Why go to Chateau Beaumont?

Chateau Beaumont
Monday 31st March - Friday 4th
April 2014
Why go to Chateau Beaumont?
• Fantastic range of visits and experiences:
Animal Refuge, Arromanche Beaches and
360 degree War Cinema Museum, Mont
St. Michel, Laval historic market. Bayeux
Tapestry option.
• Outdoor activities include: Fencing,
archery, zip wire, nightline, aero ball,
initiative exercises and team building.
• Evening Activities Treasure Hunt, Talent
Show, French Quiz and Fancy Dress,
Blind Date and Disco
Purpose and Curriculum Links
World War II (The Year 6 History topic)
Language development (French)
Citizenship (Finance)
PSHE (Organisation, personal hygiene
and developing independence, team work
and community living).
• Preparation for Year 7 Medieval History
Topic (Bayeux)
• All activities, site and journey fully riskassessed.
• All staff CRB (police checked) and first-aid
• Group ratios 1 adult to 8 children on all
strenuous activities. 1 to 12 for games
• Night duty manager on site.
• Chateau Beaumont coaches accompany us
throughout visit.
• Collective Passport for UK citizens.
• EU to bring own passports and non EU visa.
• Roxeth-Portsmouth.
• Portsmouth ferry-Caen. Use of private lounge,
Brittany ferry staff provide films to view and
games to play during crossing.
• Caen-Chateau.
• Journey time approximately eight hours.
• Roxeth children share small dormitory
accommodation with en-suite facilities.
• Roxeth staff rooms are spaced between
pupil accommodation.
• Rooms are secured from the inside and
have push bar emergency exits.
• Doors and windows can not be externally
• Rooms have smoke alarms.
• Cost
• Cost of Chateau accommodation, food and
travel is £310.
• Initial deposit £75 split in 2 instalments of £35 &
• A payment card will be issued once first
payment made
• Six instalments will be arranged starting in
September 2012
• 5 instalments of £40 and the last instalment in
February of £35.
• The excursion to 360Degree cinema and
Bayeux for all children is 8 Euros.
• Pocket money of £60 (approximately 66 Euros) to
be provided by parent/carer separately.

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