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Rumble Fish: Chapter 2
Comprehension Questions
1. When and where does the action take place?
2. Who are the people present there?
3. What happened during the game?
4. Why wasn’t Rusty James able to finish his game?
5. What does Rusty James mean by “saying ain’t doing”?
6. Who is Anita and why is Biff angry?
7. Why is Rusty James annoyed?
8. Why did Steven and Midget turn red?
9. Why does Rusty James drink chocolate milk?
10. Why is Steven afraid when they talk about the fight?
11. Who is Steven (how does he look, think and act)?
12. What is Steven’s rep?
13. What do we know about the Motorcycle Boy so far?
14. How does Rusty James react when angry?
15. Why did Smokey get this nickname?
16. What can you tell about the river? About the neighbourhood?
17. What does Rusty James mean when he says “Steven looked like a rabbit” in a zoo?
18. Why is Steven Rusty James’s best friend?
19. What is Rusty James’s bad habit?

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