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AIM North America
Association of Automatic Identification
and Mobility
Don Ertel Background
• AIM Chair NA
• AIM RFID Experts group chair
• AIM history – Member of the AIM board of
directors for over 6 years
• Member of the AIDC 100
• CDO Technologies Inc. Senior Vice President of
• Over 27 years in the Auto ID industry
AIM Mission Statement
As the unbiased resource for networking,
education, advocacy and standards, AIM will
help its members grow their businesses by
fostering the effective use of Automatic
Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)
AIM Vision Statement
Advancing the effective use of automatic
identification and data capture
AIM Values and Resources
• Advocacy
• Global Network of over 700 Solution
• Standards
• Over 40 years of leadership in Automatic
Identification and Mobility
• Unbiased • Professional • Innovative
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AIM Board of Directors
• Chuck Evanhoe,
• Michael Poldino, Motorola
Evanhoe & Assoc.
• Frithjof Walk, EMEA
• David Coons, Zebra
• Don Ertel, CDO
• Matt Schler,
Technologies, North
Datalogic Scanning
America Representative
• Mehul Patel,
• Clive Hohberger, Emeritus
• Will Strobel, At Large
• Steve Cuntz, BlueStar
• Rick Schuessler, At Large
Advocacy & Outreach
AIT Alliance - AIM North America committee advocates
use of automatic identification technologies within the US
Healthcare Committee -AIM North America
committee works to educate constituents on the adoption
of UDI and SNI using AIDC.
Standards Groups
Technical Symbology Committee (TSC)
• Bar code specifications, standards and
quality guidelines
RFID Experts Group
• RFID implementation guidelines and
technical reports
SC31 Liaison Relationship
Technical Symbology Committee
Chair: Kevin Berisso, University of Memphis
• AIM bar code specification development
• Color Ultracode – Nearing Final Revision
• Data Carrier Identifiers
• On going maintenance to the document
• Ongoing technical analysis activities
including responding to industry questions
RFID Experts Group
Chair: Don Ertel, CDO Technologies
• Health Care Initiative
- Effect of RFID on electrical medical equipment
- Development of protocols for testing of all RFID
devices in healthcare environments
• RFID with Explosives & Explosive Environments
- Published a report on the use of RFID in these areas
• RFID Tag Data Content and Structure
- Guidelines on data systems, primary ID and attributes
nearing completion
RFID Experts Group
NEW REG Work Groups:
Innovation in RFID
Material Handling
Internet of Things (IoT)
Chair: Denis Bishop, Lowry Computer
Actions include:
• Completion of an introduction presentation on IoT
• Development and publication of white papers
• Revision of Applications Matrix for general
• Development of plan to influence policy makers
• An AIM Industry Alliance
• Marketing organization similar
to the Wi-Fi Alliance
• Promotes UHF RFID conforming
ISO/IEC 18000-63 and EPC G2V2
Global AIM Network
• Benelux
• India
• China
• North America
• Denmark--NEW • Russia
• Germany
• AIM Europe
VAR Channel & AIM
• AIM North America – focus on VARs
• Needs and challenges
• AIM history
• Services to support VAR Channel
• Research – we want your inputs
• Questions for AIM Research
• VAR Channel Dynamics
• SaaS products in AIDC - effects
• Other “As a Service” offerings?
• Hardware?
On the Internet
• Case Studies
• Research
• Whitepapers
• Webinars
• Technical
• News
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
On the Internet
AIM Store
• International specifications and technical
• ANSI standards
• AIM standards and guidelines
• Technology education and
implementation guidance
On the Internet
Online Buyer’s Guide and RFP Service
On the Internet
THE Source for Industry News
• AIMatters
• AIMemo
• AIDC100
• RFID Journal
• EuroID
• RFID Security
• GS1
• Supply Chain &
• GTRA Research
• UID Forum
• UDI Conference
Member Event
AIM Summit
September 7 – 10, 2014
Crystal City, VA USA
• Bar code, RFID, RTLS, mobile computing
• Executive education
• AIM chapter meeting and networking
• 2015 to be co-located at RFID Journal Live in
San Diego
Contact Us
AIM North America
20399 Route 19
Suite 203
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
+ 1.724.742.4473
[email protected]
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