Support Visit Log

Support Visit Log
September 2014
In-Person Support Goal
Each Scouter receives the personal face-toface support required for him/her to thrive and
deliver consistently high quality programs.
In-Person Support
Every section and group receives
three support visits annually
What is the Support
Visit Log?
This tool will assist with our Volunteer Support
Strategy by logging support visits to
Groups/Sections and to monitor tasks.
Keeping your Support Visits logged in one
location will be a great Support Team
collaboration & strategic planning tool.
Support Visit Log = SVL
Why Log Support Visits?
• If In-Person Support is a goal, then we need
to measure how we are doing.
• We can identify “holes” in support. Which
groups are not receiving support visits?
When was the last time that a group received
a visit?
• This log helps us work as a team, to easily
communicate issues and concerns
observed by support scouters.
Who is the SVL for?
The SVL is designed for Support Scouters who
complete Group/Section Support Visits
Council Key3
Area Key3
Deputy Commissioners doing Group Visits
Area/Council Support Scouters
Getting a
If you do not have a account and
have a role pertaining to the use of the SVL,
please contact your ASM or Council
Help Centre [email protected]
First time logging into Office365 with
Check out the “First
your account? Time Login” document
Accessing the Support
Visit Log
Option 1: Access SVL through
this url
Option 2: Access SVL through
the Volunteer Support Tool Kit
Please Note: You will need to complete
a login step before accessing SVL
Saving the Link
Quick access to SVL through browser favourites or following the site
Followed sites
can be found
under Office365
“Sites” tab
This tool does not have viewing restrictions like
MyScouts. With this in mind, please live the
Scout Law and do not edit Support Visit logs
you are not responsible for.
Keep in mind the information you are putting in your
log could be viewed by others.
**Very Important**
Logging a Support Visit
Step 2: Fill in the form
and click “save”
Step 1: Create a “new item”
Verifying Names
Write in a name & “check”
Or browse the directory
To browse, enter a person’s
name in the search field
Please note: In order for the
system to verify a Support
Scouter’s name, they have to
have a account.
Action Items + Tasks
1 of 2
Step 1: Create a specific task (think
SMART Goals)
Step 2: Assign the task to yourself
or a fellow Support Scouter
Please note: In order to
action a task to a Support
Scouter and for the system to
verify their name, they have to
have a account
Action Items + Tasks
2 of 2
Step 2: The action item will automatically
appear in the assignee's “Tasks” in Office365
Outlook. Monitor tasks & due dates.
Syncing your Office365 &
Outlook Tasks
Step 1: In your Office365 Tasks,
click on “Tasks”
Step 2: Click “Sync to Outlook” to have
all your tasks managed in one location
Please note: This is only an optional step to help you
manage your tasks if you already use Outlook Tasks.
Completing an Action
Item 1 of 2
Step 1: In your Office 365 or Outlook
Tasks, check off that you have completed
your SVL Follow-Up Action Item
Completing an Action
Item 2 of 2
Step 1: Provide details about the
action taken
Step 2: Change the Status of the
Action Item
Step 3: Save the edited log entry
Please note: For instructions on how to review and edit a log
entry, please see the next slide “Reviewing and Editing”.
Reviewing and Editing
Step 3: Click “edit item” button
Step 2: The details
of the log will appear
Step 1: Click on the log name
Step 4: Editing is like creating a
log –saving, name verification, etc.
Please note: Edit logs that only you are
responsible for or when task is completed
Different Views
Option 1: If you want to view
visits by Council/Area/Group
there is a special view
1 of
Different Views
Option 2+: Check out all the
other helpful views on the
main page of the SVL.
Click the “…” to get
more view options
2 of
What is Next for the
We will conduct a review of the success of the
Support Visit Log in December 2014!
Users’ experiences and comments will be
taken into consideration. Share your ideas on
the Knowledge Base
Please contact your ASM or Council for
general support in using the SVL or for
questions about completing Support Visits.
Contact Linda Rainbow for further inquiries
[email protected]

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