Making business with Brazil (Sociaal

Making Business in Brazil
(Sociaal-culturele verschillen tussen Brazilianen en Nederlanders
kenmerken op het gebied van cultuur en leefgewoonten)
Luewton L F Agostinho (PhD) – Wetsus/CEW/Parecer Brazil (Techno Consultancy)
Bruno Bastos Sales (PhD) – Wetsus/Parecer Brazil (Techno Consultancy)
 Introduction
 Cultural Aspects
 Why Brazil?
 Collaboration with Brazil
A Portuguese Kingdom
The Portuguese Kingdom in
the World
Holländish Brazïlie
Some Brazilian numbers
Area: 8.5Mkm2 (205x NL)
Pop: 193M p (15x NL)
Dens: 22 h/km2 (0.05x NL)
GDP: 11.8k$/cap (0.3x NL)
Industries in Brazil
7 tips to avoid “cultural
 Have an open mind
 Personal contact
 Business is a social activity in Brazil
 Brazilians are not very strict with time
 Titles and formalities are welcome
 Social outfits are appreciated
 Be prepared for physical contact (kisses, hugs, etc)
Why Brazil?
1. Exponential growth;
2. Emerging market opportunities;
3. Slow-but-steady developments;
(Matt Davies, FeDex Lating America sales manager)
Partners and overall economy
The service sector is the largest component of GDP at 67%, followed by the industrial
sector at 27.5%. Agriculture represents 5.5 percent of GDP (2011). Brazilian labor force is
estimated at 100.77 million of which 10% is occupied in agriculture, 19% in the industry
sector and 71% in the service sector.
Biggest companies
Scientific Collaboration
Brazil has more than 2.368 universities. Including
centres of excellence like USP, UFMG, IPT, ITA, etc.
Financial Support
Science without Borders
100.000 Brazilian Bsc. students were sent to Europe and USA
10M$ invested to bring highly educated professionals to Brazil.
 Brazil is a very multicultural country
 Be open mind
 Technology is a great market
 The 6th economy in this planet
 Scientific collaboration
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