Classy vs. Trashy

BACKSTOP 1: “My choices impact my sisters, so what choices do I have?”
•This first backstop encourages you to explore healthy decision making frameworks and
to consider the choices you have in different situations—making the best choice that
will reflect positively on yourself, on your chapter and on the Fraternity as a whole.
BACKSTOP 2: “Where is the dignity in what we are doing?”
•This second backstop follows Alpha Chi Omega’s statement on human dignity. It
specifically indicates that as members of the organization we will engage in
activities and behavior that reflect positively on the organization and
fraternity/sorority life. They will promote self-worth and choose not to participate
in activities that degrade individuals based on gender, race, color, religion, national
origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.
Have a few drinks, but be
responsible! Going out is way
more fun when you can
remember everything!
Nobody likes a sloppy drunk
Drinking excessively can lead
to nights of throwing up, bad
hangovers, or even alcohol
poisoning. Not cool.
Passing out at a party not only
looks trashy, but can leave girls
open to sexual assault
If one girl gets crazy drunk,
word gets around. Soon all
people will think is that AXO’s
are crazy and tasteless-we
don’t want that!
If you decide to drink, DON’T
DRIVE. Mug shots aren’t pretty
If you want to take pictures, keep
alcohol out of pictures and keep
your clothes on! We don’t want
to tarnish our great AXO image
• Leave something to the
imagination: it shows you
value yourself and Alpha Chi’s
• Be confident! That’s the most
attractive thing a girl can do
• Scarves and tights are a girl’s
best friend, use them to cover
up if an outfit is a tad too
revealing for work or school
• Butts and boobs should be
covered! When in doubt, ask
“Would my parents/bf’s
parents/grandparents think I
look acceptable?”
• No one respects girls who strip
down to their underwear or show
their “assets” off inappropriately
• Super-short skirts and dresses don’t
scream sexy, they scream easy. We
want nice boys who care about all of
us, not just our bodies; these types
of clothes won’t help us in that
• Remember: what you wear can
reflect poorly on AXO. People can
judge a whole chapter’s values
based on only a few girls’ poor
clothing decisions
Fun dates like going to
movies, going on a picnic, or
rock climbing can help you
get to know someone better
and gives you a chance to
show the real you
• At the end of a first date (or
the first couple of dates),
DON’T go home with a guy.
You’re worth more than a
booty call, and if you give it
up right away there’s
nothing for a guy to pursue
to turn into a relationship
• Going to the bar or club is not a date.
• Getting drunk on a date typically does
not impress a guy…or anyone else for
that matter
• A date ending with an “adult sleepover”
can lead to you feeling crappy, rumors,
pregnancy scares, and often times
don’t result in positive and long-lasting
• Alpha Chi Omega has strong
sisterhood…spending time
building that bond on safe
and non-degrading activities
exemplifies our values
• Our best memories are spent
doing fun and safe activities
with our sisters
• When we recruit girls we
want to show them the best
AXO has to offer… we can do
that by not hazing and
making girls feel welcome!
• I’ve never heard anyone say that
being forced to drink, destroying
personal property, being forced to
engage in any sort of sexual activity,
or making fools of themselves in
front of others is fun
• Hazing doesn’t show girls we
love/care about them.
• Hazing brings unwanted attention to
our chapter locally and nationally.
Even if one girl hazes someone,
others will blame the whole chapter

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