Developing a portfolio to demonstrate advanced Nursing practice

Define a professional portfolio and
governance within the context of
advanced practice
 To consider critically useful types of
evidence for portfolios
 To write a recent learning event using
and established pro-forma
 To identify areas for further professional
development in an action plan (if time)
“A professional portfolio is a structured
collection of different types of evidence
that show the individual’s professional
goals, competencies, career
achievements and continuing
professional development activities and
Andre and Heartfield, 2007: 2
The benchmark should be viewed as a
minimum threshold.
It comprises 28 elements clustered under the
following four themes:
• clinical/direct care practice;
• leadership and collaborative practice;
• improving quality and developing practice;
• developing self and others.
Employer – governance arrangements
Record of CPD (PREP)
Personal and professional development
Master Level Study appropriate to role
Keep a portfolio of evidence structured in
accordance with agreed Health Board
Templates include evidence of problem solving,
critical thinking, reflection, clinical updating,
leadership, research, and relevant metrics.
Portfolio to be available for independent review
Must identify competencies appropriate to role
and job description
Competence must be demonstrably assessed
using appropriate tools, evidenced to the
What could you include in your portfolio as
sources of evidence in relation to:
Clinical practice
 Education
 Management & leadership
 Research
Write one on each ‘’post it’’ and as many
as you can identify
 Learning event
 Setting
 Client’s concern
 Focus for assessment
 Rationale for that
 Competence
 Learning achieved
and reflection
 Learning event
 Setting
 Presentation
Audience and level
Rationale for topic
from delegates
Reflection of learning
Write up a learning event that recently
occurred – take a few minutes
 Discuss in buzz groups
 Consider the rationale for the focus that
was adopted
 Identify one within your group where a
significant learning event occurred and
any subsequent action
Personal details
 Job description
 Advanced Practice criteria E.g. DH Position
 Self Assessment/Evaluation
 Evidence to support self-assessment process
E.g. Learning event
 360 degree feedback (NHS Institute 2010;
Brutus 1999)
 Reflective practice
 Action plan
 Learning event
 Structured reflection
 Force field analysis
 Activity log
 Learning event
 Record of
 Witness statement
 Records of peer
 DOPS (from RCGP)
 Limitation / Challenge / Weakness
Informed by your strengths and limitations
identified from the above SLOT analysis
write an action plan with outcomes to
further strengthen your advanced
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