulting as well as in trade promotion and regional development – a
key advantage for your organisation to provide professional support
towards developing trade. Our services help your region's companies
to accelerate their growth with foreign trade.
Our trade promotion services are often provided in a combination with
investment promotion services.
• Focused market studies
• Business Networking
• Market Entry strategies
• Support Delegations and Missions: inward and
• Market entry support to individual companies
• Partner search, due diligence, negotiations and
assistance with agreements
• Trade promotion activities: Organizing and
participating in trade fairs, exhibitions, buyerseller meetings and reverse trade missions
• Liaison with stakeholders: Government and
• Information dissemination through traditional
and new-age media
•Indian market (consumers, customers, suppliers)
•Local business cultures, practices and ethics
•Local business, industry and government
•Local laws and regulations
•Local staff
Access foreign
markets &
Solutions acts
as the bridge
cultures ,
Our Principals
have extensive
experience in
India, North
America, AsiaPacific and
Access India as
a source of
growth, costbenefits and
•Little or no local language skills, lack of local
market knowledge, contacts, experience
•Requirement of transparency and ethical
•Expatriate staff expensive, risky and take a long
time to reach optimal effectiveness
• Knowledge
• Experience
• Networks
• Reduce risks of market entry
• Better understanding of the risks of market entry
• Mitigate risks of uninformed decisions or poor
• Understand, and help Management and
Investors understand business risks in India
• Improve speed to market
• Avoid traps that result in delays or difficulties
• Local contacts and understanding of local
practices lets things be done more efficiently
• Cost Savings & Transparency
• Local contacts allow access to local cost
• Retain transparency and accountability in
pricing and processes
• Bridging Insights
• Translate between international thinking and
local practices
How we add value
What we do
India Market Entry
A company's success in India
will depend on the correct
estimation of the market
potential. Overestimation of
possibilities and underestimation
of complexities that a company
might face may lead to its
failure. Due consideration needs
to be given to the inherent
difficulties and functional
hazards that a company might
encounter while working in the
Indian system.
The entry into the market of
India necessitates the
formulation of a well-designed
plan which in itself should be a
product of thorough research.
Above all, the company's
should bear in mind the
objective of growth in the long
run and not profit in the short
run in order to make their stay in
India a permanent one.
In order to make a successful entry into the Indian
market, the following steps should be taken care of:
• Development of a good understanding of the
potential of the Indian market
• Formulation of a sound strategy before entering India
• Successful implementation of such a strategy
Innoversant has the in-depth knowledge and
understanding of local business conditions, climate and
culture of India that is required to ensure rapid,
successful market penetration. Combined with our
extensive list of strategic partners and local contacts,
Innoversant is uniquely positioned to assist companies
seeking entry or expansion into Indian markets.
There are many choices open to companies seeking to enter Indian Markets. Each choice comes
with its own cost, risk, opportunity size and complexity of operation. The market potential in India
is undoubtedly big. The key lies in developing a well-thought out Entry Strategy that takes into
account the vast complex issues that govern India both from a market and legal & regulatory
perspective. India is not short of examples where multinational corporations with vast resources
have run into obstacles in rolling-out their entry and have fallen short of exploiting the vast
potential of the Indian sub continent.
A right way of looking at India would be to compare it with European Union. Like the European
Union various states in India have their own languages, cultures, and unique market dynamics.
The policies are framed at state and federal levels which need to be carefully considered for
evaluating possibilities and making right entry decisions. No surprise it is called a sub-continent.
At Innoversant we understand this complexity and challenge for companies either seeking to enter
or expand their existing business in India. We work as a trusted partner to companies planning to
enter Indian markets or needing help in expanding and sustaining their growth in Indian Markets.
Key Services for India market entry
• Prepare feasibility studies weighing the pros and cons of undertaking a
planned investment/entry into India
• Prepare business plan based on local knowledge and experience
• Location Advisory and Search
• Timing and Budgeting
• Handling of Regulatory affairs for our clients, including getting all
necessary clearances, authorizations, certifications, licenses, etc.
• Commercial entity establishment
• Set up client’s India operations including Incorporation and
• Recruitment and team building activities
• Logistics
• Sales and Distribution channels
Types of Business Entities
•Agent or Distributor
•Liaison Office
•Branch Office
•Joint Venture
•Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Innoversant INDIA ENTRY Business Consulting Model
What Could Work?
Market Issues
►Basic discussions
on intent of India
Analysis &
►Existing Product
or services
►Exploration of
company strengths,
structure and vision
►Exploration of
India relevancy
►Geographical & company
search & due
►Scoping of
tax planning &
►Break even
SWOT & Opportunity
Macro & Micro Business
environment analysis
Strategy &
Entry Strategy
Execution Plan
►Entry strategy
Grow & Sustain
Strategy fine
roll out
►Where-arewe analysis
of growth &
►Location advisory
market area
►HR, Hiring &
Office establishment
establishment with
Strategy Plan
Finalization & Roll
out of the Business
plan Components
more markets
and channels
►Identify new
Market consolidation, Market
expansion & New opportunity
India Market Representation
A Full-time Marketing/Sales Representative
Innoversant functions as a representative based on the client's specifications and
requirements. We deploy a full-time, the dedicated sales rep who conducts your business
and passes your business card to all prospects. This representative works entirely for you
but is supported and managed by us. Additional representatives can be added, as
business requirements evolve.
In addition, the Principal Consultants contribute strongly to the overall market
development activities for your business. They also oversee and manage the sales rep
activities in alignment with the overall objectives.
Business Management in India
Liaison Office Set up & Management
We provide valuable assistance and facilitate in setting up of India Liaison Office. This
includes co-ordination with the legal and regulatory authorities; the Chartered
Accountants, Tax authorities etc for Registrations, Incorporation, RBI permissions, Income
Tax issues and all other regulatory affairs; opening Bank Accounts etc.
Innoversant manages administrative, legal and regulatory affairs regularly including
maintenance of accounts, HR, tax filing and other affairs.
We recruit dedicated team as employees of the Liaison Office to work under its guidance
and supervision.
We provide office space to run the Liaison office operations at an affordable cost. This
also reduces the time to get started, and provides ease of operations.
In addition to the above, Innoversant can also function as the India Marketing
Representative* and depute its own resources for business development, marketing and
sales related functions to support and strengthen your business growth in India.
* See previous slide titled “India Market Representation”
Advantages of Liaison Office
•FDI/capital investment is not required. Business is up and running without any capital
investment. All sales, marketing and business development activities can be performed in
•Comparatively easier, less expensive and faster to set up
•Easier exit route
•Tremendous cost savings
•No need to have a vast army of employees (as all sales, purchase and financial
functions are performed by the head office in native country)
•Needs small office space, thus saving money
•Can operate as a liaison office for a few years and can later convert to other forms if
required. This gives easy entry and enough learning of Indian market at a very low cost
and no risk.
Why Innoversant?
Narendra Sarawgi – Principal Consultant
Narendra Sarawgi has 30 years experience of general management, strategy,
sales and business development consultancy and entrepreneurship. He has had
professional and business relationships with several multi-national companies such
as Philips, Whitford, Telstra and renowned Indian corporations like the Tata,
Reliance, Rolta, Wipro, Best & Crompton Engineering and Electrosteel Castings
among others. He has had several years of dealing with senior executive
management of corporations as well as decision-makers in government.
He is the Founder Director at management & strategy consulting firm Innoversant
Solutions Pvt. Ltd (, is a consultant at Primera Networks-UK
and sits on the Boards of Mphinite Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Manjushree
Technopack Ltd.
He is a member of several professional IT, management and entrepreneurship
development organizations and has developed excellent relationships at a senior
Keenly interested in development and reforms, Narendra holds Post Graduate
degrees in Management and Commerce, a degree in Law and is an alumni of
IIM, Ahmedabad. He has attended Graduate Study Programmes at the United
Nations Organization, Geneva and International Institute of Human Rights,
Strasbourg, France.
Siddharth Sarawgi – Principal Consultant
Siddharth is a high achieving and motivated professional having a strong work
experience in Business Consulting, Strategy, Business Development, FDI Promotion,
International Business, Program Management, Technology Consulting and Pre-Sales.
With a strong technology and business background, he has worked in these roles
showcasing deep insight and excellent leadership, management, strategy, execution,
interpersonal and communication skills coupled with a high degree of professionalism
and result-orientation.
Siddharth shoulders the responsibilities of the Director for India at the Fairfax County
Economic Development Authority, Virginia USA and the Principal Consultant for
InvestHK, Govt of Hong Kong. In these roles, he advises, guides and supports Indian
businesses across different sectors in their overseas market entry, expansion and growth
strategies and plans.
Siddharth is the Founder Director and CEO of Innoversant Solutions Pvt Ltd, a
management consulting firm based in Bangalore. He also plays an IT Consulting and
Advisory role for several startups, SMEs and large business groups in India. He has a
penchant for new and innovative ideas and solutions and is adept at formulating
business strategies to promote and market them to businesses, governments, private
organizations, consumers and others.
Siddharth has traveled overseas extensively on client engagements – to Europe, North
Americas and Asia Pacific - and has an innate understanding of different business
cultures and environments. An extremely strong communicator, he is adept at building
lasting business relationships.
Siddharth is an active member of Confederation of Indian Industry, Indo-American
Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce, The Indus
Entrepreneurs and other industry associations and panels.
Our Guiding Principles
• Put the Client’s interests ahead of our own
• Strive to deliver more than is expected
• Work with absolute integrity and trust
• Maintain highest standards of Professionalism, Ethics and
Our Strengths
Strong Industry
network &
Qualified &
Successful track
record of working
with Indian &
Vast experience
of different
industry verticals
Strategic contacts
in Govt. and PSUs
working style
Our Network
Govt bodies
Tax and Audit
Advisory firms
Law firms
Market Reach
Our corporate Headquarters are located at Bangalore, Karnataka and regional offices at
Mumbai, Maharasthra and Guwahati, Assam. Through our associates, we have an extended
reach at all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India as follows:
North West India (Mumbai)
South East India (Bangalore)
• New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida
(National Capital Region)
• Chennai
• Jaipur
• Mumbai
• Pune
• Nagpur
• Indore
• Jodhpur
• Ajmer
• Surat
• Hyderabad
• Kolkata
• Pondicherry
• Guwahati
• Patna
• Ranchi
• Shillong
• Itanagar
• Imphal
Industry Expertise
Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
Bio-tech, Life-sciences, Pharmaceuticals
Hi Technology and Advanced Engineering
Energy, Water, Oil and Gas
Electronics & Instrumentation
Infrastructure, Urban Development & Municipalities
Industrial products and services
Consumer Products & Retail
Law Enforcement
Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security
Professional Memberships
• Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
• The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)
• Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)
• Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC)
• All India Management Association (AIMA)
Our Value Addition
We bring a number of important advantages to client engagements.
Specialized industry and functional expertise. From senior management to junior
consulting staff, our experts are dedicated to specific industries and functional areas. We
ensure we know your business and tailor our approach and solutions accordingly.
Excellent Networking and relationship building skills. We not only leverage our existing
relationships in the industries and governments, but we also continually work hard at
developing new ones.
Rigorous, proven methodologies. Our strategy and operational methodologies deliver
outstanding results. We have a robust framework for business development, management
and client relationship management in the industry. And through a blend of management and
behavioral approaches, we give clients a proven interface to transform organizational
Collaborative working style. We deliver results, not just reports. To that end, we work side
by side with clients to create and implement practical solutions. We have always taken our
clients along in conceptualizing, forming an idea, selling the idea to the target audience and in
implementing the solutions.
Big-ticket Consulting. Our teams leverage the experience of dealing with Sr. Govt.
Officers/Ministries/ Owners/CEOs/Decision makers which have been honed over 3 decades.
Our Value Addition
Entrepreneurial Approach. We bring an entrepreneur’s drive and zeal to business of our
Our professionals challenge conventional thinking. We continually invest in enhancing the
skills of our professionals to ensure they are at the fore front of innovative solutions,
processes and methodology.
Can quickly expand/scale up: Entrepreneurial experience of handling start-up operations
and setting up from scratch. Can quickly expand resources and teams, if necessary.
Patience, doggedness, “can do” attitude. Our organizational environment has high levels
of enthusiasm, competitiveness and motivation. All our professionals have a fierce
determination to succeed.
Experience of professional relationships. We have a rich history of closely working with top
MNCs and Indian Companies like Philips, Tata Telecom, Telstra, Wipro, Tata Consultancy
Services, Tata Unisys, Rolta, Reliance etc.
Memberships to Industry Associations. Being active members of prestigious industry and
business associations like CII, IACC, TiE, BMA and others, we are in a position to quickly
further business interests of our clients.
Revenue Generation. We have a proven track record of finding new clients and generating
new business for our clients.
Few of our Clients
* The logos depicted here are the authorised trademarks of their respective owners and are shown here only for the purpose of representation.
Fundamentals for Success
We assist clients with their biggest challenges and most
promising opportunities
We are motivated by being a positive force for success
We succeed by working as partners with our clients to share
our knowledge, insights, and experience
We put our clients’ interests first
For further information, please contact:
Innoversant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
#62, 1st Cross, 2nd Main, Dollars layout
J.P. Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore 560078
Karnataka, INDIA
+91 80 6451 6669
+91 80 2649 1996
[email protected]

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