iOS Networking (Powerpoint) - Computer Science

iOS Networking
Big Picture
Core Foundation Networking
• CF Networking APIs are abstractions on top of the
BSD sockets to make it easier to program network
working with BSD sockets
Creating and using SSL and TLS
Resolving DNS host requests
Working with HTTP
Working with FTP
Publishing , resolving and browsing Bonjour services
CF Network Concepts
• Low level, high performance framework to
give detailed control over the protocol stack
• An extension of BSD sockets
CFSocket and CFStream
• CFSocket and CFStream are fundamental to
• First we’ll look at both before looking at
• Most basic level of network communication
• Uses BSD Socket but the abstraction allows
the CFSocket to be integrated with a program
• Can also be used for UDP sockets.
• CFSocketCreate – makes a CFSocket from
• CFSocketCreateWithNative – Create a
CFSocket out of a BSD socket
• CFSocketCreateRunLoopSource – Create a
CFSocket to use in a program run loop.
• CFSocket Reference
• Provides the abstraction to read and write
information from one socket on the local
machine and another on a remote machine
(could also be on the local machine).
• Streams can be attached to memory, files or
• CFReadStream
• CFWriteStream
The Framework
Use in the same way as a UNIX stream
Create the stream (instantiate it)
Open it
Read or write it.
Close/Dispose of
CFStream Reference
Other CFNetwork APIs
• CFFTP – create read/write streams for
uploading and downloading files from FTP
servers. This implements the FTP protocol
• CFHTTP - create read/write streams for
sending HTTP Requests and receiving HTTP
Response packets. This implements the HTTP
• CFHTTPAuthentication – provides for
interfacing with an HTTP server set up for
challenge/response authentication.
• CFHost – Lets you query host information
from DNS.
• CFNetServices – Interface to Bonjour.
• Bonjour is Apple Inc.'s trade name for its
implementation of Zeroconf, a group of
technologies that includes service discovery,
address assignment, and name resolution.
Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other
computers, and the services that those
devices offer on a local network using
multicast Domain Name System (mDNS)
service records.
• Zero configuration networking (zeroconf), is a
set of techniques that automatically creates a
usable Internet Protocol (IP) network without
manual operator intervention or special
configuration servers.

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