Evolution of DHC in The Netherlands

Evolution of DHC in The Netherlands
Klaas de Jong, June 11th 2014, Copenhagen
We are small but growing up
DH covers only 4 % of heating demand
Individual gas boilers are standard
Consumers do not trust heat bills and lack freedom of choice for supplier
DH developed after first oil crisis
power stations as heat source
13 large traditional grids dating from 70’s for some 250,000 households
The traditional players
Utilities selling electricity, natural gas and heat
DH in Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, greenhouse area
Owned by municipalities and province
Heat from power stations E.ON and NUON and own CHP
NUON (Vattenfall)
DH in Amsterdam, Almere, Arnhem, Lelystad, Nijmegen
joint venture with city of Amsterdam
Essent (RWE): recently sold to pension funds PGGM and Dalkia
new trade name Ennatuurlijk
DH in Breda, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Enschede, Zeewolde, Leeuwarden,
Zwolle, greenhouse area Plukmade
Gas fired cogeneration in problems
Electricity market disturbed by new coal fired power stations, import of wind
an sun from Germany and high price of natural gas compared to coal
NUON builds first large capacity heat storage at Diemen for DH in Amsterdam
and Almere
Pipeline Diemen-Almere 8.5 km in sea
Times are changing
New players in the field:
• municipalities
• waste-to-energy companies
• port authorities
• owners of greenhouses
• contractors
New heat sources:
• wood chips
• seasonal storage heat & cold
• surplus heat industries
• deep geothermal heat
• biogas
• solar heat
Waste-to-energy becomes mayor heat supplier
Large investments in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Dordrecht, Alkmaar,
Enschede and Delfzijl (open steam grid operated by Seaports Groningen)
Construction of pipeline from AVR to centre of Rotterdam over distance of 17 km:
change-over DH from E.ON Power to W-t-E; investment 70 million euro
A lot of projects with seasonal storage
individual and DHC
Amsterdam, terminal cruise ships
Deep geothermal growing fast
In a few years some ten geothermal wells for clusters of greenhouses
Worlds first(?) : methane gas utilised in CHP
In Pijnacker near Delft a greenhouse owner supplies heat to schools and houses
Warmtenetwerk Innovation Awards
Winner professional jury
Flexible tube with premounted connections
Election public: DH connected tap water heat pump for
low temperature grids
Several new DH schemes with wood chis or wood pellets for 200- 2,000
Replacement of gas fired cogeneration by biomass boilers and biomass CHP in
existing DH (examples Purmerend and Eindhoven, Utrecht in development)
Music Quarter Zwolle with wood pellet boilers
Pilot: real time monitoring water quality
Dutch industries
• manufacturers of flexible pipe systems, DC pipes, substations, peak boilers,
wood fired boilers, heat pumps, meters, residential adsorption chillers, heat
exchangers, water treatment equipment
• contractors; expertise in horizontal drilling and water crossings
• consulting engineers
GEA Grenco heat pumps
for Copenhagen Towers
HeatMatrix plastic
exchanger for flue
Solabcool 5 kW
adsorption chiller
It’s time for district heating
Groningen gas field within a few years not enough for Dutch demand
Production will also decline because of danger of earth quakes
European natural gas capital goes for
DH on deep geothermal
Joint venture of city of Groningen and water utility for DH
Subsidy of 33 million euro available for 15 years of heat production from a
geothermal well at 3 kilometers
Headquarters of Dutch Gasunie
Original main office of Groningen
Klaas de Jong
[email protected]

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