Aim: How do we explore the basic concepts of Democracy?

Aim: How do we explore the
basic concepts of Democracy?
James Bryce once said “No government
demands so much from the citizen as
Democracy and none gives so much
What does this quote mean?
Do you agree with this sentiment?
• Understand the foundations of democracy.
• Discuss the significance of Baker v. Carr.
1. Worth of the Individual
– Serve the many as individuals who make up a
2. Equality of All Persons
- Equality of opportunity, equality before the
3. Majority Rule, Minority RIghts
• Necessity of Compromise
• If the two chefs represent law makers, what
does the stew represent?
Individual Freedom
Oliver Wendall Holme’s statement :
“The right to swing my fist ends where the other
man’s nose begins.”
What is the significance of this quote with
regard to individual freedom?
Baker v. Carr
• Decision:
• The Supreme Court held that the federal courts do
have jurisdiction and authority to review the
constitutionality of a State’s electoral apportionment.
The voters are entitled to a trial on their allegation that
the Tennessee apportionment violated the United
States Constitution by diluting their votes and denying
them equal protection of the law. The federal Courts
may impose remedies if the voters show that their
votes do not count for substantially the same amount
as votes of others in the State.
Baker v. Carr
• How does this case uphold the principles of

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