The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain
Chapters 11-15
Chapter 11 – Question 1
 By what names does Huck
identify himself when he meets
the woman?
 Huck tells the woman he is Sarah
 He is dressed in girls clothing that he
acquired from the floating house.
Question 2
 What is the first “story” Huck
gives the woman about his
 Huck’s first story he tells is his mother
is sick and out of money. She (Huck) is
on her way to tell her uncle, Abner
Question 3
 What does this woman tell Huck about his “murder”
(those being accused/ rewards)
The woman says Huck was murdered.
Pap is the first suspect because of Huck’s money. There is a
$200.00 reward for Pap’s capture.
Jim is the second suspect because he ran off the same night Huck
disappeared. There is a $300.00 reward for Jim’s capture. (Jim’s
reward is higher than Pap’s because he is a slave.)
Most people think that Pap killed the boy to get the money, but
Jim is still a suspect.
Question 4
 Why does this woman plan to have
her husband go to Jackson’s Island?
 The woman saw smoke at Jackson’s Island
and heard nobody lives there. She thinks
Jim, the runaway slave, is there.
Question 5
 How does Huck “slip up” concerning
his name?
 Huck’s name starts with Sarah Williams,
becomes Mary Williams, and then Sarah
Mary Williams.
 Huck has forgotten his own story.
Question 6
 Discuss the actions that reveal Huck is a boy.
 Huck gives away he is a boy instead of the girl he
claims to be by threading the needle wrong (he takes
the needle to the thread), hits a rat (throws like a boy
and hits it accurately), and puts his legs together to
catch coal (instead of opening his legs to create a
pocket in his dress).
 He changes his story and claims he is George Peters.
Question 7
 What is the second “story” Huck tells
the woman about his family?
 Huck’s second story is that his parents are
dead, and he is apprenticed to a mean
farmer. He says he stole the daughter’s
clothes and ran off.
Question 8
 What information proves to the woman
that Huck is from the country? What is his
 Huck proves he is from the country.
 A cow pushes his hind end up first.
 A horse gets up with the front end first.
 Moss grows on the north side of a tree.
 Cows face the same direction to eat.
Question 9
 What is the name of the woman
Huck visited for information?
 The woman who Huck visits is Mrs.
Judith Loftus.
Question 10
 When Huck returns to the island, what does
he say to Jim? (exact quote) Why are the
words Huck uses so important?
 Huck says to Jim, “Git up and hump yourself, Jim!
There ain’t a minute to lose. They’re after us!”
 Huck uses the word us, which identifies Huck and
Jim as being together. Huck returns to the island to
save Jim rather than leaving him there to get caught.
Chapter 12 – Question 1
 Discuss the differences between
“borrowing” and “stealing.”
 Pap says that “borrowing” is taking something
with the intention to return it or pay for it at
some later time.
 The Widow Douglass calls Pap’s form of
“borrowing” stealing.
Question 2
 What is the Walter Scott, and who/what do
Huck and Jim find aboard it?
 The Walter Scott is wrecked steamboat. Jim Turner
is tied up and Bill and Jake Packard hold him at
 Bill and Jake decide not to shoot Jim Turner. They
will let him die in the wreckage as the steamboat
Question 3
 Where is the raft?
 The raft broke loose from the
 Jim and Huck are stuck on the boat.
Chapter 13 – Question 1
 How are Jim and Huck able to escape
from the steamboat?
 Jim and Huck steal the skiff and escape,
leaving three men stranded on the Walter
 Bill and Jake go back to Jim Turner to get
his money.
Question 2
 Why does Huck feel as though he needs to
save the murderers?
 Huck thinks it’s dreadful even for the murderers
to be in a fix. He has a humane heart.
 He saves them and lets the law deal with them. If
they got hanged, justice would be served, but it
would be a result of their own actions.
Question 3
 Why do Huck and Jim go their
separate ways on the raft/canoe?
 They catch a raft that had been loosened
through the storm. Huck takes the canoe,
and Jim takes the raft to be safely away,
while Huck goes to get help for the
Question 4
 Who does Huck get to help the murderers, and
what story does Huck tell that causes this man
to help them?
 Huck finds a ferryboat guard. He tells him that Miss
Hooker ran into a wreck and so did his family. They all
needed help. The pilot worries about the cost of saving
people, but doesn’t hesitate when Huck says Miss
Hooker is Hornback’s niece. (Hornback is a rich man.)
Question 5
 What is the final fate of the
 Help is too late. The murderers die
Chapter 14 – Question 1
 What are some of the things Jim
and Huck obtain from the
 Some of the “booty” from the
wreckage: boots, blankets, clothes,
books, a spyglass, cigars, etc.
Question 2
 What do Huck and Jim read about,
and what do they argue about?
 Huck reads to Jim about kings and dukes.
 They argue about King Solomon, harems,
and children. They also argue about
speaking different languages.
Chapter 15 – Question 1
 What is the plan concerning Cairo?
 They plan to go to Cairo which is at the
bottom of Illinois, where the Ohio River
comes into the Mississippi River.
 They plan to sell the raft and take a
steamboat up the Ohio River to the free
Question 2
 How do Jim and Huck become
separated? Be specific.
 It is a foggy night. Huck paddles ahead in
the canoe with a line tied to a sapling. The
raft booms down the river, and it tears the
sapling by the roots and breaks free from
the raft.
 Huck is lonely.
Question 3
 What trick does Huck play on Jim?
 Huck and Jim are separated by islands in the
 Huck finds the raft and Jim is sleeping.
Huck pretends he and Jim were never
separated. Huck says Jim dreamed it all.
Question 4
 Discuss Jim’s reaction to Huck’s joke, and tell
how this causes Huck to feel.
 Jim sees trash and debris on the raft. He sees through
Huck’s joke (lie). Jim tells how sad he was to have lost
Huck and how he cried when he saw that Huck was
 Jim is disappointed in Huck for making him (Jim) feel
ashamed. Huck feels mean and apologizes to Jim. He
does not feel sorry for apologizing and decides not to
pull any more mean tricks.
Question 5
 How does this demonstrate a
building father-son relationship
between Huck and Jim?
 Huck feels remorse and learns to value Jim.
 Jim as a father-figure cares for Huck and
disciplines Huck as a “son.”

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