NOVACares - Northern Virginia Community College

Connie Kirkland, MA, NCC, CTS
Office of Student Mental Health & Behavior
August 2012
Connie Kirkland, Director
([email protected]) 703-323-2136
MaryAnn Raybuck, Mental Health Case Manager
([email protected]) 703-425-5202
Monica Chenault, Program Manager
([email protected]) 703-425-5472
Reem Awad, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
([email protected]) 703-338-0834
• Generates policy and programs for dealing with
mental health and safety issues on campus
• Manages NOVACares and Sexual Assault Services
Programs (SAS)
• Develops information and referral resources for
faculty, students, and staff
• Provides education, training and outreach on
behavioral intervention and related topics to the
NOVA community
Free and Confidential
Available 24 Hours
(703) 338-0834
Responding to Student Behavior
Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation
• Each campus (including ELI) has a CARE team.
• The CARE team's mission is to provide a systematic and
professional response in instances where students’ behavior is
concerning or disruptive to themselves, to others or to the
community. While NOVA does not provide mental health
services (per the policy of the Virginia Community College
System), it does provide faculty, staff and students with
resources and referrals. As warranted, the College may take
appropriate disciplinary actions for violations of the Student
Code of Conduct.
• CARE Teams
• Threat Assessment Team
• Violence Prevention and Education
• Responds to faculty, staff and student
• Assesses risk level
• Develops and oversees the implementation of
a response plan
• Members: Coordinator of Counseling (chair),
Police, Student Services, and Faculty
• Provides guidance and intervention when
threat level is elevated
• Facilitates college-wide communication and
• Members: Led by Director SMHB; Case
Manager and Program Manager SMHB, Police
Chief, AVP, Director of HR, Legal Affairs
• Code of Virginia Requirement
• Recommends policies and protocols
• Facilitates college-wide communication and
• Oversees educational activities on all campuses
• Code of Virginia Requirement
§23-9.2:10 – Led by NOVA Police Chief,
Dan Dusseau: 703-764-5000
Reporting Concerning Behavior
Classroom disruption
Change in attitude
Unusual behavior
Disruption of the
learning environment
• Incoherent speech
• Aggression in speech,
attitude, or behavior
• Violent behavior
• Negative change in
academic performance
• Self-destructive
• Writings or drawings
that convey intentions
to harm self or others
• Anyone can file a report.
• Your report will be forwarded to the responsible
party by the next business day.
Please notify campus police immediately at 703764-5000. If you call for a police response, please
also complete the on-line NOVACares report.
• You don’t have to decide what is “worthy”.
(If it bothers you – report it! Better to over report rather
than under report)
• Focus on facts in your report, not opinions
• Note any witnesses to the behavior
• Describe the incident fully by stating exactly what
was said or observed to give you concern.
• Whenever possible your anonymity will be
• You may report anonymously
NOVACares Reporting Form
• Search NOVACares on NVCC web (
• To open the NOVACares Reporting Form
• Click “Report Concerns” Button
• Once a report is received, SMHB will assess
the report for risk and then route is to the
responsible party. The responsible party is
responsible for investigation, the development
of a response plan and follow-up.
• SMHB or the responsible party will contact
you if they need clarification or further
• Prevents silos of information within departments and/or
• Increases the safety of our College and satisfies Federal and
State Regulations §23-9.2:10
• Encourages a way to consistently respond to individuals of
• Allows us to identify individuals in need who might
otherwise be overlooked
August 2012. The Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior, 703-323-2136

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