Attachment N - 17N Task Group Status Report 0111

API RP 17 N Update
Subsea System Reliability and
Integrity Management
Presented by:
Mark Siegmund - API 17N Chairman
Jan 18, 2011
• November 2010 - API RIMS Charter drafted
• 1st Dec 2010 - Kick off Meeting
Committee members appointed by Chair/Co-chairs
API 17 RIMS charter circulated and comment invited
Inputs expected from 2 SURF IM JIPs recently kicked off
Additional committee members to be invited as needed
depending on experience and expertise
– Committee members invited to:
• Review current version of 17N
• Review Charter draft
• Issue comments and suggestions to John Strutt
• Committee to present proposals and updated charter to
API working group by the end of January
• Next Meeting tentatively scheduled mid-February 2011
Initial Committee Goals
• Identify best practice and improvements to the management
and assessment of Subsea reliability, technical risk and
operational Integrity in Subsea industry
• Develop guidance on management practices and tools to
assess, optimise, manage and meet safety, environment and
production goals.
• Identify improvements to the alignment of reliability and
integrity management activities during design and operational
• Provide guidance which will deliver better:
– leadership and direction, Consistency and coherence between the
project and Operations teams and Feedback and Learning
Additional Goals
• Update section on use of TRL in qualification of New technology and
align with new DNV A 203
– New version of DnV A203 soon to be issued
• Provide improved guidance on relevant reliability data and use of
reliability and Integrity assessment tools
• Align with new BOEMRE NTL
– probably to be issued in Q1 2011
• Integration of API 17N with standard ISO 20815
(Jans Neurenkerken)
• Provide input to and guidance on the implementation of API 17N
RIMS training programmes
Committee Members
Mark Siegmund
John Allen
Don Wells
John Strutt
Adriana Botto
Ken Powell
John Fassero
Karina Vitale
John MacNeill
Graeme Davies
Runar Ostebo
Chair (BP)
Co-Chair (GE)
Co-Chair (Hess)
Champion (Astrimar)
Secretary (WGIM)
Member (Cameron)
Member (EXM)
Member (CVX)
Member (Stress)
Member (DNV)
Member (Statoil)
Shell, Teledyne, FMC,
Atkins, Woodside,
Petrobras, TBA…
(aiming for 20-22)

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