HealthStream Training - Postdoctoral Scholars

Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research
HealthStream Training for
Postdoctoral Scholars involved in
Clinical Research
Linda S. Walker, Program Administrator
Jessica P. Meyer, MBA, Program Coordinator
June 2010
Who is Spectrum?
Spectrum is the Stanford Center for Clinical
and Translational Education and Research
Spectrum Operations, Training and
Compliance is the single point of contact for
clinical research issues
Our mission is to:
◦ Align organizational “service” based activities
◦ Provide education, training and mentoring to
clinical research personnel
◦ Develop an integrated research infrastructure
What is HealthStream Training?
HealthStream Training is a joint effort of
Spectrum Operations, Training and
Compliance and the Postdoctoral Affairs
Office, in collaboration with Lucile Packard
Children's Hospital (LPCH) and Stanford
Hospital and Clinics (SHC)
HealthStream Training is mandatory for all
non-faculty School of Medicine (SoM) clinical
research personnel, involved with human
subject research and data (clinical trials)
What is HealthStream Training?
Goals of HealthStream Training
◦ Protect the health and safety of Stanford University
clinical research personnel who work with patients,
clinical trial volunteers and/or protected health
information (PHI)
◦ Provide information and training to equip staff to
perform patient care duties within SoM
departments, at LPCH, SHC, VA Palo Alto Health
Care System (VAPAHCS) and satellite facilities
HealthStream Training is completed through
and e-Learning management tool:
HealthStream Learning Center™(HLC)
Involved in Clinical Research?
Do you (or will you in the next 12 months):
 Have in person, face-to-face contact with research
 Handle research patient samples including blood
products, tissue or fluids?
 Have access to PHI (protected health information)
through enrollment, billing, phone screening, data
analysis, etc.?
Is your office and or the place where you
conduct your research located in SHC/LPCH
or one of the clinics?
PostDoc HealthStream Training Process
Step 1: PostDoc completes online form
Step 2: Spectrum receives results
 Determines eligibility
 Creates profile in HealthStream™ Learning Center (HLC)
 Sends course assignments to “students”
 Students have 30 days to complete training
Step 3: Spectrum audits completion status
 Spectrum audits students profiles monthly
 Spectrum send “Out of Compliance” notices to SSA and
Alistair Murray for incomplete courses
PostDoc HealthStream Training Process
PostDoc completes
Assessment Form
Spectrum receives
data from
Assessment Form
Spectrum sends
Compliance Audit
Spectrum audits
PostDoc profiles
Spectrum sends noncompliance notice to
Student Services
Administrator &
Alistair Murray
Spectrum creates
HealthStream profile, assigns
courses, emails instructions
PostDoc has 30
days to complete
assigned HLC
HealthStream Training Modules
*Some of these courses have
Pre-Assessment Tests*
1. Code of Conduct (includes Deficit Reduction Act)
2. Standard Precautions: Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Potentially
Infectious Materials
3. Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Influenza- Infection Control
4. Quality Improvement
5. Patient Rights
6. Safety Reporting- Patient Safety Net
7. Electrical Safety
8. Emergency Preparedness
9. Fire Safety Awareness and Response
10. Confidentiality Statement
11. Service Excellence (SHC or LPCH)
12. National Patient Safety Goals
13. Respiratory Therapy
14. Cultural Diversity – Sexual Harassment
15. Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections
Additional Clinical Research Training
Please see Clinical Research Personnel Training Checklist (PostDocs)
Additional Training may be required:
◦ CITI Training (Human Subject Research Protection) from
the IRB
◦ eProtocol Training from the IRB
◦ See Training Advisor from EH&S
◦ Biohazardous Material Training from EH&S
Also recommended are the Spectrum Orientations
◦ General Orientation: How to conduct clinical research at Stanford
◦ Budgeting and Billing: How to budget a study and how the billing
system works at Stanford
◦ Please see the Education Calendar for dates and to register
Clinical & Translational Research Resources
Please see Clinical Research Personnel Training Checklist (PostDocs)
Cancer Center
Research Compliance Office
Environmental Health & Safety
Spectrum, The Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education
and Research (site under construction)
◦ Spectrum | Child Health
◦ Spectrum | Operations, Training and Compliance
Email:[email protected]
◦ Services: CTR Planning; Biostatistics Consultation; Education and Training; Help
Desk/Facilitator Services; Research Coordinator Services; Regulatory and
Compliance Consultation; CTR Management Tools and Services; Websites

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