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The Site
Bayreuth is located in Northern
Bavaria, in the centre of Germany.
From Nuremberg Airport it takes
45 minutes. Train connections to
Frankfurt are via rapid ICE trains to
Nuremberg, and then within one
hour to Bayreuth. From Munich
Airport about 150 minutes by
Alexander von Humboldt worked in this region for several years as a
director for mining prospection at the end of the 18th century. After
his mother died he quit the position to travel South America.
We would like to
dedicate a part of
the conference to
the work of
Additional funding by the Humboldt
Foundation will be applied for.
The Campus Venue
4 invited symposia
12 contributed paper sessions
Bayreuth is known for its Wagner Festival in August. The Festival Hall
was constructed only for the operas of Richard Wagner and is famous
for its acoustics. Visits will be arranged.
The landscape parks of Bayreuth - “Eremitage” and “Fantaisie” - are
exquisit examples of baroque romantic gardening and landscape
design with artificial ruins and rocks, amphitheatres and chapels. We
will offer guided tours. The baroque opera house of Bayreuth
“Markgräfliches Opernhaus” was elected World Heritage in 2012!
The Ecological Botanical Garden follows a special concept and mimics
natural ecosystems. The Garden includes high-tech greenhouses that
provide several forms of precipitation such as fog. The Ecological
Botanical Garden has a unique house for afro-alpine tropical high
mountain ecosystems, where a constant diurnal climate (“winter every
night, summer every day”) including high UV radiation is simulated and
plants from the afro-alpine zone are flowering.
Franconian Alb
Nuremberg in the south, with its medieval
castles and city centre, the town of the artist
Albrecht Dürer, where you also find various
outstanding museums (45 min by car).
Bamberg (45 min by car west of Bayreuth), which
centre is certified as world heritage as an
ensemble. There you find among other attractions
graves of emperors and holy persons and a church
(St. Michael) where in 1609 about 700 plants
species (!) were painted to the ceiling in an
unbelievable realism.

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