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Strengthen Your Credentials with
California HR Certification
Presented by:
Rebecca Hastings, SPHR-CA
HR Content Manager
HR Certification Institute
There is no recertification credit awarded for attending this webinar.
Presenter’s Bio
Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR-CA joined the SHRM staff more
than 23 years ago as the organization’s second HR person. She
earned her PHR in 1993 and her SPHR in 1997. She has
worked as an HR knowledge advisor, manager, writer and
editor. Soon after earning her SPHR she was asked to
participate in the HR Certification Institute’s exam development
process, an occasional role she held for many years. She joined
the Institute staff as HR Content Manager for the PHR and
SPHR exams in February 2013 and earned her California
certification in May 2013. She has a B.S. in business and an
M.S. in training and HR.
• How the exam got started
• Who writes the exam questions?
• Why add the California HR certification to your
existing credentials?
• Who has CA certification and Statistics
• Eligibility
• Testimonials
• CA laws vs. Federal laws
• California exam content, information and application
• Exam preparation resources
• Recertification requirements
• Financial assistance
How the Exam Got Started
In 2006, SHRM’s California State Council asked
the Institute to create a new exam because:
• California law typically overrides federal law
• California regulations are frequently revised
• California law is often seen as a predictor of
future federal employment law changes
The new California exam was launched in April
In 2011, the Institute updated the California body of
knowledge as needed. Exams administered in May
2013 reflected the results of the latest study.
Who Writes the Exam Questions?
• Teams of certified HR professionals who have
special training in item development write the
• Each question passes three levels of review
o Item Development
o Item Review
o Forms Review
• Questions are “pre-tested” before being used as
a scored item on the exam
Why Add California Certification?
• Proves your expertise on ever-changing laws
and regulations
• Gives a distinctive competitive advantage and
professional credibility in California HR
• Demonstrates commitment to maintaining
knowledge of California laws.
• Assists in job search and business
• Results in recognition from peers and
• Creates networking opportunities with other HR
Who Has CA Certification?
Some of our certified HR professionals who hold
the PHR-CA and SPHR-CA credentials work for
the following organizations:
California Chamber of Commerce
Cirque du Soleil
Ernst & Young
Kaiser Permanente
Northrop Grumman
United Airlines
agreed that “HR professionals who practice human
resources or do business in California need to master
California-specific HR laws and regulations”
saw California certification as positive or something that
is necessary to practice HR in California
agreed that California-certified HR employees are better
prepared than non-certified to affect noticeable
decreases in litigation/ legal action
of employers who participated said that a Californiacertified applicant would have a hiring advantage over a
non-certified applicant, with all things being
*Based on the 2011 California Certification Research Study.
• Must hold a current PHR or SPHR
• Be practicing in or have HR
responsibilities in the state of California
• Have to maintain PHR/SPHR
certification to maintain the California
California certification exam is separate from PHR
or SPHR exam.
“I decided to earn the SPHR-CA certification to set myself apart
from those who aren’t certified. The SPHR credentials validate that
I am a strategic partner in the organization while the California
certification speaks to my familiarity of California HR laws.”
– Kristi West, SPHR-CA, GPHR
“Business leaders look for the California certification as one’s
validation of expertise in California employment law. Recently I
changed jobs, and in the middle of this economic downturn, I had
four job offers to choose from. I attribute this to my
certifications, particularly my California certification.”
– Annette Snyder, SPHR-CA, GPHR
Examples of California Laws
Different from Federal Law
• Kin care
• Employment Development Department (EDD)
• Required supervisory training for sexual
harassment prevention
• California WARN
• Cal/OSHA
• California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
• Proposition 65
• California Consumers Reporting Act (CCRA)
California Exam Content
Exam Content Areas
Compensation/Wage and
Employment and
Employee Relations
Benefits and Leaves of
Health, Safety and
Workers' Compensation
CA Exam Information
California Exam (PHR-CA/SPHR-CA)
California laws & practices
325 USD (non-member)/ 275 USD (association member)
Pass Rates
125 multiple-choice questions
2 hours & 15 minutes
Application Dates
Early registration period: July 15–October 16, 2013
Late registration period: October 17–November 8, 2013
Exam Periods
May 1–31
December 1–31
Application Steps
Step 1 » Go to
Log in with your HRCI ID and password.
Step 2 » Complete application and payment
Check the field within your online profile that you would
like to apply for the California certification exam. Since
you hold a current PHR or SPHR certification,
you will not need to submit documents to prove
your eligibility.
Step 3 » Receive Authorization to Test (ATT) Letter
Step 4 » Schedule Your Exam
Step 5 » Take Exam
Step 6 » Receive Results
Exam Preparation Resources
CA Body of Knowledge
Get familiar with the bodies of knowledge (
Official CA Certification Guide
Available for PHR®, SPHR® and GPHR® exams. Purchase from
SHRM Store and leading book stores.
California Online Assessment$ Exam
Consists of actual retired exam questions.
Assess your level of HR knowledge and experience.
Test-Your-Knowledge Quizzes
10-question quiz with answers and rationale (
Social Networks
Approach our groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and SHRM
Connect to form study groups or to ask for preparation tips.
Exam Preparation Resources
SHRM California Learning System
Local SHRM Chapters
Contact your local SHRM Chapters. They often form study
groups or classes to help members prepare for certification
College/University Sponsored Courses
Visit for more information.
Certification Preparation Courses
SHRM has numerous certification preparation courses or
search online for other providers of certification preparation
You can earn California recertification
credits (as well as general, international
and business management & strategy
credits) through the following activities:
Continuing Education
Research and Publishing
You must continue to maintain your current PHR
or SPHR certification through recertification.
If you are PHR-CA certified:
• 15 of the 60 recertification credit hours must be
California specific
If you are SPHR-CA certified:
• 15 of the 60 recertification credit hours must be
California specific
• 15 of the 60 recertification credit hours must be
Business Management and Strategy specific
Financial Assistance
SHRM Foundation
80 certification scholarships (worth USD 750 each)
are available for SHRM members.
Your Employer
Many organizations reimburse the HR certification
exam fees through employee assistance or
professional development programs.
Local SHRM Chapters
Many local SHRM chapters offer their own
certification scholarships. Check with the chapter in
your area for more details.
• Why do I need my PHR or SPHR to take the
California certification exam?
• Do I get to use both my credentials e.g. SPHR,
SPHR-CA, if I pass the exam?
• Do I have to pay for the entire exam if I am
unsuccessful in my attempt?
• If only 100 questions are scored, why are there
125 questions on the examination?
• Will the exam contain local or public only
employment laws and regulations?
• If I have a SPHR and GPHR and I pass the CA
exam, how does recertification work for me?
• Can you share your exam preparation
• I was unsuccessful with my PHR-CA exam
attempt last year. I plan to take it again this
year, will the learning materials I bought last
year still be valid?
• When you prorate the CA hours, will you still have to
get all 60 units to recertify?
• It's very rare that I see offerings of HRCI credits that
are good for CA recertification. How challenging is it
to meet the recertification requirements?
• Does obtaining the CA certification re-start the 3 year
certification window? Or do you remain on your
current certification schedule?
• I have a lifetime SPHR and I am not required to
submit hours for recertification. How many hours
would I need to submit for recertification?
• Question: When (yes, I mean When) you pass the CA,
which certification date matters - the PHR or the CA, or
both separately?
• My SPHR expires in 2015. If I test and pass in December,
will my SPHR still expire in 2015 and will I need to add
continuing education credits to maintain my certification
through 2015?
• Could you clarify- did you say that the test will only refer to
California laws?
• Will the CA certification move from PHR to SPHR? I have
PHR now and plan to take the SPHR soon, but if I
take/pass the CA exam now will it transfer to my SPHR if I
pass that exam?
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