Launching Adobe Connect Online Training

Accessing Online Training
Adobe Connect systems – definitions and differences
Features associated with Adobe Connect (recorded
How to access Adobe Connect
There are Two Different Adobe Connect
• Live sessions are conducted in one system
• Recorded sessions are posted in another
Why have Two Different systems?
One system does not require
individual log in. The other system
Does require a unique User Name
and Password combination and
Tracks hours completed in training.
The webinars are hosted by DEO in Adobe
Connect. Many regions have groups log in
from a conference or training room. Each
session is planned in advance and have
an unique Internet address.
The recorded sessions are completed by
individual users. Each individual logs into
Adobe Connect at
Because each individual logs in,
participation and status are tracked.
Adobe Connect Live Webinars
Adobe Connect Live Webinars
Erica Mott, Region 25
Attendance Polls
Adobe Connect Recorded Sessions
Frequently Asked Question
Frequently Asked Question
• Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW)
• Agricultural Clearance Orders
• MSFW Services
• Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
• Group Eligibility and Petition Filing
• Waiver of Training Requirement
• Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)
• 2011 Regional Training Part 1
• 2011 Regional Training Part 2
• Wagner-Peyser (WP)
• Complaint Resolution System Instructions for WagnerPeyser related Complaints
• Wagner-Peyser Back to Basics
• Wagner-Peyser Services in EFM – Part 1
• Wagner-Peyser Services in EFM – Part 2
• Job Orders – Part 1
• Job Orders Part II
• Wagner-Peyser Complaint Resolution Overview
• Welfare Transition (WT)
• Initial Assessment
• Welfare Transition Work Registration
• Educational Activities
• Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
• WIA Exit Closure Follow Up
• Youth Activities
• WIA Adult Eligibility
• Dislocated Worker Eligibility
• WIA Youth Eligibility
• Three Tier Service Delivery
• Literacy and Numeracy Gains
• Setting Younger Youth Goals
• Individual Service Strategy
• Supportive Services-Needs Related Payments
• Recording Job Placements
• WIA General Eligibility
• Family Income
• Attainment of Credentials, Degrees and Certificates
• Work Based Training
Frequently Asked Question
The Adobe Connect system is
now active
Frequently Asked Question
Training Coordinators fill out
and send in the Adobe Connect
Access Request Form
Frequently Asked Question
The Adobe Connect Access
Request Form is for staff who
need to complete Tier One
Frequently Asked Question
Staff who have been given
access to Tier One in Dynamic
Works should complete Tier One
in Dynamic Works
• History and Structure of the Workforce Development System
• Customer Service
• Introduction
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Career Plan Development
• Assessments
• Career Exploration
• Planning
• Job Search Skills
• The Hidden Components of a Successful Job Search
• Getting Organized
• Getting Recognized
• Getting Heard
• Getting Hired
• Job Keeping Skills
• Retaining a Job
• Climbing the Career Ladder
• Employ Florida Marketplace
• Introduction to the System
• Conducting a Job Search
• Resume Development
• Accessing Training Sessions
• Labor Market Information
Frequently Asked Question
Tracking the completion of
training and CEUs is a locally
based process
Frequently Asked Question
The RWB should determine the
most appropriate course of
action, which may include using
the Dynamic Works packages
Frequently Asked Question
We can update the account so
the staff member does not lose
any training data
Frequently Asked Question
An exam is being created based
on sound research in test
Frequently Asked Question
Several exam forms will be
loaded into Adobe Connect by
the end of September 2012
Frequently Asked Question
The system tracks time spent in
the system
Frequently Asked Question
Reports are being developed
now for quarterly and annual
delivery to the RWBs
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