Presentation National Jamboree

National Jamboree 2014
Scout Center Schachen on the
Swabian Alb
August 6th to 15th, 2014
General information
• About 3400 teenagers and staff from Germany
as well as international troops
• Participants are scouts of both gender aged
ca. 13 – 21
Scout Center Schachen
„Schachen“ is a camping ground belonging to the
VCP Württemberg (a regional branch of the
German scout association) and is located 60 km
south of Stuttgart and 200 km west of Munich near
the village Buttenhausen (Münsingen). It has been
used for several regional jamborees before. To
accommodate all participants surrounding pastures
are rented.
Existing infrastructure as well as
electric and water supply simplify site
preparation, as well as organization
of pre- and after-camps and planning
Schachen is a hill located inside the
The surroundings
biosphere reserve Swabian Alb and
offer numerous
offers a great view of the
destinations for
surrounding valleys.
Your camp leaders –
Ludi, Isa, Martin and Natascha
Tobias „Ludi“ Lüddecke
Isabelle Schürle
Living in: Hildesheim
Occupation: Student
VCP* Lower Saxony
Living in: Konstanz
Occupation: Student
VCP* Württemberg
Martin Hamhaber
Living in: Schwäbisch Gmünd
Occupation: IT specialist
VCP* Württemberg
Natascha Sonnenberg
Living in: Hanover
Occupation: Construction engineer
VCP* Lower Saxony
*VCP = The „Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen
und Pfadfinder“ (VCP) is the protestant part of the national German
scout organizations RDP/RdP, which are member of WOSM and WAGGGS.
Conceptual framework –
what we already agreed on
• No conventional workshop
concept, but open goals.
• Focus on tasks, where
participants create
something together during
the camp
• Participants should have the
right of co-determination
• Focus hiking/exploration:
Everyone should participate
at least once
• Not part of the programme,
• part of everyday life during
• Goal is to consciously use
Our food concept – continuation of the box catering
Food is presorted and
handed out in
regional and
seasonal food
Experience showed: cooking
groups should consist of at
least 50 persons
Food should be
organic, if possible,
though this is subordinate
to locally grown and
seasonal food
Full Steam (Volldampf) –
The slogan of the national jamboree
During the national
jamboree we want to
take up the spirit of
the 19th century and
experience technical
progress and
Behind that
slogan there is
the era of the
We want to sense the
unlimited euphoria of
progress, the dawn of a
new era, and at the
same time address the
social implications of
the industrialization.
Full steam (Volldampf)–
The idea behind it
Subcamps represent regions, that focus on different aspects of
the industrial revolution (mining, textile industry, poets and
thinkers, …)
It is our goal to organize a fair on the initially void plaza. How
this is going to evolve is related to the foci of the different
Participants in the respective regions agree on a way to present
their focus at the beginning of the camp. In this way each
participant has the opportunity to actively contribute with her/his
The world’s fair, also called Exposition Universelle Internationale
(Expo), is an international fair that was established during the
industrialization to present technical and artisan accomplishments. The
first world’s fair took place in London’s Hyde Park in 1851 at Prince
Albert’s suggestion.
Full steam on Schachen? Why the slogan perfectly
fits the camping ground!
The biosphere reserve “Swabian Alb” is
a region where successful nature and
environment protection goes along
with social and economic
development of the people living
At the same time many
high-tech companies
which have their origin
during the industrial
revolution are located
within the metropolitan
area of Stuttgart.
The surrounding nature and the
urban area allow us to depart to
something new ourselves: By
explorations and hikes.
The intinery
Wed, 6.8.
Mon, 11.8.
Thu, 7.8.
Fri, 8.8.
Sat, 9.8.
Sun, 10.8.
Programme Programme Programme Visitor‘s day
in subcamps in subcamps in subcamps
Intern. day
Tue, 12.8.
Programme Programme
in subcamps in subcamps
Wed, 13.8.
Thu, 14.8.
Camp game
Pack up
Fri, 15.8.
Pack up
The subcamps*
*Subcamps are organized by VCP’s
different regional branches
All you need to know about money – camp fee
For VCP members and members of
invited groups
Regular fee:
Fee for siblings:
Social fee:
Children up to 6 ys:
Guests, per night:
(up to four nights)
210,00 EUR
180,00 EUR
100,00 EUR
40,00 EUR
25,00 EUR
Non-VCP members
Pay 70,00 EUR extra
The national jamboree?
It is only possible with your help!
Do you want to participate with a group?
Are you older than 18 and want to get
involved as a member of the International
Service Team?
Contact us:
[email protected]

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