Computer mouse

Niko Jyränoja
History of mouse’s
 Differend type of mouses
 Mechanical mice
 Optical and laser mice
 Other mice’s
 3D mice
Main differenses between normal and
gaming mice
 Summary
First mouse was created year 1964 by
Douglas Englbart
 It was named ” X-Y position indicator for
a display system”
 Mouse was publiched at 1968 with first
grafical OS
 Year 1982 came out Commandore 64
with had mouse as accessory
Year 1985 came out Atari ST and Amiga
and mouse was important part of the
 Microsoft made own unique mouse
name ”microsoft mouse” and it was the
company’s only well sold accessory.
Differend type of mouse’s
Mechanical mice
First made mouse’s was looking like
boxes they were angular and they had
two scrolling metal parts and one button
on the top
 Ball mouse’s they had small ball under
the mice that help the mice roll on the
table easier
Optical and laser mice
Optical mice use one or more LEDs to
navigete the movement
 LED light reflects back on the surface to
the sensor’s
 Problem with the early optical mice’s
was that they needed good surface
nowdays that ain’t pronlem anymore
Optical and laser mice
Laser mice’s use the same technic as
optical mice but the laser light is much
more accurated
Figure 1. Optical and machincal mice
3D mice
Known as bats, Flying mice or wands
 Used 3D navigation device
 Utilized in CAD app. 3D modeling and animation
 Newest 3D poiting device is the Wii remote
Figure 2. 3D RingMouse
Main differenses between normal
and gaming mice
Main differense is the buttons on the
mouse normal mouse has only scroll
wheel and two buttons
 Gaming mouse has allways four to
sixteen buttons
 Second differense is the accurate
gaming mouse most allways has more
then 2000DPI (dots per inch)
Normal ball mice dosen’t have so much
First mice was made 1964
 Type of mice’s Ball, Optical, Laser
 Atari and Amige used mouse to contorol
 Newest 3D poiting device is the Wii
remote controller.
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