On Guard - Adelaide Chapter

 Introduction to Reasonable Faith Adelaide
 A sample presentation – The Existence of God
 Introduction to the On Guard Series
 Questions and open discussion
 Supper
 Reasonable Faith Subscribers
 Tabor College
 Graeme Clark Research Institute
 Adelaide City Bible Forum
 Holy Trinity Anglican Church – Fellowship Group
 Ingle Farm Baptist Church
 Friends who help me even if they think I am silly
 Cooks in the kitchen
What is Apologetics?
 Always be prepared to give an answer (or defence -
apologia) to everyone who asks you to give the reason
for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness
and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)
Apologetics is not saying you are sorry
Apologia is Greek for “defence” as in a court of law
Christian apologetics is how to defend what the Bible
Making a case for the truth of the Christian faith
Why is Apologetics Important?
Shaping Culture
2. Strengthening Believers
3. Winning Unbelievers
Unreasonable Faith
 The public perception:
 Faith is believing something you know ain’t true. (Mark
 Faith means blind trust, in the absence of evidence, even
in the teeth of evidence. (Richard Dawkins, The Selfish
 Is this your view of Faith?
Who is Reasonable Faith?
 US Apologetics Organisation
 www.reasonablefaith.org
 Headed by William Lane Craig
William Lane Craig
 Research Professor of Philosophy at
Talbot School of Theology in
 Phds in Kalam Cosmological
Argument and historical evidence
for resurrection
 Outstanding debater
Why Reasonable Faith?
 Many outstanding apologetic organizations
 RF has a large body of resources, books, DVDs,
debates, podcasts etc
Clear presentation
As good as any
Why not?
Not limited to Reasonable Faith
Good place to start
Reasonable Faith Adelaide
 Local Chapter of Reasonable Faith US
 Local Chapters all over the world
 Australian chapters in Melbourne, Tasmania and
Use and promote resources of Reasonable Faith US
Mainstream Christian views (Nicene Creed)
Main task is apologetics
Unique in SA
Addressing a huge need
Who am I?
Lay person – Electrical Engineer
Research Fellow at Uni SA
Former contributor to Australian Skeptic
Current contributor to The Investigator Magazine
Elder at Ingle Farm Baptist
Attend Holy Trinity Anglican
Undertaking Graduate Diploma in Philosophy at
Tabor College
 Approved to be a director of a Reasonable Faith
Types of Activities
 Public talks on apologetic items of interest
 Training in apologetics
 Content
 Strategy (tactics, manner)
 Development of brochures for use by lay people
 Debates with those who hold opposing views
 Web site
 www.reasonablefaithadelaide.org.au
 Blogs and other resources
Immediate Plans
 On Guard – signature RF resource
 8 Training session
 Dress Rehearsals with sympathetic audience
 Constructive criticism
 Trying various formats to see what works
 Training people in public presentation
 Not for profit organisation
 Not for loss
 All volunteers - No paid staff
 Only minor expenses for suppers, incorporation and
 Grateful to Tabor College for infrastructure support

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