GA - Child Helpline International

Americas and Caribbean Regional Update 2012
Regional Representative for Americas and
Barbara Prado
 The Americas & Caribbean region has partners in 26 countries: 25 full members (2
to be approved), 11 associate members and 19 potentials
New full members in 2012:
Línea 102 (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Tel Jeunes (Canada)
Trevor Project (USA)
New associate members in 2012:
 Línea 133 (Nicaragua)
 Teléfono Anar Mexico (from associate to full)
Trainings and peer exchanges:
 Fono Infancia (Chile) trained Honduras on: crisis intervention, team support and
call response
 Corpolatin (Colombia) trained by consultant: online counselling training
 Covenant House (USA) to Casa Alianza (Mexico) and Teléfono ANAR: use of media
to reach out to children and youth
Stakeholders meetings:
Honduras, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Nicaragua, Colombia
 Teléfono ANAR México
 NAACH (North American Association of Child Helplines) launch of online portal
and new number
Regional Advocacy:
NAACH Board meeting
Participation in the XX Consultative Meeting of CITEL
Participation at the Directors meeting of IIN-OAS, Costa Rica
Participation of Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica in VAC sub-regional meeting in
Study with Plan Regional Office on the role of child helplines in the region
Contact made with Red LAMYC
Peer exchanges:
Nicaragua to X
 Línea 102 Buenos Aires and Línea 102 CABA trained by Sara Gonzalez
 Bolivia (tbc)
Multistakeholders meeting
 Bolivia (tbc)
Regional advocacy
 First phase of execution of the study Plan Regional Office Americas
MENA Regional Update 2012
Regional Representative MENA
Khalifa Jaber
The MENA region has partners in 19 countries: 9 full members, 8 associate
members and 4 potentials
 New associate members:
1- Naba’a in Lebanon (operating in Ain el Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp)
2- Child Rights Association in Libya
 New full members:
1- Iraq - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
2- Bahrain - Ministry of Human Rights and Social Affairs
 Launches:
Bahrain child helpline under the Ministry of Human Rights and Social
Development. Launched in December 2011, Toll free 998
Stakeholders meetings:
Lebanon (Ain el Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp) May 2012
Training on call response and contact management (Sudan, October
2012), provided by Jordan River Foundation.
Final AGFUND report submitted (2010- 2012)
Mapping of potential donors in the region
Regional Advocacy
•Final report on UNICEF MENA- CHI poll: assessing level and areas of cooperation
between child helplines and UNICEF country offices
•Memorandum of Understanding between CHI and MENA Children and Youth
Peer exchange
-Lebanon (Naba’a) to Jordan (December 2012)
-Djibouti to Algeria (November 2012)
-Jordan to UK (tbc)
 Trainings
- Training on call response and contacts management (Bahrain, November
2012), provided by Egyptian child helpline
 Multistakeholders meeting
Libya stakeholders meeting hosted by Libyan Association for Child Rights
(Benghazi, December 2012)
Africa Regional Update 2012
Regional Representative for Africa,
Irene Nyamu
 The Africa region has partners in 35 countries: 18 full members and 10 associate
 New members (full)
 Zambia - Childline Zambia
 Ethiopia - ECFA
 Sierra Leone - Don Bosco Sierra Leone
 Burkina Faso - Ministere de L'Action Sociale et de la Solidarité Nationale
 Madagascar – Allo Fanantenana
New Associate Members
Burundi – Ministère de la Solidarité Nationale, des Droits de la Personne
Humaine et du Genre
Cameroon – Defence for Children International
War Child UK DRC
Côte d’Ivoire – Ministère de la Famille de la Femme et de l’Enfant
 Launches:
 Childline Zambia
 Sierra Leone Childline 116
Stakeholders meetings: Ghana, Sierra Leone,
Zambia, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan,
Burundi, Tanzania, Benin, Cameroon
 Trainings:
1) Call Response Training for Burkina Faso, Togo Benin and Côte d’Ivoire – in
Ouagadougou, by French child helpline Enfance en Danger
2) Resource Mobilization Training in Ethiopia for child helplines from
Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia
Toll free numbers
 116 assigned to:
 Malawi - YONECO Malawi
 Uganda – UCRNN
 Burkina Faso - Ministère de L'Action Sociale et de la
Solidarité Nationale
Learning and facilitation visit existing member Childline
Mauritius by Childline Zimbabwe
Peer exchange
Uganda to Zimbabwe (tbc)
Burkina Faso, Senegal andTogo to France
Burundi to Togo
Djibouti to Algeria
Angola to Mozambique and Kenya (funded by UNICEF Angola)
 Trainings
 Liberia – Call response training (tbc)
 Resource Mobilization Training Childline Kenya (ToT)
 Multi stakeholders meeting in Zambia, Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire
 Regional advocacy
 CSO Forum in Ethiopia
 3rd Pan African Forum towards Africa Fit for Children, African Union
Asia Pacific Regional Update 2012
Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific,
Madhav Pradhan
 The Asia & Pacific region has partners in 34 countries:
28 full members and 5 associate members
 New members:
 Malaysia (full member)
 Uzbekistan (Associate member)
 Toll free numbers:
1098 to Madadgaar, Pakistan
Outreach and Community-based
Strategy Workshop
(Sri Lanka, June 2012)
Participants from Afghanistan,
Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal,
Bhutan, Pakistan, Ethiopia,
Sri Lanka and India
 Peer exchange Vanuatu to New-Zealand
 Scale up Madadgaar Pakistan to national level
Madadgaar, Pakistan covered by CNN with report on Honour killing
Regional partnerships:
CHI is member of South Asian Coordinating Group of Violence against Women and
Children (SACG), the coordinating body of South Asian Initiative to End Violence against
Children (SAIEVAC) – participation of Madhav Pradhan and Kajol Menon
Initial contacts with other sub regional bodies such as ASEAN (Association of South East
Asian Nations, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,
Thailand, Viet Nam)
SAARC Development Fund
•Approval of joint proposal CHI/SAIEVAC “Harmonized toll free number for child helplines in
8 SAARC countries”(benefiting Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka)
•8 child helplines formed SAACH (South Asian Association of Child Helplines)
•Next steps: to register SAACH in Nepal (secretariat) – to discuss process and governance
with 8 child helplines during IC (by-laws, structure,…)
Peer exchange
Aparajeyo Bangladesh to Childline India
 Multistakeholders meeting
CWIN Nepal with stakeholders of Girl Power Programme
 Regional advocacy
- Ongoing development SAACH
- Explore partnership ASEAN
EUROPE Regional Update 2012
Regional Representative for Europe, Sheila
Membership Updates
The European region has 65 partners in 44 European
countries - 41 full members and 2 associate members
 New members (full)
Albania CRCA)
Montenegro (Children-First)
Israel (Natal)
 Toll free numbers
116111 assigned to members in Croatia and Slovenia
Peer Exchanges
- Childline, UK to Kids Help Phone, Canada
- Bornsvilkar, Denmark to ISPCC, Ireland
- Hrabritelefon, Croatia and Kellimni, Malta to Kinder-en Jongerentelefoon, Belgium
Submitted partnership proposal to C&A for 2013 projects:
•data collection and publication
•policy dialogue (RC)
•New Technology Advisory Council
Regional Advocacy:
Eurochild: CHI approved as full member at the Eurochild
General Assembly in July.
Speaking Slot on Child Participation
at Europe de L'Enfance, conference
hosted by Danish Presidency
CHI members and info on May 17 in
the 2012/2013 S’cool Agenda
of the EU Agency on Fundamental Rights
Regional Advocacy:
Launch of the “Five Years On” UN VAC follow-up report produced by the
International NGO Council on Violence Against Children - presentation to
European policy makers in Brussels
European Data Project
Pilot Group consists of 9 European members from Denmark,
Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Greece
and Poland
Focus on 3 areas.
a) Survey of current technical provisions of data collection
b) Create common definitions for the top 15 “reasons for
calls” in current data collection system
c) Target group analysis on most useful data for European
Advocacy (MEPs, Eurocrats, Committees, Lobbyists, ...)
 Meetings
European Working Group meeting on New Communication Technologies
(November in Dublin, Ireland)
European Data Publication 2012
•Focus on three topics “Abuse and Violence”, “Family Relationships” and “Bullying”
•Possible launch of data with European decision makers in December (tbc)
Peer Exchanges
ERAN, Israel to Childline, Ireland
Enfants en Danger, France to Fundación Anar, Spain

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