By: The Three Doctors: Sampson
Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck
Project By: Kris Canty
Rameck, George
and Sampson goes
to the Seton Hall
presentation and
learns about the
Pre-Medical/PreDental Plus
This is the college that the
three doctors go to for the
At first Rameck and Sampson were doubtful
and uninterested in the program because
they didn’t want to do a seven-week summer
course to study at the college level, and it
seemed too hard for them.
The doctor’s Mentors were their Mothers and
teachers, who told them not to go out doing
drugs, crime, or anything negative. They
trusted in them and believed they can make
them proud.
 Rameck,
George, and Sampson
must over come the crime, drugs
and negativity in their
neighborhood and focus on going
to college and medical school to
become successful doctors.
The three doctors learned from their parents
and teachers to not give into peer pressure
with their friends by doing drugs or crime.
They also learned that they need to get an
education to become successful in this world.
This helps them get accepted to the Seton
Hall University so they can start their career.
Had to overcome Peer Pressure from friends who wanted them to do
crime/drugs. Pg. 77 “Sampson hesitated even the smoke was making
him feel dizzy. ‘Naw, man that ain’t me,’ he declared. Samson wasn’t
tempted to do drugs the way many of his friends were.” This is
important because this shows how the doctors didn’t give in to drugs.
Going to the college program was a trial, no one in their neighborhood
has gone to college, so Rameck, George, and Sampson decided to go
and not be like everyone else.
Losing friends by way of drugs, or crime was another trial George,
Rameck, and Sampson had to face in their neighborhood and their
friend’s deaths could have easily been theirs. Pg.58 “But Sampson just
stood there in disbelief. The driver of the car was Razor Sizemore. Razor,
who had stopped coming to Reggie’s kung fu classes because he had
become a runner for the drug dealers; Razor who sat right next to
Sampson in Miss Bellingham’s math class just two days before. Razor,
who died that crispy, cool morning while running from the police in a car
that he had stolen, had just turned twelve years old.”
Sampson, George and Rameck
decide to take advantage of the
Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental program
and make a pact where they will
go to Seton Hall University to
study so they can become
Pg. 98 “’Man we can go to college
for FREE!’ George said, trying to
convince them. ‘Free is always
good ,’ Rameck Said with a grin.
‘What do we have to lose? Let’s
just do the applications and see
what happens,’ George
suggested. ‘Yeah man-why not?’
Sampson told the others. ‘Let’s
go for it.’ Rameck added, ‘Can’t
hurt anything. Who knows-this
might turn out to be a good
thing.’” This quote shows how
the pact got started.
This shows how Sampson, Rameck,
and George stuck together, and
helped each other out to become
what they are today.
Rameck, George and Sampson must leave behind old friends and
habits because it was just keeping the down and getting them in
Pg. 115 “The boys he’d been arrested with had also been
incarcerated, but for some reason, not at the location where
Sampson was held. He didn’t know where they were, and he
didn’t care. They had ratted him out and left him to suffer the
consequences alone. Sampson resolved that if he ever got out,
he’d stay away from dudes like that, but he knew it would be
This quote shows why the three doctors left behind their old
friends from their neighborhood, because they would get in
After Rameck, Sampson,
and George graduate
from Medical school and
earn the title to be called
a Doctor, the share their
story with people in the
world by writing books
and tell people how they
should get their
education, and avoid
things that are wrong.
The three doctors get
noticed by a lot of people
because of that.
We Beat the Street book

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