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Ir. Soekarno (was born in Blitar, East Java,
on June 6 1901 – died in Jakarta, on June 21
1970 in the age 69 years) was Indonesian
President first that hold the office of in the
period 1945 - 1966. He played the role
important to liberate the Indonesian
nation from the Dutch colonization. He
was the Kepancasilaan excavator. He was
Mohammad Hatta) that happened on
August 17 1945
Background and Education
 The son of a Javanese primary school teacher, an aristocrat named
Raden Soekemi Sosrodihardjo and his Balinese wife named Ida
Ayu Nyoman Rai from Buleleng regency, Sukarno was born as
Kusno Sosrodihardjo in Blitar, East Java in the Dutch East
Indies (nowIndonesia) When small Soekarno lived with his
grandfather in Tulungagung, East Java. In the age 14 years, a friend
named Oemar Said Tjokroaminoto asked Soekarno to live in
Surabaya and to be sent to school to Hoogere Burger School
(H.B.S.) there while reciting the Koran in the Tjokroaminoto place.
Background and Education
 In Surabaya, Soekarno often met the leaders of the Islam
union, the organization that was led by Tjokroaminoto at
that time.Soekarno afterwards gathered with the Jong Java
organisation (the Javanese Young Man).
Graduate from H.B.S. in 1920, Soekarno continued
to Technische Hoge School (now ITB) in Bandung, and was
finished during 1925. During in
Bandung, Soekarno interacted
with TjiptoMangunkusumo and Dr. Douwes Dekker, that at
that time were the leader of the
National Indische Partij organisation
Soekarno in the eyes of the world
 Soekarno stamps bea
ring the image of the
country Philippines
 President Sukarno had just
arrived at the airport
in Washington DC, USA, during
the day. Accompanied by
the vice president, Richard Nixo
n, Bung Karno was met in full
by U.S. forces shot 21
times with honor. Bung Karno ar
rived in Washington in order
to visit the U.S. for 18 days at the
invitation of U.S.
President Dwight David Eisenho
wer (Photo: May 16, 1956).
 President Sukarno and President of
the United
States, Kennedy, sitting together in an open car, in honor
of the troops were passing through the U.S. Air Force
base, MD. BungKarno came to the U.S. in order
to talk the problem incidents Cuba (Video:
24 April1961).
The cover of Times magazine in
Other countries that use the name
of Soekarno
 In Morocco, the
name will bear
the name
of Rue Soekarno . In
addition to the name
of Sukarno, the country
is also no street
name 'Jakarta'
 Morocco was impressed with the figure
of Sukarno. When the flamboyant president of
this visit to Morocco on May 2, 1960, a
special event was held scissors tape path nameof the
time: 'Sharia Al-Rais Ahmed Sukarno' is now well
known as Rue Suokarno.
The road is adjacent to the central post
office Morocco. Then the other way given the
name 'zangat Jakarta'. This road is in the center of
Rabat, Morocco. Even
inCasablanca, a city roundabout named 'rondpoint de
London'. In return, the government gave the name
of the street in the center of Casablanca, Jakarta.
 In addition
to Morocco, a
name well known
in Pakistan Soekarno.
 There are at least two
places the name
of Soekarno in Pakistan,
namely Soekarno Square
in Khyber Bazar
Peshawar, and Sukarno's
Bazar, Lahore
 Russia
Blue Mosque,
St. Soekarno. Petersburgh
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