Making the CTE Connection - Association for Career and Technical

Common Core
State Standards:
Making the CTE Connection
• Michelle Conrad & Larae Watkins - Missouri Center for Career
Education, University of Central Missouri
• Tina Thomas - Supervisor of Instruction, Queen Anne's
County Public Schools, Centreville, Maryland
Contact Info
Stephen DeWitt
Association for Career
and Technical Education
1410 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(800) 826-9972
[email protected]
• Missouri Center for Career Education
– Contracted by Missouri Department of Elementary
and Secondary Education (DESE) to assist with:
Curriculum development
Induction programs
Resources for teachers
• DESE Office of College and Career Readiness
presented state meetings on the CCSS
January-March 2011
What we noticed . . .
• Reactions of math teachers to
• Phrasing of Mathematics Standards of
• Reading for Literacy in Science &
Technical Subjects
• Reading for Informational Text
• Use of technology & multimedia
What we’ve done . . .
• Reading the standards & comparisons/alignment to
CTE standards (Business Education, Health
Science Education, Education & Training,
Construction Trades)
• Conversations with teachers to recognize how CTE
fits into the CCSS and how CCSS fit into CTE
• Applying the Common Core State Standards
Workshop to determine teacher needs – on both
Where Missouri’s going . . .
Professional development sessions throughout the state
Online implementation documents for Math & ELA
Continuing alignments to CTE standards
Documenting examples from CTE
Developing “translation” guide for teachers for math
content standards
• Developing writing posters, rubrics, scoring guides for
CTE teachers
• Documenting sample cross curricular projects
• Developing teacher professional development to facilitate
cross curricular conversations
Larae Watkins, [email protected]
Michelle Conrad, [email protected]
Missouri Center for Career Education

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