Cartus BMA Guidelines

for Microsoft Windows Application
2003 or newer
Obtain Cartus BMA form from Broker Center
Forms Library
Save a copy of the form
Save to My Documents and
name the document
• Compose email to agent and attach blank
Cartus BMA & Photo Mount document.
• Agent completes BMA form and saves
document with name and file number.
* The agent must have Adobe 7.0 or higher to save
any changes. Adobe Reader 7.0 can be down
loaded for free:
To verify your Adobe Version
Select Start, All Programs
Creating your Auto Signature
Click on pencil
WARNING Appears……
The system will prompt you to Add Digital ID
Select Create a Self Signed Digital ID-Select Next
Select Next
Select New PKCS #12 Digital ID file-Select Next
Enter your Identity Information-Select Next
Create a password-Select Finish
As a reminder you will need this password to auto sign future
Select OK
Confirm password; Select Sign and Save As
Name your document-Select Save
You have successfully added your signature.
Congratulations, you have created your auto signature!
For future BMA assignments just click on the pencil
to apply your signature.
Obtain Cartus Photo Mount Form from Cartus Broker
Center Forms Library
Save a copy of the form
From Toolbar, Select File, Save As
Click on the area to place picture.
Delete words “Place Photo Here”
From Toolbar- Select Insert, Picture, From Scanner or Camera
and select appropriate picture
Size photo by double clicking on the photo select Size tab
and change height and width of photo
Once all photos are inserted into the photo mount, you must
save the document prior to completing the following
compression steps
Verify document size is 4.0MB or less by selecting File,
Properties from toolbar. If document size is 4.0 MB or less, your
document is ready to be sent to Cartus electronically. If your
document is greater than 4.0MB, proceed to the following pages.
To reduce the size of the document, double click on a picture.
Select Compress and OK. This screen appears.
Select all pictures in document-Select OK
Click Apply
This screen will appear again. Select OK
Select Save. You must save the document again or your
changes will not be reflected and the document will not be
Verify compression has been applied by selecting File,
Properties. If document has been compressed to 4.0MB or
less you are ready to electronically send to Cartus.
If your version of Microsoft word is
older than 2003 the following steps
may assist you in compressing
Identify document size prior to submitting to Cartus
From toolbar select, File, Properties
From toolbar select File, Print, and in the drop down box
select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.
Save photo mount with name of your choice
Check properties to ensure size was reduced
From toolbar select File, Properties.
Another option is to select the compress button
on your Picture tool bar
Cartus requires you to send any information containing Personal Identifiable
Information (PII) securely. There are many different ways to encrypt e-mail.
Cartus has implemented an e-mail gateway that is compatible with the most
popular standards for encrypting e-mail, namely:
•If you do not have encryption software, Cartus can establish a secure
mailbox for you which will allow you to communicate securely. Secure
Messenger allows you to read e-mail over a secure web site without
installing encryption software or managing encryption keys. With Secure
Messenger you will be sent an e-mail prompting you to sign into the web site
and read the message. From there you can reply to the message, add
attachments and so on. Once you have a Secure Messenger account you
can use the web site to send us secure e-mail as well. Secure Messenger
will only be used if the gateway knows of no other way to send you an e-mail
If you require Secure Messenger to communicate
securely with Cartus, please contact your broker
specialist at 203-205-3090 to establish an account.
Receive and open email from Cartus.
To create a secure email link with Cartus you will receive a
secure email. This is the first step in setting up your link.
This is the email notification from Cartus to set up your
Secure Messenger mailbox. If you are utilizing TLS or S/MIME
you will not receive the link.
Create a password and select continue. You will need your
password every time you log into the secure address.
If you can view/read the message you have successfully
applied for your Secure Messenger encryption link. If your
Secure Messenger account is inactive for 60 consecutive days
you will need to reapply for the link.
Your Cartus Postmaster Email arrives
When you open the email you will receive the link.
Please save this link to your favorites. Any email to Cartus
containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) should be
sent through this link.
Please note the email address for technical
difficulties. This address is only to be used by your
IT department.
Log on to your secure email web site, via the link, to
communicate with Cartus.
To send your BMA and photo mount select
Compose and enter the electronic BMA mailbox email
address. Select browse to add the attachment.
Select document to be attached, double click
on document, and select open.
Document title is loaded into file field, select attach file
The document is now attached. To attach additional
documents repeat prior steps.
Please note there is a 60 day no use expiration of the
Secure Messenger Link. To reactivate an account please
contact your Broker Specialist @ 203-205-3090.
Thank you for your Continued
Note: All BMA’s should be sent to:
[email protected]
and NOT directly to the Real Estate
Specialist or Client Inventory

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