Industrial areas for CWP in Lääne

Rakvere city
Industrial area
Rakvere city is divided into 19 districts.Rakvere
is based on three neighboring district – The
old town, the city center and Õpetaja
Heinamaa. In the northern part of the city of
Rakvere the railway is surrounded either
living and industrial areas (Moonaküla,
Lilleküla, Kukeküla) or mostly industrial,
transportation and storage areas (Lennuvälja,
Other parts of the city are mainly living or
green areas(Tammiku, Palermo). For
commercial land purpose areas mainly
reserved for the comprehensive plan are the
Roodevälja district near to the Vaala shopping
centre, Lennuvälja district and the southern
side of the Mõisavälja district. The main
manufacturing lands are reserved outside of
the city centre- Seminari/Paemurru, Mõisavälja,
Lennuvälja ja Roodevälja district
At times a small-scale production is allowed as
a secondary function on other areas.
Airfield industrial area is 2000 m north from
city center and bounded with Raudtee, Arkna
tee, Nortsu tee and Papiaru streets.
Airfield industrial area is 2000 m north from
city center and bounded with Raudtee, Arkna
tee, Nortsu tee and Papiaru streets.
Rakvere airfield industrial area surface is about 34
In Table 4.2.1. are the largest currently operating
companies in the industrial area who have direct
beneficiaries of the project. Sphere of influence of
an industrial area by the large companies (indirect
beneficiaries - the transport and logistics through
the territory of the industrial site, as well as the
possible formation of clusters) have listed in
Appendix 2 conducting cost-effectiveness analysis
In conclusion, the airfield industrial area of
Rakvere town has characteristic location near
the rapidly evolving enterprises in the region,
the proximity of the necessary inputs and the
many different levels of compliance and the
existence of sufficient large plots. The plots
are not encumbered by existing buildings.
Land ownership is clear, there are necessary
documents of the development and adopted
detailed plan.
Location in the centre of county
Reconstructed infrastructure
Good logistical position of the highway (Tallinn-Narva), railroad and
port of Kunda
Good labor force potential in urban and in near rural municipalities
Perspective of bring one of railway line to industrial park
Perspective of developing airport for serving enterprises
Existing neighborhood of the Estonian energy and natural gas
distribution network
Possibility of developing the industrial park area existing residential
areas and residential land to allow the relocation of labor
The business environment in addition to a quality living environment
Opportunity to provide affordable and cheaper production costs,
while logistically well-located plots (eg Harju county companies)
1. Large enough labor force in Rakvere city and with neighboring
municipalities, about 35 000 people.
2. Kauba streets railway viaduct building project is finished, it will create real
opportunities to connect uninterrupted the north and south of Rakvere with
railway (project is financed by the Cohesion Fund, as well as the requested
funds for construction from the Cohesion Fund).
3. City of Rakvere has beneficial logistical location (nearby the Tallinn-Narva
high quality highway, Pärnu- Rakvere highway)
4. Railway connection (Tallinn-Peterburg)
5. Possibility to connect industrial area with Tallin-Peterburg railroad and
Rakvere-Kunda railway section with minimal costs.
6. Rakvere is county centre, atractive for enterprises, existence of associates
7. Ownership of the land is clear- Land belongs to the city government
8. If the area will be introduced rapidly on the market we’d be advantaged
to be first in the region
9. City of Rakvere has an attractive living environment, a good social
infrastructure, leisure facilities, educational facilities and so on.
10.City has Rakvere Vocational School, West-Viru College, Rakvere Learning
Center of Mainor College
11. There is a flight path that after the reconstruction can be used by
industrial serving businesses air transport
12. Port of Kunda locates about 30 km from Rakvere
13. There is enough electrical capabilities, sufficient conditions for
enterprises to supply electrical power is established
14. The area has a full opportunity to supply gas to the enterprises of
industrial park (developing the Estonian Gas)
15. Freshly built city of Rakvere comprehensive plan, which preceded by
several comprehensive studies. There is a detailed plan and supporting
development plans
16. There are enough available plots in different sizes
1. Within and partly outside the industrial park access roads and
communication networks are incomplete and do not satisfy demands
of the enterprises.
2. The runway location does not comply with planning and airfield
is not certified.
3. May not be enough skilled workers to meet the needs of new
4. The existing same high crossing in the area prevents the
automobile transport
5. Sets certain restrictions on near located residential development,
the production activities of noise, pollution, etc.
6. Industrial area development and marketing has been uneven,
there is no project manager
1.To be ready for the economic downturn to increase and to meet the needs
of new business investments
2. Recovery of inflow of foreign investments and credits, the demand for
industrial real estate grows
3. Change of Tallinn-Narva highway to become two-way (Viitna bypass will
be completed in the coming years, the planned amendment of the TallinnNarva highway two-way) improves the road connecting with Tallinn and
Narva, wich increases enterprises interest in the Lääne-Viru County industrial
real estate
4. Development of Sõmeru Näpi-crossing lines near by airfield industrial
park. Designing of Rakvere- Haljala highway to 2 +2 direction.
5. Better use of railway infrastructure for freight transport.
6. As a result of building Viru Centre of Excellence in city of Rakvere,
business sector and research and educational institutions closer cooperation,
the creation of highly qualified new jobs
7. Good indicators from the perspective of labor of labor market
pressure index
8. Construction of railway viaduct at Kauba street, near to the
industrial park in near years improves the highway transportation
9. The establishment formation of an aerodrome offers new
opportunities for small aviation-related enterprises, small aircraft
storage and repair opportunities
10. Introduction of historic 1930th-century Estonian army barracks
incubation centers with Viru Centre of Excellence
11. Course of the renovation project of Papiaru can improve
transport connections direction of Narva, Pärnu direction, which can
dramatically reduce transportation costs
1. In surrounding industrial areas emerge a greater volume of free
surfaces as a result of existing businesses closure. The demand for
undeveloped plots may fall as a result.
2. Industrial park development can not raise sufficient financing.
Planned work will begin, but they can not be completed
3. Mainly in Ida-Viru County they actively develop new and existing
industrial areas, which may reduce the demand for plots of an
airport industrial park
4. Young people leave in search of better work opportunities to
capital city and to foreign countries
5. The economic environment is unstable for companies, it
prevents the investment decisions and taking risks
6. Continued conservatism of financial institutions prevents
the companies in their investments plans to carry out
7. Major investments in neighboring counties may draw the
educated skilled workers
8.Regional Policy of the Republic of Estonia, wich doesn’t see
Rakvere as a powerful attraction.Certain portions of public
services, medical services, etc.. provision is base for the
major centers.
Business expected:
Based on the technical characteristics of an industrial area of
airfield, it is suitable for large-scale production of building
materials, food processing, metal and wood industries, as well
as the smaller the chemical industry, machine and mechanical
engineering, and logistics companies. Airfield industrial park is
suitable for enterpises who have an opportunity to transport
their products with small cargo aircraft and use the services of
airport on the industrial park territory for that (in particular
electronics and appliance industries).
Table 7.1. Suitable industrial enterprises for the area by business
Benefits of the region:
Infrastructure: Roads and streets are in normal condition. The
location of the plot has a very good connections from the
infrastructure part (the main transit route.).
 Kunda port 28 km
 Loksa port 68 km
 Sillamäe port 90 km
 Tallinn-Narva mnt ja Pärnu-Rakvere-Sõmeru mnt (highway):
Tallinn - 100 km
Narva – 120 km
Suppliers nearby
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2.Inge Peebu– specialist in development, tel.
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