Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity

Alpha- Meaning first
 Chi- Meaning and
 Omega- Meaning possibly the last such
fraternity founded in the school of music
 Alpha Chi Omega is a Sorority founded
on the values of musical talent and
intellectual ability
Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at
DePauw University in Greencastle, IL by a
group of 7 women.
Anna Allen
Bertha Denistin
Olive Burnette
Bessie Grooms
Estelle Leonard
Amy Dubuis
Nellie Gambles
There are 132 Chapters of Alpha Chi
Omega as of September 1st 2011
 The chapter here at Western Michigan is
the Gamma Xi chapter which was
chartered in 1951.
 There are 5 other chapters of Alpha Chi
Omega in Michigan
Each Sorority and Fraternity has a
symphony and this is Alpha Chi’s
Every sorority and fraternity have Big and
Little brothers or sisters.
 Active members pick potential new
members to take under their wing
basically and show them the ropes
Alpha Chi’s have not been represented as
well as we should be in the past few years
 On the popular show Tosh.O and Alpha Chi
was featured on it and embarrassed the
rest of the Alpha Chi Omega population
 Not all sorority girls are like this though, it
only take one to ruin it for the rest of us.
Alpha Chi Omega participates in Crack
The Bat each year which is our
philanthropy, its to raise awareness for
domestic violence and prevent it from
happening. In the past year we have
raised over 5,000 dollars for the YWCA of
Kalamazoo Michigan.
The lyre is Alpha Chis badge
 It was the first musical instrument played
on Mt. Olympus by the Greek gods, thus
is keeping with our founders interests are
badge is the lyre.

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