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Keeping Up With The
Profession: Current
Issues on the
National Level
David Kaplan
ACA Chief Professional Officer
[email protected]
2014 WVCA Conference
Things we might talk about
• Professional Identity
• Counselor Education Accreditation
• Key legislation
• Practice Issues
Things we might talk about
• Professional Identity
• Counselor Education Accreditation
• Key legislation
• Practice Issues
Dr. William Glasser
A Vision for the
Future of Counseling
The 20/20 consensus
definition of
Counseling is a professional
relationship that empowers
diverse individuals, families,
and groups to accomplish
mental health, wellness,
and career goals.
The 20/20 Building
to Portability Project
Building Blocks to Portability
The task was to develop:
• A consensus licensure title to recommend to all
state licensing boards
• A consensus scope of practice to recommend to
all state licensing boards
• Consensus education requirements to
recommend to all state licensing boards
The delegates
reached consensus
on the
licensure title!
Licensed Professional
And the Scope of
Open the sample endorsement letter
Some Key Elements
• Individual, group, couples, & family
Promote mental health wellness,
development across the lifespan, crisis
intervention and the diagnosis and
treatment of mental disorders
Consultation and program evaluation
Ability to practice independently
What about the licensure
education requirements?
Where does 20/20 go
from here?
Counselor Education
The next CACREP
standards revision has
Slated for 2016
More evolutionary than
“Clarify, Simplify, and Unify”
Three significant proposals
• By July 2020, all entry-level
programs, including:
– career counseling
– school counseling
– postsecondary counseling
be comprised of 60 credit hours
• Clinical Rehabilitation
Counseling added as a specialty
• Student Affairs and College
Counseling specialty becomes
Postsecondary Counseling
Important accreditation news
CACREP and CORE have become
corporate affiliates
CORE will jointly implement the
new CACREP Clinical
Rehabilitation Counseling
Masters in
Council (MCAC)
Initial MCAC programs
• U of Albany - mental health counseling
• U of Massachusetts - mental health
counseling & school
• U of Missouri – counseling & guidance
• U of Wisconsin – community counseling
& counselor education
VOL. 41, NO. 5, JULY 2013
• Quality of Master’s Education: A Concern for
Counseling Psychology?
• Looking to the Future – The role of Master’s
Programs in Counseling Psychology
• Integrating Master’s Education in Counseling
Psychology for Quality, Viability, and Value
• Legitimizing and Reclaiming Master’s
Training and Education in Counseling
Psychology: An Urgent Concern
Contributing to the
ambivalent relationship of
counseling psychology to
masters training…
-Jackson & Scheel, p.676
In some situations, the
master’s training programs
were developed …to help
fund the doctoral training
-Palmer, p.703
In some cases, master’s
programs help pay the bills for
doctoral education…in difficult
economic times, counseling
psychology doctoral programs
without master’s programs
may be easier to cut
-Jackson & Scheel, p. 687 &
To maintain CACREP accreditation
when budget cuts are required,
deans and other
administrators…may prioritize
master’s over doctoral programs
since master’s training is less
expensive than doctoral training.
-Jackson & Scheel, p.682
…such developments do
threaten counseling
psychology programs…
-Jackson & Scheel, p.682
The new MCAC accreditation
standards may serve to promote
a new direction for counseling
master’s education…consistent
with core values and
contributions of counseling
-Jackson & Scheel, p. 681
It is questionable…whether
we will be able to avert
eventual professional
annihilation…as a profession
we are experiencing THE
-Palmer, p. 701 & 704
Legislative Issues
Major Legislative Issues
• Affordable Care Act
• VA hiring of Counselors
• TRICARE independent practice
• Medicare
• Conscience clause legislation
The Other ACA – a lot to like
• Exchange plans must cover both mental
health and substance – use disorders.
• Coverage must be generally comparable
with coverage for medical care.
• Co-pays for mental health care abolished.
VA (Non-)Hiring of LPMHCs
• Number of VA social worker
positions posted in 2012: 1,563
• Number of VA LPMHC positions
posted in 2012: 58
ACA Has…
• Written to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki , and
met repeatedly with multiple VA staff
• Met with White House staff
• Met with members of Congress, and
worked with them to draft letters to the
• Open up VA paid traineeships to
• Establish alternative eligibility criteria for
LPCs w/o CACREP degrees
• Have VA central office light a fire under
local VA directors to hire more counselors
TRICARE requirements: now through 2014
Licensed counselors must:
• have a master's or higher-level degree “from a mental health
counseling program of education and training”* and either
– Pass the NCE or NCMHCE (for CACREP-accredited degrees)
– Pass the NCMHCE (for regionally-accredited degrees)
• have 2 years/3,000 hours of supervised clinical practice,
"provided by a mental health counselor”
* For at least CACREP degrees, this is interpreted by
DoD to mean only degrees with the title of “mental
health counseling” or “clinical mental health
TRICARE independent practice
requirements: beginning 2015
Licensed counselors must:
 have a CACREP degree
 pass the NCMHCE
 same 2 years/3,000 hours of supervision as previous
Practice under physician referral and supervision will
no longer be allowed.
Medicare and Counselors
• For the first time since 2009, we have TWO
• S. 562 and HR.3662 call for Medicare to
reimburse Licensed Professional Counselors.
• We need you to call your Senators and
Representatives to ask them to support these
Conscience Clause
It’s getting
personal…language from
Michigan SR 66
“Whereas, The American Counseling Association, a
private organization that promulgates a code of ethics
widely used by university counseling programs and state
licensure boards in training for and regulating the
counseling profession, has publicly supported universities
that have punished or dismissed students for adhering to
their sincere religious convictions…”
California recently
banned reparative
therapy for children
For updates on legislative
issues go to the ACA website
and click on the government
affairs tab
Practice Issues
Licensed counselors eligible
for participation in DSM
field trials for the first time
Current DSM-5 Issues
• Adjusting to the disappearance of the
multiaxial system
• Vague wording has increased confusion
• Autism as a spectrum
• Expanding criterion into the normal
Current DSM-5 Issues
• Adjusting to the disappearance of the
multiaxial system
• Vague wording has increased confusion
• Autism as a spectrum
• Expanding criterion into the normal
DSM-5 Tools
• ACA Webinars
• DSM-5: Navigating the New Terrain (6 hours)
• DSM-5 Specifics, Drilling Down With the
New Diagnostic Tools (2 hours)
• ACA Book
*DSM-5 Learning Companion for Counselors
New HIPAA Regulation
• Extending HIPAA to billing services,
document storage companies & other
business associates
• Clients can now request health records
in electronic form
• Mitigating and informing clients about
security breaches
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Keeping Up With The
Profession: Current
Issues on the
National Level

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