ES4V4 Ass4 Lecture

Assessment 4
Hints and tips
Questions – Assessment 4
1. Cheryl is 14 years old. You suspect she is being neglected as her
parents are unemployed heavily using AOD (alcohol and other
drugs). She tells you the whole family is now homeless. You have
been working with her for almost three years and know her really
well. The teacher has also noticed a change in her behaviour
lately. At recess Cheryl walks up to you and begins privately telling
you about her home life.
Write a dialogue between yourself and Cheryl that shows you
understand how to manage disclosures (for example, not asking
invasive questions).
Make sure the dialogue involves all aspects of the question above
(AOD, homelessness, neglect, unemployment) to show you
understand how these issues can affect the child.
Important - make up the details!
2. Using this information complete the neglect and abuse form
below (note that this is from the WA Department of Education and
is the exact form used in schools).
In addition answer the following questions:
3. What are the symptoms of abuse and neglect and how can symptoms
change depending on factors such as age and disability.
Note – include symptoms for the different types of abuse (include
domestic violence, sexual, emotional, physical, neglect).
4A. What is an ethical decision and give an example in relation to abuse
and neglect.
B. What is the difference between an ethical and legal problem?
C. What are some things you should consider when making an ethical
decision (principles of ethical decision making)?
5. What is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?

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