Royal Orchard Middle School A.I.M. Actively In Motion

Royal Orchard Middle School
Actively In Motion
Physical Literacy
Physically literate individuals consistently
develop the motivation and ability to understand,
communicate, apply, and analyze different forms of
movement. They are able to demonstrate a variety
of movements confidently, competently, creatively
and strategically across a wide range of healthrelated physical activities. These skills enable
individuals to make healthy, active choices that are
both beneficial to and respectful of their whole self,
others, and their environment.
(PHE Canada, 2011)
Students Learn Best When...
 They are engaged
 They feel part of a community
 They undertake tasks that are challenging
and meaningful
 They are active
Key features of our A.I.M.
program will include:
Daily physical education/fitness
Leadership and character development
Integrated Curriculum; inquiry based/big ideas
Focus on wellness/healthy eating/personal
fitness and goal setting
 Athletic and academic programming to meet
student’s needs and increase success in our 4 A’s
at ROMS – Athletics, Arts, Academics & Aspiring
 Focus on Pathways (IPP) and Career Exploration
Key features of our A.I.M. program will
A focus on physical literacy, through the lens of
fitness, wellness, and sport
School community involvement in co-curricular
athletics to build athletic skills, develop
leadership skills, character and the ability to work
as a team
Certification opportunities at each grade level
Integrated Curriculum
 Allows for flexibility
 Builds on prior knowledge and experience
 Unifies student learning
 Reflects real world applications
 Matches the way students think
Curriculum with a Cause ...
Project and inquiry based learning that is
personally relevant and considers big ideas,
future goals and careers through the lens of
sport, health and well-being.
Ex. What can you actively do to create your own
Students will be investigating...
Goals & Achievement, Personal Development &
Growth, Leadership, Active Global Citizenship
A.I.M. Program Components
AIM Program
Health and Physical
(Overall Expectations)
-Active Living
-Movement Strategies
(Dance- Elements: body, space,
and Training
time, energy. Create workout
-Healthy Living (Healthdemonstrate an understanding of
factors that contribute to healthy
development. Personal fitness
goals and tracking
-Healthy Eating – Fortinos
cooking classes- explain and
investigate how healthy eating and
active living work together to
improve health and well being
-Region of Peel Health.
Dieticians, Nurse
-Baby sitting course
-St. John’s First Aid
-Field Centers
Literacy and Numeracy
Learning Skills and Work
Pathways, Community,
Culture, and Caring
-Data management- collect,
organize, analyze, and reflect on data and
goals in relation to personal fitness goals
-Media Literacy-reviews of fitness
related programs e.g. 10 Minute Trainer,
create a news report about benefits, and
effects, to encourage others to use it or
not use it
-Independent Work
-Offsite training and fitness
-Personal program design
Creating and Researching Recipes
–Number Sense-Link to fractions and
-Self Regulation
-Job shadow
determining appropriate units of
measurement. Link to writing a variety of
text forms for an intended purpose. Link
to science and healthy bodies
Cook Book – CDN Food Guide and life
systems. Link to social justice, who has
access to healthy foods?
Health – health and personal safety and
injury prevention-demonstrate an
understanding of related safety practices
and appropriate procedures of responding
to health related situations
Create advertisements for school
events- Art –use
elements of design to
communicate messages and ideas
Drama and Media Literacypublic service announcements around
health related issues to inform others
OBA – Umpire Certificate
-OSA – Referee Certificate
-Jr. Fitness Councillor City of
-One Voice One Team
-Right to Play
Sample Curriculum Connections
Gr. 6
Strand & Overall
Sport/Health Connection
-explain ways in which
properties of air can be
applied to the principles
of flight and
flying devices
Explain how objects in sport use
the principles of flight.
(ex. badminton birdie)
How can the properties of air and
flight be used to alter the direction
and force a sport object?
Wellness/ Community Connection
-Investigate careers in Biomechanics:
Examining projectile flight
(Sheridan College)
Design Challenges
Gr. 7 Science
Gr. 8 Science
Systems &
-assess the impacts of
human activities and
technologies on the
environment, and
ways of controlling
these impacts;
How do events like the Olympics
effect our environment and
Systems &
-investigate a working
system and the ways in
which components of
the system contribute
to its desired function;
Explain how a hockey stick is an
example of a simple machine?
Occupational Wellness:
How do we use mechanical
advantage in sport?
Occupational Therapist
Emphasis on Environmental Wellness
And Healthy Living
Jack smith Center
How can pollution affect air
quality and lungs during
Air Quality Health Index
Designing and understanding how
simple machines and complex
machines can create healthy and
safe physical wellness for elderly and
persons with physical disabilities
A.I.M. Program at ROMS
Community Connections Partnerships
• Brampton Community Centres
• Sheridan College – Brampton
• David Suzuki Secondary School
• Field Centres – Peel Board Outdoor Ed.
• One Voice One Team Leadership Program
•Right To Play
A.I.M. Program at ROMS
Certificates & Training
Grade 6
• Babysitting Course
• Red Cross
Grade 7
• Right to Play
•One Voice One Team
•First Aid and CPR
Grade 8
• Coaching
• Referee
• Leadership in Training
•Red Cross
A.I.M. Program at ROMS
2 classes of 26 first year of the program (grade 6)
• 4 classes of 26 second year of the program (grade 6 & 7)
• 6 classes of 26 third year of the program (grade 6, 7 & 8)
Online Application
• The initial application process is online
• Find the website from our school website:
• Website is on the back of the pamphlet or
google Royal Orchard Middle School website
Application fee ($25)
• Release time (supply teacher cost) for teachers to
assess and evaluate student application packages
• Release time (supply teacher cost) for setup and
planning parent information nights
• Used to purchase equipment to run student
fitness testing
• Release time to set up and administer teambuilding, circuit training evaluation evening for
possible candidates
Participation Evening
• All students that successfully complete the
online application will be invited to a
participation evening
• Participation evenings are February 26th and
March 5th
• Evenings will be assigned based on number of
Participation Evening
Standards Based on OPHEA, and CAPHERD
Four Categories (each scored out of 6 points):
Muscle Strength and Endurance
Agility and Flexibility
Team Building
• 2 Points= Needs Improvement Zone (Does not meet health-related
• 4 Points= Health Fitness Zone (Meets health-related standard)
• 6 Points= High Fitness Performance Zone (Exceeds health-related
Participation Evening
Total Scoring:
• A minimum of 12 of 24 points is required to
be eligible for the program
• 4 of the points must come from the team
building component of the assessment
Annual Program fee of $200
• Cover cost of guest speakers- (Wellness, Athletes, Nutritionist, Red Cross, One Voice
one Team, Leadership Programs)
• Field Trips/Offsite Training- Outdoor Education, Finlayson Center, skiing, swimming,
Cassie Campbell, Trips to David Suzuki, Sheridan College, Brampton Soccer Centre,
Hershey Center
• Ongoing upkeep of enhanced equipment/materials (Heart Rate Monitor, personal
data analysis)
• Clothing- T-shirts, Shorts, Track Suits
• Transportation to feeder schools for A.I.M. road show.
• Cost of Certification- Red Cross, Coaching, Leadership Training, Baby Sitting Course,
• Career Pathway visitations at various sports and wellness teams and companies.
(TSN, ARGOS, TFC, Personal Trainers, Sports Therapists, Phys-Ed teacher visitation at
DSSS, Nutritionist)
Thank you for your
time and
Royal Orchard Middle School

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