I Feel Great Power Point Presentation

Wholesale Customer
Business Partner
The Baker Family
The story starts
here with the
Baker’s 12
ages 1-14.
The #1 Disease killer of Children
ages 1 – 14 is now Cancer. CDC
Research Reveals Shocking
Health Issues Across America
• American Cancer Institute says that it has gotten so bad that 1
in 2 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.
• Younger Women Being Diagnosed With Advanced Breast
Cancer Increasing At An Alarming Rate. Journal of American Medical Association
• A study by the American Heart Association found that people
are eating too much fat, salt and sugar and not eating enough
fruits and vegetables.
• Health Issues of the Elderly such as asthma, cardiovascular
disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, stroke, digestive disorders
and heart disease are now effecting people in their 20’s, 30’s,
at an alarming and increasing rate for the first time ever. MD’s
• Poor nutrition helped account for more than 75% of deaths in
the U.S. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop
Science Recommends
• Over 4,000 published scientific studies state; the #1 deterrent for
cancer, heart disease, diabetes, colds, flu, asthma, etc. is a higher
intake of Fruits & Vegetables.
• CDC and Harvard School of Public Health say, for basic health
everyone should have a least 5-13 servings of Fruits & Vegetables
• Dietary habits and lifestyle choices contribute to the development
of many human cancers, says Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer
Center director William Nelson. Our experts recommend a
balanced diet as a way of reducing cancer risk.
• The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his
patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause
and prevention of disease. Thomas A. Edison
• “Fruits & Veggies – More Matters” is a national public health
initiative from Produce for Better Health Foundation and Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to increase the
consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Why We Don’t Get 5 – 13 Servings of
Fruits & Vegetables Everyday!
• It cost at least $240-$300 per person each month to buy
enough fruits and vegetables to get 5–13 servings per day.
• It is recommended that you eat 85% raw.
• Ain’t happening! Too busy. Unhealthy food taste too good.
• Plus, when you cook vegetables you lose 50%-80% of the
nutritional value which also destroys the digestive enzymes
we all need to digest our food.
• A 40 year old cancer survivor who made some health
choices says the problem with grocery store and restaurant
food is that it was picked too early, shipped too far, stored
too long, and cooked too much.
• The key is not to be a cancer survivor, but to prevent cancer
Question: How Can We Get 5 – 13
Servings of Fruits & Vegetables
• Health conscious people and professional athletes have
experienced great health and all day energy for over the past
12 years by supplementing their regular diets with Vollara’s
Essentials for Life Fruit & Vegetable supplement Re:Fuel.
• Major League Baseball players have been using Re:Fuel since
1996 because it works and it is NSF certified.
• Because of what Adults and Children are eating every day and
their super busy lifestyle we all live, I found that the only
realistic answer for my family was to recommend they
supplement their meals and snacks with Vollara’s Re:Fuel;
the all natural Fruit & Vegetable supplement fortified with
natural Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, K2 & D3, Antioxidants,
and Fat Digestive Enzymes.
Re:Fuel Contains Real Whole Food
Each capsule has 25 Fruits & Vegetables
Question: Are you getting 5-13 servings of
Fruits and Vegetables Every Single Day???
Eliminate the Guesswork. Now You Can Know For Sure With Re:Fuel.
Acerola Fruit Extract
Vegetarian Yeast
Brussel Sprouts
Safflower Oil Powder
Spinach Leaf
Beet Root
Blackstrap Molasses
Chlorella Algae
Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers
Alfalfa Juice Powder
Blueberry Fruit
Carrot Root
Ginger Rhizome
Grape Seed Extract
Green Pepper Fruit
Olive Leaf Extract
Raspberry Juice Powder
Shiitake Mushroom
Sweet Potato Tuber
Turmeric Rhizome Extract
Olive Extract
Pine Bark Extract
Re:Fuel Science
Red Blood Cell Test
Before Re:Fuel
After Re:Fuel
2 Hours Later
Clumped Red Blood Cells
Decreases oxygen ( brain).
Decreases nutrients.
Decreases circulation.
Increases plaque build-up.
Increases work on heart.
Separated Red Blood Cells
Increases oxygen ( brain).
Increases nutrients.
Increases circulation.
Decreases plaque build-up.
Decreases work on heart.
We surveyed over 300 people across the USA
and 90% answered YES to all 4 questions!
How would you answer these questions?
1. Do you ever think about or are you ever concerned
about the food you and your family eat?
2. Do you ever think that you and your family need to
eat more fruits and vegetables?
3. Do you ever find yourself feeling sluggish, out of
energy, or fatigued, especially in the afternoon?
4. If there was an easy, simple, convenient, and
inexpensive way to get your Fruits and
Vegetables plus have all day energy every single
day would that be of interest to you?
“There is a simple, easy, convenient, and
inexpensive way to help us get our daily
5-13 servings of Fruits and Vegetables
plus all day energy.”
Re:Fuel includes Natural Whole Food Fruits
and Vegetables in each capsule.
Re:Vive includes Fruits & Vegetables along with
natural energy and mental focus
producing nutrition in each pack.
* The Wholesale Customer program is a Free Membership
which includes a wholesale buying privilege on all nutritional
products and participation in the 3
and Free program!
“I understand my family and I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but with our hectic
life, it’s hard to do. I am so thankful for Re:Fuel. Now I know that my family is getting good
nutrition.” Elizabeth Kelly – Wife and Mother
“I feel awesome and I have so much energy since I started the ‘I Feel Great Challenge’.
WOW, what a difference Re:Fuel and Re:Vive have made in my life.” Amy Fiscus – Wife and Mother
“I drink Re:Vive every morning because of the all day energy it gives me and how clear my
thinking has become. It has become my beverage of choice instead of coffee. “ Dr. Steve Beaty
“Re:Fuel is the most complete supplement I have every seen. I take it every day.”Dr. Ernie Ordonez
“Since I have been taking Re:Fuel and Re:Vive I have mental clarity again and energy that I
have not had in years. I absolutely love it and would not be without these products daily.”
Amy Madsen – Wife and Mother
“Re:Fuel definitely has a place in the daily routine of a professional athlete seeking optimal
performance” Frank Velasquez, Jr. – Strength and Conditioning Coach – Pittsburg Pirates
“Once we began to compare Re:Fuel to the competition, Vollara clearly stood above the
rest in all categories.” Ty Hill – Strength and Conditioning Coach – Kansas City Royals
Why You Should Become a
Wholesale Customer and Take the
90 Day “I Feel Great” Challenge
100% Money Back Guarantee – You can’t lose!
We all need more Fruits & Vegetables.
You get Fruits & Vegetables in every capsule.
When you take Re:Fuel with your meals and snacks you get 300%
more nutrition from your food. Re:Fuel help digest your food.
NSF Certified – Only product in it’s category to meet the stringent
guidelines for approval. That’s why Re:Fuel is used by MLB players
Saves you money - $49.99 vs $240+.
6 products in 1. Replaces most supplements you are now taking.
Includes CAeDS which makes sure your cells get Re:Fuel nutrition.
You get Wholesale Prices on all nutritional products.
No monthly purchase requirements. Cancel or change at anytime.
Start as a Wholesale Customer. Sign up online: www.ifeelgreat.myvollara.com/___
If you said yes to one of the 4 questions, let’s go ahead and signup.
If you are interested in
making some extra money
go to the next slide.
Become a Vollara Business
Partner & Create the
Lifestyle You Want To Live!
Entrepreneurship is living a few years of
your life like most people won't, so that you
can spend the rest of your life like most
people can't.
Everyone Has 3 Core
Desires In Common
– Good Health
– Strong Relationships
– Financial Well Being and Time Freedom
• The Vollara Business Partner Program makes all 3 Possible
The Timing is perfect – McDonald’s in 1960’s vs Vollara in 2014.
90% of everyone is looking for what we have-the Survey proves it!
Vollara is a strong, successful, and debt free company.
As a Business Partner with Vollara you own your own Online
Health, Wellness, and Green Technology Wholesale Business.
• The Rewards of building a Vollara business…
Associate and work with the people you enjoy being around!
Create financial independence for you and your family.
Better Health
Freedom to live life the way you have always dreamed of living.
The Right Company To Partner With!
• Vollara is a division of Aerus Holdings
• Multi-national company – Currently in 22 countries.
• 85 year history of excellence and success in the business world
• Vollara is the #1 Health, Wellness, Green Technology, and Home Based
Business Opportunity company in the USA.
World Headquarters - Dallas, TX
Operations /Manufacturing Facility - Bristol, VA
Health & Wellness Products
Over 30 Specialized Nutritional Products
• All natural and completely vegetarian.
• Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, chemical
preservatives and no lactose, MSG, gluten, fillers or sugar.
• Exclusive CAeDS nutrient cellular delivery system. #1
• Over 60 Technical and Research documents.
• Over 30 years of Science and Research.
Green Technology Products
•State of the art exclusive Green Technology
products giving Vollara a huge advantage over
other companies.
•All products are Best in Class
FreshEra HEPA Vacuum
•All products protected and patented
FreshAir Surround
For details on each product go to www.vollara.com
Now Let’s Stop for a Moment!
• As a Business Partner you will earn up to 35% commission
on every Nutrition and Technology product purchased
online by anyone and everyone in your Membership
Group. This is HUGE!
• Vollara handles all the sells including:
Taking the orders.
Collecting the money.
Shipping the products.
Customer Service.
• You just refer Members & build your Membership group.
• This is better than owning a McDonald’s franchise.
How To Get Started
• Become a Vollara Business Partner. It’s FREE.
• Enjoy Wholesale prices on all Nutrition & Technology products.
• Select a Business Partner Starter Pack and personally start using and
experiencing for yourself the benefits of using your own products.
• Determine what you want to earn per month. $_____________ .
• Think about “Why” you want to build your own Business.
Here are the Benefits of Building a Vollara Business…
Refer 3
Recruit 5*
Recruit 7*
“I Feel Great”
Wholesale Customers
and Your “I Feel Great”
products are FREE.
Business Partners who
duplicate what you are
doing and you will earn:
$5,000+** per month
and a Free Car.
Business Partners who
duplicate what you are
doing and you will earn:
$19,000+** per month
and a Free Car.
* You are not limited to 5 or 7 Business Partners. The more you find that duplicate what you are doing, the more money you make.
** These amounts are based on each Wholesale Customer or Business Partner using only one 40 PV product per month and developing204
generations. Once your Wholesale Customers and Business Partners start buying other products you income increases dramatically.
Use This Opportunity to...
Get out of debt
Get a free car from Vollara – your choice
Pay off college loans
Enjoy Small Business tax deductions. Average family of 4 with a
$65K annual income saves $3K-$6K per year in reduced taxes.
Build a retirement income with residual income for life.
Stay at home with your children
Build Financial and Time Freedom for you and your family
Enjoy all expense paid Travel to exotic locations.
Personal Development Training – Be All You Can Be!
Help others become more healthy and financially free.
More information:
Handouts: Proof Book & Income Testimonies.
If you don’t build
your dream, someone
else will hire you to
build their dream.21

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