Raymond and Calvin
• World Music means different things to different people,
making it difficult to define.
• This seems to imply that world music is a large category.
• Basically world music is a musical category as surrounds
many different styles of music from around the world.
The Korean Pop industry started during the colonization
time it was started as a genre of jazz, due to the western
adaptations. The variety of western music really affected
the Korean composer which then they adapted it.
Not long after in the 1960s, it becomes their own genre.
Kayo and Pop, meaning blending old and new. Kayo
means Korean popular songs in general, or ‘indigenous’
style music. Pop generally means Western or Latin popular
music or western influenced.
• The first two korean pop bands was “The Add Four” and
“The Key Boys”, they played as the performances in level
of domestic audience.
• Year by year the Korean pop culture rapidly changed and
it becomes more and more to their own style of music. A
group called Seoul-a-Go-Go begin a movement that
changes the whole concept of pop in Korea it was called
Midnight Revolution in the 1970s.
• Literally it goes on until 2001. There it went on to divine the
Korean pop into a dance and electripop culture a more
common word boyband & girlband until the Kpop influenced
goes at its peak in the year 2006
Unlike western music K-pop goal is attracting global audience.
Some lyrics in the korean song are in english to expand its
Kpop now adays also uses unique dance moves that synchronize
each of the dancers movement or easy dance movements are
choreographed to let other people join the dance. Thus, faces
and fashion that Korean artists have also help attract people all
around the world.
Recently K-pop had made a huge impact to the society around
the world. By influencing young adults through their songs.
Because of the “Hallyu Wave(Korean Wave)” many people
manage to made lots of effort to “cover” their favorite korean
The impact of K-pop had made many people around the globe
becomes a K-Pop fan.
Up until now many Kpop fans around the world have contributed
to donate to various charities taken from example a blood
donation from Girls Generation’s Singaporean fans, 500Kg of
rice from Sulli’s fanbase to the child institution in Yeun Chun, 0.73
tons of rice from T-ara’s Korean fans to hungry children(location
not specified). Basically the impact it’s not just for entertaining but
a movement that helps other people in need.
• We are analyzing the song “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior which simply
defines K-Pop because their the music itself has:
• Vocal music: They use harmony in their vocals which give the extra touch
in their style,
• The melody is repeating itself again and again (forming a repetition)
which that is why people could remember their catchy tune.
• Their texture is doing multiple voices it defines as polyphony which Kpop also inputs two or more independent melodic voices. It could also
become as a homophony texture.
• The Rhythm or the beat of most K-Pop song would be at 100 bpm and
above for “Sorry Sorry” its 130 bpm
• The dynamics of K-Pop song are commonly “loud” because it’s all about
dance, electricpop, and so forth
In Korea
Around the world
박정현 (Lena Park) – 꿈에
(In Dreams)
DBSK - Rising Sun
Kinetic Flow, featuring
이루마 (Yiruma) – 몽환의 숲
(Forest of Phantasm)
WonderGirls - Nobody
박효신 (Park Hyo-Shin) – 그
곳에 서서 (Standing There)
Kara – Lupin
Drunken Tiger – Good Life
Girls Generation - Gee
Cherry Filter – 여신의 나무
(The Goddess’s Tree)
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
리쌍 (Lee Ssang), featuring
정인 (Jung-In) – 리쌍부르쓰
(The Lee Ssang Blues)
2NE1 – I Don’t Care
이승철 (Lee Seung-Chul) –
하얀새 (White Dove)
Big bang - Lies
Clazziquai Project – 내게로
와 (Come to Me)
T-Ara – Roly Poly
g.o.d. – 길 (The Road)
SHINee - Lucifer
This song has been extremely influencing to all people around the
globe, the song itself has its own catchy melody which many
people sings along with it. PSY the creator of the song puts alot of
effort into the dynamics of the song which is “loud upbeat tempo”,
dynamics and melody defines his song into the most popular song
in the world.
Now in Youtube the music video itself has reached 650 million
views and increasing. And it made the Korean Pop sensation
becoming more and more viral everyday, expanding
Korean Pop , since the beginning was unknown, unplanned, and
unrecognized. However as year went by it is growing into a strong
force of Korean’s own genre, they have develop increasingly with
the concept of upbeat tempo, a texture that mostly consist of
polyphonic, and a vocal music that always uses a perfect harmony
in every of their (boyband & girlband) songs. With catchy tunes,
the Kpop industry were able to attracted foreigner’s attention
and made them into a K-Pop fans. The way the Korean-Pop show’s
their culture when performing it is showing the power and
confidence to all the people inside Korea and all round the world.

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