Opes Group English Presentation

Corporate Presentation
Bogotá, 2014
Liability and Confidentiality
This presentation contains confidential information (Confidential Information) property of
OPES Group, its clients and/or about its operations.
The Confidential Information shall not be copied, reproduced, or distributed to any third
parties under any circumstances except to employees, consultants, advisors and other
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This presentation has been prepared with the sole purpose of providing information and
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Group’s business or any of its clients or the projects it promotes.
Our Company
Our Partners
Our Services
Opes Group offers services for private investment in Latin
Who we are
Opes Group is an independent LatAm based advisory firm that provides consulting
services to private companies, individuals, and institutional investors by combining
extensive sector expertise with in depth local knowledge, allowing our clients to benefit
from our execution capabilities, deal flow, access to opportunities, and exclusive
network of relations in Latin America, Europe, and
Asia. Opes Group also offers services in sourcing, structuring, co-investing and raising
capital for businesses,
capitalizing in our team’s joint capabilities to identify and take advantage of
specialized opportunities, and providing the utmost ethical and governance standards
while fulfilling long term objectives. We believe in working in deals that can provide long
term profitability and growth -financially, socially,
and environmentally.
Opes Group offers services for private investment in Latin
Past clients and partners
Companies Opes, or its affiliates, have represented worked or partnered with in the past.
Opes Group offers tailor made services in accordance to
the requirements of our clients and our industry expertise
Services by sectors
Real Estate
•Structuring and development of high impact projects in the region with
• Development of “greenfield” projects in the following sectors : energy
special emphasis on the commercial sector (Colombia) and Social
housing (Mexico)
generations, storage tankss, flow lines.
•Representations for companies looking to enter the regional market.
•Management of assets in our line of expertise.
•Financial structures.
• Financial Planning
• Structured finance
• Strategic planning
• Corporate restructuring
Buscamos apoyar proyectos auto sostenibles para dar
capacidad productiva a las poblaciones mas vulnerables
Social Responsability
The Zepol Foundation was created in 2007 in memory of
Fernando Lopez Caballero, a man who believed that only
through the eradication of social indifference could we truly
begin to create a balanced society.
We look to aid long term sustainable projects with the
objective of giving the most vulnerable communities in our
country to give them back the ability to look after themselves
and their loved ones in an atmosphere where they can grow
as socially productive entities.
It is our objective to generate and support ideas that will
change the world by providing people the necessary training,
tools and resources to achieve economic independence.
Our Company
Our Partners
Our Services
Specialized focus supported on a multidisciplinary team
offers in depth knowledge to all of our clients
Mariella Ayala - President
Since the beginning of her career she has been a venturous entrepreneur and a
accompanied by exceptional business sense and negotiating abilities.
She has had ample experience in oil & gas, engineering and energy, having brokered
and sourced deals for US and European companies in Latin American for over 20 years,
successfully negotiating directly with the most important upstream and transport
companies in these sectors as well with the regional governments. She has led projects in
excess of US 300 million dollars directly. Her strategic vision helped shaped the way of the
energy industry in Colombia.
As part of her activities, she acted as a partner or representative for companies such as
Kvaerner, Hannover Compression, Spie Enertrance, amongst many others.
As part of her investment strategy she has become actively involved in Mexican real
estate market which has a long standing potential with the growth of the country's
economy, she is also an dynamic player in the mining industry at a regional level.
Specialized focus supported on a multidisciplinary team
offers in depth knowledge to all of our clients
Diana Espinosa - Energy & Finance
A Colombian economist with over 25 years of experience in finance, structuring financing,
cash flow, reserve evaluation, economic project management, foreign exchange, tax
management, auditing, budgeting, and forecasting in the oil sector of Colombia. As
Planning and Risk Management Director for Ecopetrol, she led the first steps for taking
public the largest Colombian state own oil company and she also led the financing of
Ecopetrol`s Projects (1996-2002), including the development of Cusiana , for over USD 2.0
billion in the international markets.
She has been member of the board of directors of leading energy companies such as
Ocensa, Cavipetrol, Colgas, Arpel, amongst others
She was distinguished in 2003 as the Key Woman Energy World by Rader Energy as a result
of her work in the restructuring of the Colombian energy sector by means of leading the
creation of the ANH, a state level agency created to auction oil and gas E&P blocks.
Specialized focus supported on a multidisciplinary team
offers in depth knowledge to all of our clients
Ana María López – Real Estate & International Commerce
With the following degrees BA International Business and Management from Regent
Business School, MA in Diplomatic Studies from Westminster University, MSc degree in
Energy Trade and Finance from City University, Diploma in Negotiation from Andes
University, Diploma in Neurolingusitic Programming from Sababna University, Diploma in
National Defense
from the Escuela de Guerra and currently undergoing a MA in
Corporate Fiannce from CESA, she has a well rounded education to take on a wide
array of projects in diverse industries.
From 2005 to 2011 she led the operations vice-presidency of Cosacol, a family owned
Colombian company dedicated to the construction of energy infrastructure, personally
overseeing the construction of the Gibraltar – Bucaramanga 170 km gas pipeline, while
promoting organizational change and restructuring, by means of the implementation
and development of quality control systems. Founder of the Zepol Foundation she was
awarded a prize for “Contribution to childhood, world peace and Human rights” in 2009
by the Outstanding Young People program of the Junior International Chamber.
Our Company
Our Partners
Our Services
Our consultancy services are based on our ability to
offer added value to our all of our clients.
Strategic planning companies in the energy sector.
Penetration strategies for the Colombian and Latin American market in oil and gas
Financial planning.
Structured project Finance.
Corporate Finance.
Organizational change and administrative transitions.
Development of integrated social responsibility projects.
Multi lateral negotiations.
We have an extensive commercial network to ensure
the achievement of our goals and that of our clients
Market Analysis.
Client analysis and identification.
Commercial plans and execution.
Penetration strategies .
Plans for the achievement of market
share growth.
Identification of potential partners.
Our long term expertise allows us to generate
innovative projects both domestically and regionally
Project Structuring
Identification of new possibility for the penetration of projects in the domestic
and regional markets.
Identification of possible clients and all relevant negotiations.
Analysis of potential partners.
Societal structures.
Legal structuring.
Financial analysis.
Diana Espinosa – Energía & Finanzas
[email protected]
Ana Lopez – Comercio & Inmobiliario
[email protected]
Calle 113 No. 7-45 Torre B. Of. 1015
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel.: +57 - 1 - 2140406

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