CA intro lesson

Worth 25% of your overall GCSE mark
Controlled Assessment – plan of action
(see p.12 in booklet)
The title for your CA is
“Does the centre of Salisbury have both core and
frame areas?”
Over the next 6-7 lessons you will prepare for a data
gathering day in Salisbury on 14 th July which is
Thursday before activities week
Next term you will write your controlled assessment in
14 hours of lesson time.
Controlled Assessment
First of all lets look at a map of Salisbury. I would
like you to mark on the area of the city you think
makes up the CBD. Use evidence from the map
and from your own knowledge of what is there.
Extension: Can you spot any inner city or suburb
areas on your map? Are there any areas which fit
into NONE of these 3 categories?
Looking Closer at the CBD
Now lets look at page 158 in your text book. Here
it explains how you can more accurately divide up
the CBD into two different areas: the CORE and
Remember the CA title? “Does the centre of
Salisbury have both core and frame areas?”
An old text book “Key Geography for GCSE”
covers the characteristics of CBD’s well. See p. 96
Understanding the mark scheme
From the beginning the best way to write a high
standard CA is to pay close attention to the mark
scheme. Look at page 5 in the booklet. Or if you
prefer read through the checklist on page 4.
Working Backwards…..
The best way to work out how to start is to look firstly at what
data presentation techniques you might use, then look at how
you might collect the data… at all times linking it to the title of
the CA.
As your sheet says, these are the areas you will be investigating
to answer the main question:
How busy different areas of the centre of Salisbury are
What the land use is in the centre of Salisbury
Environmental quality in the centre of Salisbury
To gain a C, B, A or A* grade it is also necessary to investigate
something that you have chosen INDIVIDUALLY.

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