Freshmen Final Exam Review

Freshmen Final Exam Review
Health & Physical Education
As you are going through the review, have
your Health & P.E. study guides accessible.
I would suggest highlighting the information
that you are unfamiliar with, or jotting down
notes on what you don’t remember.
If you ace this review, you should have no
problem with the exam!
Do you remember….
What the lines on the soccer field
are called?
Sidelines (or touchlines) are the longer
boundary lines and endlines are the shorter
What are the offensive positions?
Who are the players responsible
for scoring goals?
The front line, or the attack, are the offensive positions.
That line is made up of right & left wings and striker
who try to score for the team. Though scoring is their
job, they are NOT the only players that are allowed to
score goals.
What is a “save?”
When the goalie blocks an attempted
shot on the goal.
Who is the only player allowed to
use his or her hands?
The goalie.
What are ways to move the ball
Dribbling (advancing the ball using short
controlled taps to yourself) & passing
(delivering the ball to a teammate).
Passing the ball to a teammate upfield is quicker
than carrying it/dribbling it yourself.
What is the difference between a
goal kick and corner kick?
A goal kick is taken by the defense
when the offense kicks the ball over
the endline (without scoring).
A corner kick is taken by the offense
(from the corner) when the defense
kicks the ball over the endline.
What is a throw-in?
When a team kicks the ball over the sideline,
the opposing team will throw the ball in from
where it went out.
Proper technique is a two handed, over the
head snap, while keeping both feet on the
What are good defensive concepts?
The goalie and defensive line should try to get
the ball out wide, to the wing positions.
When they get the ball away from the center of
the field, they are getting the ball away from
where the goal is.
What is the difference between a direct
free kick, and an indirect free kick?
You can score DIRECTLY on a direct free kick.
You need to pass to a teammate first before
scoring on an indirect free kick.
What do you remember?
How many points is a basket
1 - One point, when it is a foul shot.
2 - Two points, when it is a regular shot (lay-up or
3 - Three points, when it is a shot make from
behind the 3-pt line.
What is the key? What are the
rules relating to it?
The key is the large rectangle under
the basket.
You, as an offensive player, can not
stand there for more than 3 seconds.
What is it called when you get
into good rebounding position?
You seal the shooter behind you
by putting your “butt” to their
Boxing - out
What is a backcourt violation?
When the offensive team dribbles the ball over
the midcourt line, they can not go back.
If the do, the referee will blow the whistle and
give the ball to the other team for a backcourt
How do you play knock-out?
What skills does it focus on?
Ask your friend how to play!
It is a great way to work on your layup and foul-shots (free throws).
What is a tip-off?
When the referee tosses the ball between two
opponents at the beginning of the game.
This is also called a jump ball.
What are good dribbling concepts?
Have good control of the ball, look up, see the
court, pass the ball to the open space.
You use the dribble to get the ball upcourt (even
though passing is quicker), drive to the basket,
penetrate the defense, or get away from a pesty
What fitness components are
pre-dominant in the game of basketball?
AGILITY – there are a lot of quick movements: stopping, starting,
changing directions, pivoting
SPEED – sprinting up & down the court quickly helps your play
need to have the CV fitness to last the duration of a game
COORDINATION rebound, etc
you need to be able to catch & throw, shoot,
Think back…what do you recall?
How many people officially should be
playing the field in a SLOWPITCH
What is a line drive?
Hard hit ball that does not float through the air
(pop-up or flyball), or roll (grounder).
It is hit hard and stays low & level.
Line drives are sometimes called “frozen ropes!”
What does it mean to “tag up?”
As a baserunner, you are not allowed to leave your
base until a fly ball is caught.
Once it is caught, you may advance.
(BUT, you should only go if you can get to the next
base before the ball does!!!)
What is a grand-slam?
A homerun with bases loaded.
What is an error?
A mistake or misplayed ball by the
team trying to field the ball.
A goof-up, a blunder, a boo-boo…
What are balls and strikes?
A strike is a pitch that is thrown by the pitcher that
goes over the plate, and is between the batter’s
shoulders and knees.
A ball is anything outside of the strike zone.
The ball/strike combination on a batter is called the
Can a runner go AFTER a ball is
Sure,as long as they make it to the next base before...
1) getting tagged with the ball, and
2) before the ball reaches the base they are going to.
This is called tagging-up.
In softball, lines are...
If the ball hits the line and goes fair, it is FAIR!
If the ball hits the line and goes foul, it is foul IF
this happens before the base…and fair if it
happens beyond the base.
The batter is out if the defense...
1) Catches the ball before it hits the ground.
2) Gets the ball to first base before the runner
gets there.
3) Tags (not pegs!) the runner with the ball.
Let me set you up for a good grade on
the exam.
In volleyball, lines are...
Can you explain how to set a
Can you explain how to BUMP a
If not, figure it out before next week!
How many times can you serve
the ball in a game?
It depends.
If you are serving, you will continue to serve until your
team loses possession. You won’t serve again until
everyone else on your team has served.
How many opportunities do you
get to make a legal serve in a
Only one. If the ball hits the net on a serve and
goes over, it is good. You can continue serving
until loss of possession. If it hits the net and
doesn’t go over, it is loss of possession.
What are net rules?
The ball can hit the net on a volley. The ball can
hit the net on a serve, but has to go over to be
good. The ball can be played OUT OF the net on
a volley, assuming that team has not exceeded 3
hits per side.
A person cannot physically hit the net at all.
Are you allowed to kick the ball?
Not in freshman PE!
Under other guidelines, the ball is able to be
played, as long as it does not COME TO REST on
any part of the body.
Do you know how to keep score?
Rally Scoring!
A point is scored on EVERY serve, regardless of who
served the ball (that is different from “the old days,”
where you had to serve to score).
Games are played to 25; you must win by 2 points.
What is a spike?
Hitting the ball with one hand forcefully at a
downward angle into your opponent’s court.
This is too dangerous for Freshmen PE play
because the nets are too low and the skill level is
too diverse!
Project Adventure
Let’s talk about this...
Can you identify and define the 6
pillars of character?
Trustworthiness, Respect,
Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, &
HINT: Just be TRRFCC! (Terrific!)
What are their definitions?
Trustworthiness: A trustworthy person is an individual who is sincere and genuine. He/she will behave
in a way that sends the message, “I am reliable, I am dependable… you can count on me!”
Respect: A person who demonstrates respect will show care and concern for another person’s property,
ideas, opinions, and feelings.
Responsibility: A responsible person is accountable for his or her actions. He/she will behave with
maturity and common sense. He/she is cognizant of when things need to get done and takes the
initiative to accomplish said tasks.
What are their definitions?
Fairness: A person who demonstrates fairness will
recognize the diversity present in society.
Furthermore, his/her actions will demonstrate a
tolerance and, ideally, an appreciation of these
differences in various social circles.
Citizenship: A person who embodies citizenship will
adhere to all social responsibilities that personify the
true American ideal. This will include, but not be
limited to, keeping the environment clean, voting,
respecting elders, following community rules &
regulations, and helping those in need.
Caring: A caring person will show interest and
compassion towards another person’s thoughts,
experiences, feelings and/or ideas.
What are some concepts that are
needed to help this unit be a
successful one?
Working together, communicating well, being
patient, being involved, good leadership...
Playing hard, playing fair, playing safe, and
having fun!
No more “weighting,” let’s have the
right answers!
What is the F.I.T. Principle?
In order to improve your fitness, you need to
improve the FREQUENCY of your workouts
(how often you exercise), the INTENSITY of
your workouts (how hard you exercise), OR the
length of TIME you workout (how long you
exercise for).
What is the Target Heart Rate
The range you want your heart rate to be in after
working out.
This is a sign that you are working hard enough to
achieve your fitness goals.
For you (age14-15), it should be between 120 and 160 bpm.
What are Components of Fitness?
Health-related or Skill-related factors that
determine your fitness level.
HEALTH = Factors which are important to
overall healthy function of the body systems.
SKILL = Factors that make you a better athlete.
What are examples of controllable &
uncontrollable risk factors related to
personal fitness?
Controllable: Activity Level, Obesity, Stress,
Smoking, High Blood Pressure,High Levels of
Uncontrollable: Age, Gender, Heredity
What is body composition?
The ratio of lean body mass (bones,
connective tissues, muscle)
to fat.
What is blood pressure?
What’s normal?
Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood
against the walls of the arteries when the
heart contracts (systolic) and relaxes
How do you test the components
of fitness?
By doing President’s Physical Fitness Testing:
1) Agility - What is your shuttle run score?
2) Flexibility - How far can you reach on the flexibility box?
3) Cardiovascular Fitness - What is your mile time?
4) Muscular Strength - Are you able to do pull-ups? Flexed arm hang?
5) Body Composition - What was your body fat percentage?
6) Muscular Endurance - How many curl-ups can you do in one minute?
Can you identify where the
following muscles are located?
Gastrocnemius, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus
Maximus, Latissimus Dorsi, Deltoids, Pectorals,
Biceps, Triceps, Adductors, Abductors,
Abdominals, Obliques,Trapezius
Gastrocnemius - Calf Muscles
Quadriceps - Thigh muscles
Hamstrings - Back of thigh
Gluteus Maximus - Buttocks
Latissimus Dorsi - Back muscles
Deltoids - Shoulders
Pectorals - Chest Muscles
Biceps - Front of Upper Arm (palms up)
Triceps - Back of Upper Arm (palms up)
Adductors - Inner thigh muscles
Abductors - Outer thigh muscles
Abdominals - “Stomach” muscles
Obliques - Sides of trunk
Trapezius - Upper back
Antagonistic muscles are muscles that work
opposite each other. For example…
• Triceps straighten the elbow; biceps bend it.
• Adductors bring the legs together; Abductors spread them
• Quads straighten the leg at the knee; the hamstrings bend
Just Say No...
Which drugs are considered
Gateway drugs?
Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana
What ARE gateway drugs?
Drugs which lead to the later use and abuse of
other drugs/chemicals. They are the “first
step through the gate” into the drug culture.
Why do people use Gateways?
•They are insecure, unsure of themselves.
•They are young.
•They are under stress and don’t know how to deal.
•They are exposed to it b/c they see it used/abused
What are inhalants?
Drugs, commonly household items,
which people breathe in to attain a
What is it when the body is not
physically addicted, but the
individual yearns for or craves
the drug?
Psychological Dependence
What does an addict have when their
body “needs” the drug to function, or
else unpleasant withdrawal symptoms
(nausea, vomiting) will occur?
Physical Dependence/
Physical Addiction
When a person becomes accustomed
to a certain dosage, his/her body
adapts to that amount. In order to get
the original effect, they need to
increase the dosage. What has this
person developed?
A tolerance to the drug.
What are steroids?
Drugs used to enhance athletic
performance or build muscle.
What is Ecstasy, or “E?”
A popular club drug that is often
found at raves or all night dance
What is THC?
THC is the active ingredient found in marijuana.
Marijuana is an illegal drug. It can also cause
lung cancer.
What is caffeine categorized as?
Although it is legal, caffeine is still considered a
drug. It is classified as a stimulant because it
speeds the systems of the body up.
Caffeine is found in everyday products, such as
colas, coffee, tea, & chocolate.
What were some of the main points
of Sgt. Farneski’s presentaion?
Penalty for drug use/possession is enhanced in a school
or park zone.
Sometimes you are guilty by association; if you are with
people who are guilty and nobody confesses, you are
considered guilty too.
Human Sexuality
Decisions, Decisions….
What is circumcision?
The removal of the foreskin on the
penis. This is an optional surgical
procedure performed on infant males.
At what age (range) does puberty
In males, between the ages of 13 and 16.
In females, between the of 11 and 14.
What is ovulation? When does it
The release of the mature egg (ovum) from
the ovary.
* In order to determine the day of ovulation,
subtract 14 from the total number of days in
the menstrual cycle.
The sperm and urine leave the
male’s body via the….
The sperm are stored in the
______ while they mature.
IF you choose to be sexually
intimate, what is the best way to
prevent STDs and pregnancy?
ABSTINENCE! You can still be intimate and passionate
WITHOUT having intercourse. It’s 100% effective
IF you choose to have intercourse, use a condom to protect
against STDs and pregnancy.
What STDs are bacterial?
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis
What STDs are viral?
AIDs, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts
*These diseases are INCURABLE. They may
go into remission, but viral STDs will
ALWAYS be in the system.
What are the surgical forms of
In the male - the vasectomy.
In the female - tubal ligation.
Which methods of contraception
prevent the sperm from reaching
the egg by blocking it?
Barrier methods.
These are the male & female condom,
the diaphragm and the cervical cap.
Which method destroys sperm?
Foams, jellies, creams, suppositories.
How do hormonal methods of
contraception prevent pregnancy?
They prevent the ovum from maturing
in the ovary.
If you do choose to have intercourse,
what is the best way to protect
yourself against pregnancy and
Use a latex condom
How do I use it?
Which four fluids transmit HIV?
Vaginal Fluids
What is the ONLY
guaranteed protection
against pregnancy &
That does it!
Suggestion for this weekend:
Be sure you review your notes…
STRUGGLED with this review,
please see your teacher!

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