Redesign Of A Previous Assignment
The Ethical Considerations and
Challenges Of The Connect Type
Activity Which Was A Drum Solo Tutorial
It begins with an idea you the student have
thought of from some type of inspiration and
you work over a period of time developing it
by doing practice drills to their favorite practice
loop of music samples
We saw in the previous slide what the payoff
can be if the student/client sticks to the
We spoke in the previous slide about what we
mean when we say “we never break protocol”
the 2 Skill-set methodology was written with
precisely this consideration in mind…..
they should be loosened up, limber and able to
begin their exploration of their solo creative
role to show “how-to-teach-a-student” where to
begin to create a drum solo. This redesign was
not that hard as we discussed this in the Week 3
Discussion, the hard part is to get students to
understand the seriousness of this and that it is
their time which is being utilized or wasted and
as an professional tutor (teacher-at-large) to
always do your due diligence (having a written
agreement) about acceptable and unacceptable
practices which can cause termination of your…
Anatomy of Drum Solo –Neil Peart
(2005) Hudson Music
Progressive Independence-Rock
Ron Spagnardi- (2013) revised
It normally starts with a beat in your head, a
rhythm you keep hearing and you cannot rest
till you write it down and then play it!
jamming (playing) which will help you to think
“in the moment” the shuffle beat continues
“boompa-bomp, boompa-bomp” you continue
adding accents (light strokes on the crash, or
transitioning to the ride and keeping time on it)
on the cymbals. You learn to add random
strokes on the toms, called …
do here! You are learning to play and
improvise which is at the “heart and soul” of
solo drumming!
the opening groove to “Ain’t that a shame” by
Bun E. Carlos on “Cheap Trick-Live at
You should record one or more of your runthroughs on this groove.
here we have provided you with enough “food
for thought” to encourage and motivate you!

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