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PJSC "KhimNaftoMashProekt"
PJSC "KhimNaftoMashProekt" offers to clients complex design and survey works for
enterprises of all economic areas, including those for new construction, reconstruction,
technical modernization and as well as conducting field supervision of construction.
The Institute can prepare a justification for choosing the location of objects of construction,
agreeing the lines of engineering support, inspection, diagnostics and passportization of
buildings and structures, solve the issues of occupational health and safety, and many more.
At the same time, the company guarantees a high level of architectural and planning and
constructive and engineering solutions, compliance with current legislation and regulations for
design and construction, environmental protection, operational reliability and safety and
economic efficiency.
History of the company begins in 1944, when the Institute was established, which
was then called Kyiv branch of the Institute "GiproStanok" (Moscow), later "UkrGiproStanok" and
then "GiproKhimMash."
In 1994 the Institute was transformed into OJSC "KhimNaftoMashProekt" and became the leading
enterprise in Ukraine for designing of machine engineering plants.
By the Decision of the Ministry of Industrial Policy the Institute is recognized as the leading
organization of the industry for developing engineering design standards. This high rank is
confirmed by high quality of the projects of the Institute under which many plants of different
areas of machine engineering and a number of scientific and research institutes of the National
Academy of Sciences Ukraine were built and are successfully operated.
Since 2001 "KhimNaftoMashProekt" is a collective member of the Ukrainian Technological
Academy and registered in the State Register of scientific organizations.
The company has an extensive experience of cooperation with foreign companies on the
design of machine engineering production and complex supplies of equipment to a number
of plants: the creation of a unique production of collar and lead drill pipes with application of
the integrated furnace treatment with vacuum degassing of steel, continuous casting of
metal, rotary forging of long billets and their deep drilling, and other productions of
oilfield equipment, equipped with the latest technology; procurement complex, managed by
computers, with a high degree of mechanization and automation; specialized facilities to
produce cast billets of high complexity category, including semi-automated line for
production of castings weighing up to 15 tons, and other productions.
During its activities the Institute implemented projects and supervised the construction of
more than 300 objects in CIS countries and abroad.
Latest projects
LLC «Alacor Innovation»
Working design of construction of the logistics center on the territory of village of
Vasilkiv region, Kyiv oblast.
The planned logistics center is designed for storage of materials, semi-finished products
and industrial products except for: food items; explosives; chemically active substances
and products of pharmaceutical industry, and also for storage of products not requiring
special construction activities to keep the set parameters of internal environment.
According to the classification developed by international consulting company Knight
Frank, storage/warehouse facilities of logistics center belong to class "A".
Design of 2008
Landlot area: 21,3838 hectares
Cosntruction area: 11,5034 hectares
volume: 1667637 cub.m.
Total area: 137664 sq.m.
Latest projects
LLC «Impress Ukraine», Bila Tserkva
The working design of reconstruction of manufacturing base of the company with the
expansion of its own non-residential buildings.
Production and warehouse building is designed for manufacture of metal packagings for
paint and chemical products.
Design is completed in 2010.
Launch of operation: 2011
Landlot area: 1,172 hectares
Construction area: 0,602 hectares
volume: 21281,9 cub.m.
Total area: 2759,8 sq.m.
Latest projects
LLC "Alacor City"
Construction of retail and warehouse complex with office spaces and parking at the
intersection of Akademika Zabolotnogo Street and Stolichne Shosse (Highway) in
Holosiyivskyi district of Kyiv.
The purpose of the retail and warehouse complex (RWC) is to meet the growing needs of
local population in food and non-food groups of products.
In this project, the following solutions are used:
- on the first floor of RWC it is proposed to locate a food hypermarket and non-food stores;
- on the second floor of RWC it is proposed to locate stores (boutiques) of non-food items and
premises for entertainment purpose;
- in additionally constructed block it is foreseen to locate premises for sports and
entertainment purpose with an appropriate technical infrastructure.
Feature of this complex is the inclusion of attraction "Aerotube", a simulator that models
human's free flight in the air stream, in sports and entertainment program.
Design of 2012
Launch of operation: 2nd half of 2013.
Landlot area: 6,453 hectares
Construction area: 23546 sq.m.
Latest projects
PJSC «DKS Ukraine»
Working design of construction of warehouse/storage facilities and industrial complex for the
production of systems for installation of electrical and information networks made of PVC and
polyethylene within village of Ivankiv, Boryspil region, Kyiv oblast.
PJSC "DKS Ukraine" is Ukrainian manufacturer and supplier of systems for installation of
electrical and information networks made of PVC and polyethylene.
Since 2000 the company operates on the market of electrical and technical products. Today,
the manufacturing is located in Kyiv on the leased premises.
Design of 2009
Launch of operation of first starting complex: 2nd half of 2013.
Indicator of first starting complex:
Total area (excl. service and other premises): 6371 sq.m.
Our office:
34 Lesi Ukrainky Street, Entrance 2
Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: (044) 285-50-33
Fax: (044) 285-09-16
E-mail: [email protected]
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