CATS Booklet (Inner Pages)

What We Do
C4ATS is a US Build-to-Print manufacturer specializing in complex and precision
products, providing Manufacturing, Integration, Testing, Quality, and Logistics services.
Our primary focus is on quality and customer satisfaction.
Our “one-stop shopping” business philosophy saves valuable time and offers peace of
mind. Send us your Technical Data Package and our dynamic and capable team will do
the rest… It’s that simple!
Our manufacturing team will work with you through all phases of product
development to make sure your designs are producible, meet your requirements and
stay within your budget.
We are very proud of our long standing reputation of delivering high quality products
to our customers. Our diverse experience and flexible state-of-the-art manufacturing
infrastructure allow us to serve any industry with the same high quality and
competitive pricing.
Flexible - Diverse - Experienced - Dedicated
Quality Control / Certifications
C4ATS is an AS9100:2009/ISO 9001:2008 certified facility approved by
Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance. Our commitment to quality has
enabled us to earn “Ship to Stock” certification from our customers.
C4ATS has developed a vast network of reliable US suppliers through
continuous, multi-tiered inspection and monitoring processes
administered by our Quality staff.
C4ATS maintains compliance with Defense Security Cooperation
Agency (DSCA) FMF requirements, DCMA, DCAA, FAR, CAS, US GAAP,
ITAR, and is authorized to handle explosives through the Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
C4ATS production personnel are IPC certified to:
IPC-J-STD-001 IPC-A-610 IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-ESD
We are ITAR compliant and welcome FMF contracts
Our Facility
C4ATS’ 40,000 square foot modern facility is located in Florida, 10 miles from the
Orlando International Airport. Our facility includes spacious office area, two
production clean rooms, high-bay area and ERP integrated warehouse.
Production Clean Rooms
• Two separate high-tech clean rooms
• Over 8,000 square feet
• Certified to ISO 14644-1
• Climate controlled at 100,000 ppm
• ESD protected – Flooring and work stations
• Pressurized Dry Air
• High Pressure Gases
• Precision Assembly
• Optical Alignment
• Automated Test Stations
Production High-Bay
• 15,000 square foot high-bay area
• Air conditioned, 23 foot high ceiling
• ERP integrated warehouse
• Custom shelving system
• Electrical Power: 110VAC, 60Hz and 220VAC, 50Hz
Versatile Manufacturing: Precision Electro-Mechanical to Large Integration
Environmental Control Testing / ESS
C4ATS has the capability and expertise to perform in-house environmental testing
and environmental stress screening. Our engineering team can create test plans and
procedures to meet your program’s requirements. We also design / fabricate custom
test fixtures and can provide final test reports.
Shock and Vibration Testing
3 Axis, LDS V8 with SPA56K Shaker
Tilt Head with Slip-table
Frequency Range: DC to 2.5 kHz.
Test unit weight up to 600 lbs.
Sine force of 13,500 lbf.
Random force of 14,800 lbf.
Temperature Control Testing
Two chambers: One in each clean room
Interior: 48" wide x 48" deep x 48" high
Temperature Range: -73°C to +190°C
Temperature Control: ±1°C
Temperature Rate: up to 10°C/min
Water Tightness Testing
• Used to test the integrity of large structures
• MIL-STD-810E Method 506.3
Tailored for water tightness
• Over 90 water jets
• Aluminum construction
C4ATS is your TOTAL manufacturing solution
Current Programs
Communication Shelters
C4ATS procures and inspects thousands of parts from our
US Supply Chain including suspension-mount racks,
antenna masts, electrical power systems and cable
assemblies. All components are assembled, integrated and
tested at C4ATS facility according to customer
RCWS - Remote Control Weapon Station
C4ATS manufactures, integrates and tests the highperformance day camera, armament elevation assembly
and powerful on-board computer for RCWS fire control
Tactical Missiles
C4ATS manufactures, integrates and tests the Airborne
Communication Unit, Wired Gimbal, Power Supply and
Servo assemblies in our Tactical Missile Systems production
Smart Bombs
C4ATS manufactures and tests the Control Section, Servo
Assembly and Computer Units for the latest in Smart Bomb
Shoulder Launched Weapon Systems
C4ATS manufactures the Fin Assembly, Rear Piston and
Switch Assembly for Shoulder Launched Weapons
We also serve as the procurement and quality experts for a
variety of COTS and specialized equipment.
Uncompromised Integrity and Excellence in Service
Management Team
Israel Suliman
David Booth
Theresa Smith
John Raptis
President and CEO
Material / Logistics
Business Operations
Perry Cooley
Sam Charlton
Quality Assurance
C4ATS is the “Cost Effective Manufacturing Solution”

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